Breaking the Bonds

AuthorHouse, 1 dec. 2004 - 116 pagina's
To completely understand man one must realize that man is composed of much more than the sum total of fleshy parts. We are a spirit housed in a body with a soul. As a matter of fact these fleshy parts are the least significant of the whole human experience. It is this part of us that is the root cause of most of our problems. We must become aware of the fact that the component that we feed the most is what will grow. The addiction that we see so abundant in our society is due primarily from the desire to fulfill the desires or lust of the body.

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Over de auteur (2004)

Donald Britton was born in a very small rural area of West Monroe Louisiana.† He attended a very small school by the name of Central High School.† The total student body from first to twelfth grade was 267 students.† After a tour in the military and a few jobs, he decided to pursue a college degree.† He received his Bachelor of Theology degree from the United Theological Seminar.† He also received a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from Northeast Louisiana University.† After discovering a passion for addicts and that the law Profession was not his calling he studied and received a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling. He is a Certified Clinical Chaplin and has worked extensively with the juvenile population.† Donald Britton has received numerous awards for his contribution to his fellow humans. He was nominated as Outstanding Young Men of America in 1984.† He has been a provider of counseling and related services for the mentally ill since 1995. Donald has done extensive work with the HIV/AID population and is also certified as a counselor and tester.

Donald is a member of the American Society of Authors Composers and Publishers.† He has researched and written extensively on addictions and compulsive behavior disorders.†

He invites you to relax and prepare to read a book that will greatly impact your life.

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