Spenc. II. 305 sq. 281 leaves with 35 lines, without signatures, catchwords, and pagination. At the beginning are a letter of Campanus to the cardinal Fr. Piccolomini and the list of chapters in 4 leaves. Leaf ga begins the text of Quintilian without any further superscription, and the 1st line is, Fflagitasti quottidiano conuitio ut libros quos ad. The Greek words are printed with Greek types, of which, as well as of the Latin types, Dibdin has given a facsimile, 1. c. II. 307.

A copy on vellum is in the duke of Marlborough's library at Blenheim, see Dibdin's Bibliomania, p. 424, and Beloe's Anecdotes, IV. 236. An edition of 1468 by U. Han is a non-entity.

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oratoriar. institutionum libri XII. (cum epist. Omniboni Leoniceni). Without place or date.

199 printed leaves, with 39 lines and the signatures a-D. It begins with 2 leaves of list of chapters. Then follows in leaf 3b the same letter of Leonicenus, which is in the edition of 1471, and the 1st line is, Euerendissimo in christo patri: ac domino meo observādissimo do. But the passage in which the printer Jenson is mentioned is omitted here. The text commences in leaf 4o, and the 1st line is, M. CELSVS FABIVS QVINTILIANVS TRIPHONI BI. This edition is merely a reprint of Jenson's of 1471, even with the same error of omission in l. VI. c. 6. ; but the Greek words are here inserted. It was decidedly printed at Venice (as is evident from the paper mark of the scales) and, as I think, by J. de Colonia about 1477.


declamationes (XIX.) exteractissime recognitæ. Ven., Lucas Venetus, 4. non. Augusti 1481. fol.

A fine edition, but less scarce than the two preceding. 212 leaves (the last blank) with 39 lines, without signatures, catchwords, and pagination. The first 2 leaves (which are also sometimes at the end) contain a tabula Quintiliani, or list of chapters. Leaf 3 is blank on the folio recto, and contains on the reverse a letter of Leonicemus to Moses de Bufarelis. Leaf 4a begins the text without any farther superscription. Leaf 211b is the colophon and leaf 212 is blank. The Greek passages are omitted, and an entire line is wanting in the 1st page of the 6th chapter of the 6th book. A copy on vellum, (two copies according to Dibdin's Decam. II. 373.) is in the Royal library at Paris. Mr. Hibbert of Clapham near London, now possesses a second; 491 fr. Gaignat; 500 fr. Vallière; 1515 fr. M'Carthy.

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The editio princeps of these 19 declamations, and superintended by J. Grasolarius. 122 leaves with 35 lines and the signatures a-t. Leaf 1a begins with the editor's letter to Gr. de Priotis, the text follows in leaf 2a. Leaf 1223 is the colophon, and on the reverse a register.

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QVINTILIANI ELOQVENTISSIMI. The text ends in leaf 87b, and leaf 88a is the colophon and a register.-An edition of the Institutt. orat. cum comm. Rph. Regii. Ven., Lucas Ven., nonis Jun. 1482. fol. (Panz. III. 182, 619.) is very suspicious. 18421 declamationes. Ejusdem oratoriar. institutionum libri XII. (recogniti per And. Ponticum). Tarvisii, Dion. Bononiensis ac Peregrinus, 22 Oct. 1482. fol.

190 leaves with 49 lines and signatures. Leaf 1 line is, M. FABII QVINTILIANVS ELOQVENTISSIMI DECLAMATIONES. The declamations end in leaf 53 with the word FINIS, and at end of the Institutt. leaf 190b, are the colophon and a register. The Declamatt. are sometimes found by themselves, (as at Dresden) and then they appear to be an undated edition, and they are thus quoted in Panzer IV. 182, 1031, and in the Bipont notit. litt. p. XXVIII. and XXX. declamationes. Without place, Ln. de Basilea, without date. fol.


There is a copy of this edition according to Denis's Suppl. 11. 647, in the Imperial library at Vienna. Since then no second copy has as yet been known.—Institutt. oratoriæ cum annot. Rph. Regii. Mediol., 1491. fol. (Panz. III. 66.) is not sufficiently accredited.

18423 Quintilianus cum commento (institutt. oratoriæ cum Rph. Regii annotatt. in earundem depravationes.) Ven., Locatellus, 16 cal. Sextil. MCCCCLXCIII. (instead of 1493). fol.

206 unnumbered leaves (the last blank) with signatures. The first 2 leaves, (the title and list of chapters) are without signatures, and are not reckoned in the register. Regius's unfinished notes, which had previously appeared by themselves, Ven. Octav. Scotus, 1491, are more occupied with criticisms than with explanations.

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oratoriar.institutionum (sic). Una cum annotatt. Rph. Regii in depravationes ejusd. Et tabula per alphabetum nouiter addita. Ven., G. de Rusconibus, 14 Aug. 1512. fol.

4 leaves of preliminary matter and 199 numbered leaves. A more correct reprint of the edition of 1493.

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18429 M. F. Quintilianus (institutt. orat.) Ven., Aldus et And. socer, m. Aug. 1514. small 4°.

4 leaves of preliminary matter, (the 4th blank) and 230 numbered leaves. 3 copies on blue paper are known; one in the Royal library at Paris, the 2nd in the possession of the marquis Fagnani of Milan, and the 3rd was sold at Cotte's sale for 100 fr. It was superintended by And. Naugerius, but has little of its own.

18430 M. F. Quintilianus (institutt. orat.) Flor., Ph. Junta, m. Oct. 1515. 8°.

leaves of preliminary matter, 269 numbered leaves, and I leaf with the lily. More scarce than the Aldine, yet but of little intrinsic importance.

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This reprint of the above edition of 1510, 18439 is neither fine nor correct.

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institutt. et declamatt. Par., N. Savetier, m. Mart. 1527. 4°. Also, ib., id., 1531. 8°.

18440 oratoriar. institutionum libri XII. op. Jo. Camerarii. Col., J. Soter, 1527 or 34. 8°.

18441 institutionum oratoriar. libri XII. ad fidem vetustissimi exemplaris recens jam recogniti. Ejusd. declamationum liber. Bas., Bebel, 1529. fol.

Superintended by J. Sichard, who did not collate carefully enough a codex sent to him from Poland, and made use of it with too little preparation and too confusedly.

18442 Mosellani et Rph. Regii. Acc. declamatt. Par., Ascensius, 1531. fol. 18443 institutiones oratoriæ ac declamatt. ex codicum vett. collatione recognitæ. Quibus addi possunt commentarii et Pt. Mosellani annotatt. Par., Ascensius, 1533. fol.

institutiones cum notis Pt.

8 leaves of preliminary matter, CXXII. (Institutt.), XLVIII.(Declum.)and XXXII numbered leaves, (Mosell. annott.)

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pro hered. Ascensii (excud. Tiletanus), 1536. fol.

J. L. Tiletanus asserts that he has made use of MSS. and has added conjectures. Pt. Mosellanus's notes are included. The following is probably only another title, Par, Jac. Kerver, 1536. fol. Repeated, Par., Roigny, 1541. fol.

18447 oratoriar. institutionum libri XII. restituti pene in universum sibi, op. et industria Jo. Camerarii, J. Sichardi aliorumque doctissimor. Adjecta est præcipuor. locor. libri I. et II. ejusd. Camerarii expositio. Cum castigatt. Gu. Philandri. Col., J. Gymnicus, 1536, or 41, or 55. 8°.

With Gybertus Longolius's preface. Reprinted with the same title, Bas., Bths. Lasius, 1541. 8°.

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18449 institutionum oratoriar. libri XII. ad fid. vetustissimor. codicum recogniti ac restituti. Addita Pt. Gallandii argumenta (item Quintil. declamatt.) Par., Chevallon, 1538. fol.

8 leaves of preliminary matter, and 128 numbered leaves. Then 50 leaves, Declamatt., with a separate title. Galland divided Quintilian into small sections, and sometimes corrected the text, veterum exemplarium fide, as he says.

18450 oratoriar. institutionum libri XII. castigati ad fid. optimor. exemplarium, insignitaque lectionis distinctione et additis in marginem (sic) adnotationibus percommode illustrati. (Acc. declamatt.) Par., Fr. Gryphius, 1539. 4°.

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 228 numbered leaves (Institutt.) and LXVI. (Declam.). It appears to contain Galland's Repeated, ib., id., 1543. 4°.


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18452 Ide institutione oratoria ad Marcellum Victorium libri XII.

Par., Mch. Vascosanus, 1542. 4°.

4 leaves of preliminary matter, and 300 numbered leaves.

18453 institutionum oratoriar. libri XII. (cum ind.) Par., Rb. Stephanus, 4 non. Mart. 1542. 4°. Colinæus's text of 1541, with the addition of some various readings in the margin.


oratoriar. institutionum li

bri XII., op. Jo. Camerarii, J. Sichardi aliorumque viror. restituti et illustrati; acc. Gu. Philandri castigatt. et declamationum liber cum scholiis et argumentis. Bas., Rb. Winter, 1543. 4°.

Concerning the disputed edition, Par., Gu. Morellius et Jac. Bogardus, 1548. 4°. which according to some is said to have appeared in 1528, and according to others to have existed at all, consult Archimbaud Recueil nouveau de pièces fugitives. T. I. (nouvell. litt.) p. 85 sq.


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Senecæ declamationum liber unus, cum Rdf. Agricolæ commentariis. Pt. Mosellani annotatt. in VII. libros priores. Jo. Camerarii in primum et secundum. Commentarius Ant. Pini in tertium. Par., Vascosanus (other copies Audoenus Parvus), 1549. fol.

18457 oratoriar. institutionum libri XII., Jo. Camerarii, J. Sichardi aliorumque op. ac studio jam olim partim ex melior. codd. collatione restituti sibi, partim annotationib. illustrati. In quibus nunc præter Gu. Philandri castigatt. innumera menda sublata sunt multorumque locor. emendatior lectio constituta est, stud. Jac. Hertelii. Cum indice rer. et verbor. Bas., N. Bryling., 1561. 8°. Declamationum liber. ib., id., 1557. 8°.

A new revision of the text after the conjectures of previous editors. Repeated, Bas., ex off. Bryling., 1579 (the Declamationes, 1578). 8°. Previously, ib., id., 1548 and 55. 8°.

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declamationes CXXXVI. Pt. Ærodii studio castigatæ. Par., Fed. Morellus, 1563. 4°.

A new recension from conjecture, yet the earlier readings are noted in the margin, where also some conjectures are given,

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17461 declamationes, quæ ex 388 supersunt, 145, ex veteri exemplari restitutæ. Calpurnii Flacci excerptæ X. Rhetorum minorum LI. nunc prim. editæ. Dialogus de oratoribus s. de caussis corruptæ eloquentiæ, ex bibl. Pt. Pithoei. Lutet., Patisson, 1580. 8°.

In this important, but not entirely correct edition, 9 declamations appeared for the first time. Renouard possesses a copy

on vellum.-Hdlb., Hi. Commelinus, 1594. 8°. 16 leaves of preliminary matter, 458 pages and 11 leaves, various readings and notes, is a verbal reprint.

18462 institutionum oratoriar. libri XII. summa diligentia ad fid. vetustissimor. codd. recogniti ac restituti. Acc. declamatt., quæ tam ex Pt. Pithæi quam alior. bibliothecis et editionibus colligi potuerunt. Index quoque in institutionum libros. Excud. Jac. Stoer, 1604. 8°.

Often repeated. 18463 institutionum oratoriar. libri XII. summa diligentia ad fid. vetustissimor. codd. recogniti ac restituti. Acced. declamationes. Cum Turnebi, Camerarii, Parei, Gronovii et alior. notis. Cum ind. locu

which he did not venture to introduce into pletissimo. LB. et Rot., Hack,

the text. The explanations are chiefly obtained from the Roman law.

18459 de institutione oratoria libri XII. ad fid. vetustissimor. codd. recogniti ac restituti argumentisque Pt. Gallandii elucidati. Additæ sunt Pt. Mosellani et Jo. Camerarii annotatt. Acced. commentarius Ant. Pini. Ejusd. Quintiliani declamationes, quibus addidimus Persiualdi Belingenii annotatt. Ven., Hi. Scotus, 1567. fol.

Previously, less complete, Ven., Scotus, 1546. fol.

18460 institutionum oratoriar. libri XII. summa diligentia ad fid. vetustissimor. codd. recogniti ac restituti. Cum rerum verborumque ind. Declamationum liber ejusd. (Genev.), exc. Jac. Stoer, 1580. 8°.

The Declamatt. have a separate title of 1579. Also, (ib.), id., 1591. 8°.

1665. 8°. 2 voll.

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