Documents Relating to the Constitutional History of Canada


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Considerations on the Expediency of Procuring an act of Parliament for the Settlement of
Irving to the Lords of Trade Aug 20 1766
Remonstrance of Members of Council to Lieut Gov Carleton Oct 13 1766
Resolution of Privy Council as to Information Required Concerning the Province of Quebec
Lieut Gov Carleton to Earl of Shelburne Jan 20 1768
Earl of Hillsborough to Governor Carleton Oct 12 1768
Attorney General Maseres Criticism of Gover nor Carletons Report on the Laws of the Province
Report of Lords Cominissioners for Trade and Plantations Relative to the State of the Province
Report of Committee of the Council on Administration of Law by Justices of the Peace Sept
Petition for a General Assembly
Abstract of such Regulations in Solicitor Generals Report as may be established by Act of Par
Plan of a Code of Laws for the Province of Quebec Reported by the Advocate General James
Lieut Gov Cramahé to Earl of Dartmouth June 22 1773
Petition to Lieut Gov Cramahé for an Assembly Nov 29 1773
Memorial from Montreal to Earl of Dartmouth Jan 15 1774
Earl of Dartmouth to Lieut Gov Cramahé May 4 1774
Memoranda and Draughts of Bills Relating to the Subject of the Quebec Act 1774
Earl of Dartmouths Reply to Lord Hillsborough
Queries re Government of Quebec
Quebec Revenue Act 14 Geo III cap 88
Instructions to Governor Carleton 1775
Additional Instructions Nov 14 1775
Governor Carleton to General Gage Feb 4 1775
Governor Carleton to Lord Germain Sept 28 1776

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Pagina 474 - It is agreed, that the people of the United States shall continue to enjoy unmolested the right to take fish of every kind, on the Grand Bank, and on all the other banks of Newfoundland ; also, in the gulf of St. Lawrence, and at all other places in the sea, where the inhabitants of both countries used, at any time heretofore, to fish...
Pagina 474 - Equator, to the middle of the river Apalachicola or Catahouche ; thence along the middle thereof to its junction with the Flint River ; thence straight to the head of St. Mary's River ; and thence down along the middle of St. Mary's River to the Atlantic Ocean.
Pagina 304 - And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, preeminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm : So help me God.
Pagina 195 - further Security of His Majesty's Person and Govern"ment and the Succession of the Crown in the Heirs of "the late Princess Sophia being Protestants and for ex"tinguishing the Hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales "and his open and secret Abettors...
Pagina 473 - His Britannic Majesty acknowledges the said United States, viz. New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, to be free, sovereign and independent States...
Pagina 474 - It is agreed that the Congress shall earnestly recommend it to the legislatures of the respective States to provide for the restitution of all estates, rights and properties which have been confiscated, belonging to real British subjects...
Pagina 69 - Toledo, de Valencia, de Galicia, de Mallorca, de Sevilla, de Cerdeña, de Córdoba, de Córcega, de Murcia, de Jaén, de los Algarbes, de Algecira, de Gibraltar, de las Islas de Canaria, de las Indias Orientales y Occidentales, Islas y Tierra Firme del mar océano, Archiduque de Austria, Duque de Borgoña, de Bravante y Milán, Conde de Abspurg, de Flandes, Tirol y Barcelona, Señor de Vizcaya y de Molina etc.
Pagina 108 - Governments, or within the Limits of the Territory granted to the Hudson's Bay Company, as also all the Lands and Territories lying to the Westward of the Sources of the Rivers which fall into the Sea from the West and North West as aforesaid...
Pagina 123 - An Act for the further security of His Majesty's person and Government, and the succession of the Crown in the Heirs of the late Princess Sophia, being Protestants, and for extinguishing the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, and his open and secret abettors...
Pagina 349 - ... so soon as the state and circumstances of the said colonies will admit thereof, they shall, with the advice and consent of the members of our council, summon and call general assemblies...

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