Earning Through Crypto Currencies Faucets and Mining

Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli, 2 apr. 2020

This project educates the reader about the best ways to earn money in internet†through Bitcoin Cash Faucets and†Cryptocurrency Mining. The work consists from the following section:

1.†††††10 best places to buy bitcoin with a credit debit card or PayPal

2.†††††Registering in Xapo Bitcoin Wallet

3.†††††Registering in Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet

4.†††††in Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet

5.†††††Best sites places to buy bitcoin with a credit debit card or PayPal

6.†††††Registering in Xapo Bitcoin Wallets.

7.†††††Registering in Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet:

8.†††††Best sites to earn satoshi as listed in http://bitcoincash-faucet.namaidani.com/

9.†††††Using faucethub.io to earn bitcoins

10.†Earning bitcoins directly through some Bitcoin faucet

11.†Best exchanges for cryptocurrency

12.†Registering in Polonix††currency exchange https://poloniex.com

13.†Registering in Hitbtc†currency exchange https://hitbtc.com/

14.†Registering in .cryptopia†currency exchange https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/

15.†Best mining cryptocurrency websites

16.†Best : cryptocurrency cloud mining companies

17.†Mining through Miner Gate

18.†Mining through faucet hub website

19.†Mining through Cryptomining.Farm

20.†Minining†through Litecoinpool.org with CPU miner

21.†Mining through EOBOT website

22.†Mining through Nice hash†website

23.†Minining†through Litecoinpool.org with CPU miner

24.†Other CPU†mining software CPU miner:

25.†List of Mining Pools:

26.†Using nano†mining pool to mine currency†https://nanopool.org/

27.†Using†Mining Pool Hub †miningpoolhub.com to mine†Currency:

28.†Mining††using and CPU miner https://suprnova.cc/:

29.†Using†Dwarfpool https://dwarfpool.com/

30.†Using†moneropool to mine†currency http://moneropool.com.

31.†Using†Mining Pool http:// pool mining-pool.info†to mine†currency.

32.†Converting the Bitcoins to USD and Transferring it to Paypal through VirWox https://www.virwox.com

33.†Vetrcoin mining through the website vertcoin.miningpoolhub.com.

34.†Using Nano exchange https://nanex.co

35.†Using the graphic user interface miner†

36.†Using Slushapool with ASIC Miner††

37.†Using†World Mining https://world-mining.net

38.†Other mining websites that you can earn money from them

39.†Opening Dogcoin wallet

40.†Using the coinpot†website http://coinpot .co with bicoin bonus and moon bitcoin and bitfun to earn crypto currencies:


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I am Dr. Hidaia Mahmoud Mohamed Alassouli. I completed my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Czech Technical University by February 2003, and my M. Sc. degree in n Electrical Engineering from Bahrain University by June 1995. I covered most subjects in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering during my study. My nationality is Palestinian from gaza strip.

I was working also as a computer networking administrator in government computer center at Palestine Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology. I worked also as electrical engineer trainee in Bahrain Ministry of Power & Water, Bahrain. I worked also as electrical and telecommunication engineer trainee in Bahrain Telecommunication Company, Batelco.

I had considerable undergraduate teaching experience in several types of courses in many universities. I handled teaching the most important subjects in Electrical and Telecommunication and Computer Engineering. I worked as Assistant Professor in the Engineering Sciences Department Bahrain University, and Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering Department in Bierzeit University, and Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering Department in Higher Colleges of Technology in United Arab Emirate, and as Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department inAlaqsa University in Gaza.

I could publish 5 papers in a top-tier journals, and 25 papers in conference proceedings besides a lot of published books in Lulu.com and Amazon book store and many publishing and distribution houses in Egypt and Jordan.

I write many arabic articles concerning anticorruption in the online news websites. I have website that I publish on it all my articles concerning anticorruption: anticorruption.000space.com

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