First-Class Leadership: How Highly Effective Teams Can Achieve Breakthrough Results

Black Card Books, 8 dec. 2017 - 289 pagina's

First-Class Leadership†is a comprehensive book that all managers and leaders should read. The amount of information is second to none.

A brilliant book based on research and experience brings to the fore everything you need to know about being a first-class leader. The techniques and advice in this book are simple yet effective—you will wonder why you have never done them.

In†First-Class Leadership, Hamid Safaei discusses specific and actionable points from getting people to believe in your vision, building effective teams, communicating, inspiring, encouraging, and developing employees so they give their very best, caring and nurturing your workforce, to finding and keeping talent that will take your company to the next level.

This book will change your perspective on how leaders should lead and how managers should manage. Inspired by icons such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs, what Hamid Safaei brings together is a wealth of information that will pave the way for everyone to become a first-class leader.

A must-read gem on successful and effective leadership!

Have you ever dreamed of making tough calls in fractions of seconds? What does it mean when the author says: “If it’s not a HELL YES it’s a NO”? Why is it important that you remain connected to your biggest WHY?

What if you don’t love what you do? How do great leaders hold ground when the going gets tough? What does the author of†First-Class Leadership†mean by QPA building blocks which stand for Qualities, Principles, and Attitudes?

How have the greatest leaders on Earth mastered premium leadership qualities? What is the first thing the greatest leaders do in every new situation? What profound leadership lessons can we learn from the rules of nature ruling for millions of years?

How have greatest leaders built highly effective teams? And how do they keep their highfliers happy? How did they achieve glory so you can follow in their footsteps? These questions and many more have been answered in†First-Class Leadership.


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"First-Class Leadership" by Hamid Safaei provides practical advice on a wide range of topics relevant to leading. This book is about action rather than concepts. Safaei goes into detail about what ... Volledige review lezen

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First-Class Leadership is an engaging book that invites the reader to pause, reflect, and question how they lead. Hamid Safaei backs his claims with real-life examples from his experiences in business and stories of leaders of all stripes, from Cyrus the Great to Albert Einstein, from Marcus Aurelius to Leonardo Da Vinci. What makes the book worthwhile is that each story is followed by questions inviting the reader to reflect on their learnings. First-Class Leadership is full of practical advice and nuggets of wisdom everybody can benefit from both for life and business. 



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