Cęsarea. The island of Jersey, its history, constitution [&c.], with a tour round the coast. To which is added, its antiquities and the biography of eminent men

Baker, 1840
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Pagina 307 - That I have great heaviness, and continual sorrow in my heart. For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ, for my brethren my kinsmen according to the flesh...
Pagina 167 - O my beloved nymph, fair Dove, Princess of rivers, how I love Upon thy flowery banks to lie, And view thy silver stream, When gilded by a Summer's beam! And in it all thy wanton fry Playing at liberty, And, with my angle, upon them The all of treachery I ever learned industriously to try!
Pagina 241 - The ground whereon you are going to lay this man is mine ; and I affirm that none may in justice bury their dead in ground which belongs to another. If, after he is gone, force and violence are still used to detain my right from me, I APPEAL TO ROLLO, the founder and father of our nation, who, though dead, lives in his laws. I take refuge in those laws, owning no authority above them.
Pagina 302 - The Hebrew text of the parallel prophecies of Jacob and Moses, relating to the Twelve Tribes ; with a translation and notes : and the various lections of near forty MSS.
Pagina 302 - The Samaritan- Arabic Version of those Passages, and part of another Arabic Version made from the Samaritan Text, neither of which have been before printed ; (2) A Map of the Land of Promise...
Pagina 170 - ... labour which is in shooting of all other is best, both because it increaseth strength and preserveth health most, being not vehement but moderate, not overlaying any one part with weariness, but softly exercising every part with equalness, as the arms and...
Pagina 139 - ... as to be served with such Process, and that there is just ground for believing that such Defendant secretes or withdraws himself so as to avoid being served with the Process of such Court, then and in all such Cases...
Pagina 169 - ... not vile for great men to use, not costly for poor men to sustain, not lurking in holes and corners for ill men at their pleasure to misuse it, but abiding in the open sight and face of the world, for good men, if it fault, by their wisdom to correct it.
Pagina 130 - ... of her husband to half of his personal property if he leaves no children : but only to one third if there should be issue. One third is then the portion of the children, and one third is disposable at the pleasure of the testator. A widower without children may distribute all his money in any way. The personal property of intestates is divided equally when there are only sons, or only daughters ; but when there are both, the sons are entitled to two thirds, and the daughters share the remainder....
Pagina 28 - But the king was so strict and punctual in his care of the interest of England, when he seemed to be abandoned by it, that he chose rather to suffer those places of great importance to fall into Cromwell's power, than to deposit them, upon any conditions, into French hands; which, he knew, would never restore them to the just owner, what obligations soever they entered into.

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