Leipziger Repertorium der Deutschen und Ausländischen Literatur, Volume 4;Volume 24

T. O. Weigel., 1848

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Pagina 271 - Whereas the lords spiritual and temporal and commons assembled at Westminster lawfully, fully and freely representing all the estates of the people of this realm, did upon the thirteenth day of February...
Pagina 368 - Narratives of Richard Coeur de Lion, by Richard of Devizes and Geoffrey de Vinsauf; and of the Crusade at Saint Louis, by Lord John de Joinville.
Pagina 309 - This work follows the order and arrangement of the Church's year, and is of an eminently practical character. We can cordially recommend it to the Clergy as a most useful book for the private reading and instruction of their parishioners.
Pagina 245 - Cosmetics, and Teeth Cosmetics ; Beverages, Dietetic Articles, and Condiments ; Trade Chemicals, Miscellaneous Preparations and Compounds used in the Arts, &c. ; with useful Memoranda and Tables.
Pagina 165 - Recueil des Inscriptions grecques et latines de l'Egypte, étudiées dans leur rapport avec l'histoire politique, l'administration intérieure, et les institutions civiles et religieuses de ce pays depuis la conquête d'Alexandre jusqu'à celle des Arabes, torn.
Pagina 193 - Mémoires de la Société royale et centrale d'agriculture , sciences et arts du département du Nord , séant à Douai.
Pagina 163 - Considérations sur la musique en général, et particulièrement sur tout ce qui a rapport à la vocale...
Pagina 193 - Mémoires de l'Académie des Sciences, Agriculture, Commerce , Belles-Lettres et. Arts du département de la Somme.
Pagina 271 - That from thenceforth no parliament whatsoever, that should at any time then after be called, assembled or held, should have any continuance longer than for three years only at the farthest, to be accounted from the day on which by the writ of summons the said parliament should be appointed to meet: and whereas it has been found by experience, that the said clause hath proved very grievous and...
Pagina 273 - Begebenheiten ein Volk genöthigt wird, die politischen Bande aufzulösen, die es mit einem andern vereinten, und unter den Mächten der Erde die gesonderte und gleiche Stellung einzunehmen, wozu es durch die Gesetze der Natur und deren Schöpfer berechtigt ist, so fordert die...

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