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1914 - 195 pagina's

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Pagina 78 - A View of the silver coin and coinage of England, from the Norman Conquest to the present time.
Pagina 16 - Trésor de numismatique et de glyptique, ou recueil général de médailles, monnaies, pierres gravées, bas-reliefs, etc., tant anciens que modernes, les plus intéressants sous le rapport de l'art et de l'histoire, gravés par les procédés de M. Achille Collas, sous la direction de M. Paul Delaroche, peintre, membre de l'Institut; de M. Henriquel Dupont, graveur, et de M. Charles Lenormant, conservateur de la Bibliothèque nationale...
Pagina 69 - The connexion of the Roman, Saxon, and English coins, deduced from observations on the Saxon weights and money.
Pagina 74 - Descriptive catalogue of Impressions from ancient Scottish Seals, royal, baronial, ecclesiastical, and municipal, embracing a period from AD 1094 to the Commonwealth. Taken from original charters and other deeds preserved in public and private archives. By HENRY LAING, Edinburgh.
Pagina 98 - History of the coinage of the territories of the East India Company in the Indian peninsula: and catalogue of the coins in the Madras Museum.
Pagina 16 - Micah, published in Old Testament and Semitic Studies in Memory of William Rainey Harper, II (1908), 415-438, and also in AJSL., XXIV (1908), 187-208.
Pagina 138 - Counterfeit half pence current in the American colonies, and their issue from the mints of Connecticut and Vermont.
Pagina 143 - Medals of honor issued by the War Department, up to and including Oct. 31, 1897, with the laws, orders, and regulations relative to the medal, the ribbon to be worn with the medal, and the knot to be worn in lieu of the medal.
Pagina 122 - Edwards, Jonathan. Catalogue of the Greek and Roman coins in the numismatic collection of Yale College. New Haven, 1880. 8°. MHL Esdaile, Katharine.
Pagina 77 - Beale) Celtic Inscriptions on Gaulish and British Coins, intended to supply materials for the Early History of Great Britain, with a Glossary of Archaic Celtic Words, and an Atlas of Coins. 8vo, many engravings, cloth.

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