Silver Poems on My Lips

Authorspress, 1 jan. 2009 - 140 pagina's
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Poetic tongue is the idiom that comes from the spirit, it has the potential, the innate ability, to mingle universally. In poetry, the tinge of metaphor becomes a rejuvenated vessel that relieves numbness and returns compassion to our lives. For the psychotherapist and patron, poetry offers a way to discover that numbness or feeling in a susceptible and creative reaction to life as it unfurls.

Such margin is positively improved by poetry which may be assumed as the assumption of poetry, creative writing for Dr. Nandini Sahu. She pours out poetry that oozes from the secret chambers of the heart, though she knows well that in an age of material pleasures perhaps it is difficult for the heart to fit in. Thus, an insecurity and reservation moves her the most in her expedition through life. Her idea rotates around a belief in human values. Love and poetry are her therapy to live, breathe and sing.

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