A Practical treatise on the diseases of women

Henry C. Lea, 1868 - 657 pagina's

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Pagina 7 - Besides a very thorough revision by the author, it has been most carefully examined by the editor, and the efforts of both have been directed to introducing everything which increased experience in its use has suggested as desirable to render it a complete text-book for those seeking to obtain or to renew an acquaintance with Human Anatomy.
Pagina 21 - States, the editor has endeavored to insert everything that his experience has shown him would be desirable for the American student, including a large number of illustrations. With the sanction of the author, he has added, in the form of an appendix, some chapters from a little "Manual for Midwives and Nurses,
Pagina 9 - A Treatise on Human Physiology : designed for the use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine.
Pagina 23 - AUTHOR. THE PRACTICE OF SURGERY. Fourth American from the last Edinburgh edition. Revised by the American editor. Illustrated by three hundred and sixty-four engravings on wood.
Pagina 23 - The Science and Art of Surgery ; being a Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations. By JOHN ERIC ERICHSEN, Senior Surgeon to University College Hospital, and Holme Professor of Clinical Surgery in University College, London.
Pagina 3 - It is classified and arranged under different heads, thus facilitating the researches of the reader in pursuit of particular subjects, and will be found to present a very full and accurate digest of all observations, discoveries, and inventions recorded in every branch of medical science. The very extensive arrangements of the...
Pagina 5 - Therapeutics. To which is added a Medical Formulary. Third edition, thoroughly revised and greatly extended and enlarged. With 370 illustrations. In one handsome royal 12mo. volume of 816 large pages, cloth, $3 25; leather, $3 75. The arrangement of this volume in the form of question and answer renders it especially suitable for the office examination of students, and for those preparing for graduation.
Pagina 16 - as far as possible," given a faithful and accurate representation of this class of diseases, and there can be no doubt that these plates will be of great use to the student and practitioner in drawing a diagnosis as to the class, order, and species to which the particular case may belong. While looking over the "Atlas" we have been induced to examine also the "Practical Treatise...
Pagina 9 - Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY. Eighth edition. Thoroughly revised and extensively modified and enlarged, with five hundred and thirty-two illustrations. In two large and handsomely printed octavo volumes, leather, of about 1500 pages.
Pagina 2 - ... the entire profession in this country. Its list of Collaborators will be found to contain a large number of the most distinguished names of the profession in every section of the United States, rendering the department devoted to ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS full of varied and important matter, of great interest to all practitioners.

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