On Earth as it is in Heaven

Trafford Publishing, 10 okt. 2004 - 262 pagina's
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Sibyl was the Great Mother of the Gods. Her oracular spirit inspired a succession of priestesses in various places in the ancient world, including the sacred cave at Cumae, famed as an entrance to the underworld. Sibyl called up the dead for interviews and relayed their prophecies to the world.

This story is about life, death and love, and the way they are intertwined in the life of Sibyl. She traces her life beginning during the Second World War, through her years at school, university and marriage. It looks at the events on which her life turned. Always tormented by panic, she describes the ebb and flow of fear and love, and her techniques for dealing with panic through understanding and acceptance. She focuses on her love affair with David which caused her marriage to break up and cast her unsuspecting into a series of meetings and adventures which brought her gladness and grief. She bore him a daughter, the pinnacle of her commitment, who was adopted by her sister. Later she left David when the love affair foundered due to his inability to commit himself to her. Sibyl, continuing her life alone, became aware of the spiritual dimension which permeates all being. Ten years after she had left him David died, and Sibyl was surprised that immediately, contact with David was resumed, taking her on further travels to the afterlife. She gives accounts of dreams which were verified by happenings in the physical world. Death is not the end of love but rather its unveiling. Love continues more strongly and magnificently than ever in the life of spirit, now with the consciousness of full commitment. As David says "The body dies and the spirit soars."

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Over de auteur (2004)

Dr. Kristin Schneider is a retired scientist who has worked for 25 years in teaching and research in universities in Melbourne, Australia. Her major interest is in ecology and botany, and she has worked to encourage people to live in harmony with their surroundings. Her commitment to alternative healing has led to her make many flower essences to promote healing not only in people and their physical and emotional states, but also for plants, soils, and the earth herself. Since retirement she spent seven years in a community in Sweden where she studied massage and bookkeeping, taking a leading role within the community. Now she lives in Australia with her mother, spending time with her children and grandson.

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