a map

parts. With of those countries by Hermon Moll, geo-

This second volume of Stevens' Collection (see 1708, No. 4,) contains:

Mouette's Travels in Fez and Morocco ; Texeira's Travels from India to
Italy by land; Cauche’s Voyage to Madagascar; Tellez's Travels of
the Jesuits in Ethiopia. Only this last has a separate title.

MDCCXI. 1 *JOURNAL of an expedition performed by the forces of our

sovereign lady Anne, Queen, &c. under the command of the Hon. Francis Nicholson,' general and commander in chief in the year 1710 for the reduction of Port-Royal in Nova Scotia, or any other place in those parts in America, then in possession of the French.

London. Quarto, pp. 24.

Bib. Am. Prim. p. 211. 2 *A TRUE Account of the voyage of the Nottingham galley of

London, John Dean, commander, from the river Thames to New England, near which place she was cast away on Boon Island by the captain's obstinacy, who endeavoured to betray her to the French, or run her ashore; with an account of the falsehoods in the captain's narrative, &c. The whole attested on oath by Christopher Langman, mate, Nicholas Mellen,

boatswain, and George White, sailor in the said ship. 8vo. pp. 36.

London. Bib. Am. Prim. p.210. 3 A COMPLETE COLLECTION of voyages made into North and South

America, in due order as they happen'd, beginning from Christopher Columbus, and Americus Vespucius, and descending to this present time, &c. By M. L'Abbé Bellegarde of the Royal Academy. Translated from the French original printed at Paris. Adorn’d with cuts.

London, 8vo. Published in French at Paris in 1707, under the name of Du Perier. This

is the same book as Du Perier's, printed in 1708, with a new title-page, in which the name of the Abbé Bellegarde is substituted for that of

Du Perier. 4 A LETTER from an old Whig in town to a modern Whig in the country, upon the late expedition to Canada.

London. Quarto, pp. 8.

5 *A letter to a Member of Parliament on the settling a trade 1711.

to the South Sea of America, dated 3d of May, 1711. With
reasons to encourage a trade from Great Britain to the coun-
tries situate in the South Seas of America.

London. 4to. pp. 14.

Bib. Am. Prim. p. 212.
6 *A TRUE ACCOUNT of the design and advantages of the South

Sea trade : with answers to all the objections raised against
it; a list of the commodities proper for that trade; and the

progress of the subscription towards the South Sea Company. 8vo. pp. 38.

Bib. Am. Prim. p. 212.
7 A VIEW OF The Coasts, Countries, and Islands within the limits

of the South Sea Company. Containing an account of the
discoveries, settlements, progress, and present state, &c. of
the several places : viz. From the river Aranoco to Terra del
Fuego, and from thence through the South Sea to the farthest
bounds of the late Act of Parliament, &c. The whole col-
lected from the best authors, as well manuscripts as printed.
Illustrated with a general map, and particular draughts of

the most important places; by Herman Moll, geographer. 8vo. pp. 220. Map.

London. Herman Moll was probably not the author of this book, but merely prepared

the map which accompanies it. The book was no doubt got up by some

of the persons interested in the great and celebrated South Sea project, 8 *AUSFUHRLICHE BESCHREIBUNG von der unglücklichen Reise

des jungsthin aus Teutschland nach Carolina und Pensylva-
nien wandernden Pilgrim, dem ubelgegründeten Kocher-
thalerischen Bericht entgegen gesetzt.

An account of the journey of some pilgrims from Germany to Carolina and
Pennsylvania. Meusel, x. 2, p. 375.


Seas, thence to the East Indies, and homeward by the Cape
of Good Hope. Begun in 1708, and finished in 1711. Con-
taining a journal of all the remarkable transactions, particu-
larly of the taking of Puna and Guiaquil, of the Acapulco
ship, and other prizes; an account of Alexander Selkirk's
living alone four years and four months in an island; and a


brief description of several countries in our course noted for trade, especially in the South Sea. With maps of all the coast, from the best Spanish manuscript draughts, and an introduction relating to the South Sea trade. By Captain Woodes Rogers, commander-in-chief on this expedition, with the ships Duke and Duchess, of Bristol. .

London, 8vo.

This and the following are the relation of the same voyage. 2 A voyage to the South Sea, and round the world, performed

in the years 1708, 1709, 1710, and 1711. Containing a journal of all the memorable transactions during the said voyage; the winds, currents, and variation of the compass; the taking of the towns of Puna and Guayquil, and several prizes, one of which a rich Acapulco ship. A description of the American coasts, from Terra del Fuego in the South to California in the North, (from the Coasting Pilot, a Spanish manuscript.) An historical account of all those countries from the best authors. With a new map and description of the mighty river of the Amazons. Wherein an account is given of Mr. Alexander Selkirk, his manner of living and taming some wild beasts during the four years and four months he lived upon the uninhabited island of Juan Fernandes. Illustrated with cuts and maps. By Capt. Edward Cooke.

London. 8vo. Edward Cooke was second captain on board the Dutchess, the ship which

accompanied the Duke, both under Woodes Rogers, on a voyage round the world. Capt. Burney says that Cooke's journal and charts are inferior to those published by Woodes Rogers. Dampier, who projected the expedition, and prevailed upon some able persons at Bristol to venture

upon the undertaking, went as pilot in the Duke. 3 *An Essay on the nature and methods of carrying on a trade to the South Sea. By Robert Allen.

London. 8vo.

Library of Harvard College. 4 *A letter to a friend in the country on the late expedition to Canada.

London. 8vo.

In the British Museum. 5 *A Letter from a West India merchant to a gentleman at Tun

bridge, concerning that part of the French proposals which relate to North America, and particularly to Newfoundland.

II. Whe

With some thoughts on their offers about our trade to Spain 1712.

and the West Indies, and an abstract of the Assiento. 8vo. pp. 34.

Bib. Am. Prim. p. 212.
6 *A letter to a noble Lord concerning the late expedition to

Canada, (offering satisfaction in three points. 1. Of what
importance the conquest of that country would have been to
the crown, and whether it would have answered the expense
of the great armament that was made against it.
ther the expedition was well concerted? And, lastly, if the
ill success of it ought wholly to be charged on New England,
as people here are made to believe.)

London. 8vo. pp. 26.

Bib. Am. Prim. p. 213. 7 ARTE DE NAVEGAR em que se ensinam as regras practicas, e

o modo de cartear pela carta plana & reduzida, o modo de
graduar a Balestilha por via de numeros & muitos problemas
uteis à navegaçao; & Roteiro das viagens e costas maritimas
de Guiné, Angola, Brasil, Indias, & Ilhas occidentaes & ori-
entaes agora novamente emendado & acrescentadas muitas
derrotas novas. Por Manoel Pimentel Cosmographo mór
do Reyno, &c.

Folio, pp. 576. Plans, &c.
An important work on navigation, of which about a hundred pages are

occupied with a description of the coasts of America. First printed in
1699, and reprinted in 1746.


laying the foundation of an American library, in several books,
papers, and writings, humbly given to the society for propaga-
tion of the gospel in foreign parts, for the perpetual use and
benefit of their members, their missionaries, friends, correspon-
dents, and others concerned in the good desigo of planting and
promoting Christianity within her Majesty's colonies and plan-

tations in the West Indies. By a member of the said society. Quarto.

This, as far as it goes, is the best catalogue of books relating to America

extant; the titles being copied at full length with the greatest exactness
together with the name of the printer, and the number of pages in each
volume. It unfortunately contains only the books given to the Society
for propagating the gospel in foreign parts by White Kennett, Bishop of

1713. Peterborough, and a few others, many of them not relating to America,

It is, however, rich in English tracts relating to New England. The catalogue was drawn up by Bishop Kennett, but the very complete iudex, which occupies nearly half the volume, was formed by the Rev. Robert Watts. Dr. Dibdin states that this work was reprinted in 1791, but this is a mistake, the Bibliotheca Americana of that date being a distinct work, in which the titles of many books are so carelessly abridged that it is

difficult to make out what is intended. 2 JOURNAL HISTORIQUE du dernier voyage que feu M. de la Sale

fit dans le Golfe de Mexique, pour trouver l'embouchure et le cours de la riviére de Missicipi, nommée à present la riviere de saint Louis, qui traverse la Louisiane. Ou l'on voit l'histoire tragique de sa mort, et plusieurs choses curieuses du Nouveau Monde. Par M. Joutel, l'un des compagnons de ce voyage : redigé et mis en ordre par M. de Michel.

Paris. 12mo. This voyage was commenced in 1684. La Sale was assassinated by some of

his companions, the 19th March, 1687. Translated into English the following year.

MDCCXIV. 1 A JOURNAL of the last voyage perform’d by Monsr. de la Sale

to the Gulph of Mexico, to find out the mouth of the Missisippi river; containing an account of the settlements he endeavour'd to make on the coast of the aforesaid bay, his unfortunate death, and the travels of his companions for the space of eight hundred leagues across that inland country of America, now callid Louisiana (and given by the king of France to M. Crozat,) till they came into Canada. Written in French by Monsieur Joutel, a commander in that expedition; and translated from the edition just published at Paris. With an exact map of that vast country, and a copy of the letters patent

granted by the king of France to Mr. Crozat. London. 8vo. Charlevoix speaks highly of Joutel, and of the services he rendered to

M. de la Sale, in his unfortunate expedition. He says that Joutel had complained to him, that when the work was prepared for the press, some alterations were made by the editor, (M. Michel.) This translation was

republished, with a new title in 1719. 2 The laws of the province of Pennsylvania, collected into one volume.


British Museum.

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