against Canada, which sailed from Boston, N. E. in the summer of 1711; but which proved a complete failure, owing, it was said, to the unskilfulness of the pilots, by which eight ships and nearly a thousand men were lost in the river St. Lawrence. Great blame was attached to Sir Horenden, and he published this account in his own vindication. See Nichols'

Lit. Anec. I. p. 178. 8 Relations de la Louisiane et du Fleuve Mississippi. Ou l'on

voit l'etat de ce grand pays et les avantages qu'il peut produire, &c.

Amsterdam. 12mo. This volume is dedicated to the celebrated Law; its contents are the same

as the fifth volume of Bernard's Collection, 1715. 9 RecukIL D'ARRESTS et autres pieces pour l'etablissement de la

Compagnie d'Occident.--Relation de la Baie de Hudson.

Les navigations de Frobisher au detroit qui porte son nom. 12mo.

Amsterdam. Part of this volume corresponds to the fifth volume of Bernard's Collection

of 1715; but the Recueil d'Arrests, &c. is not contained in that edition. It is a collection of documents relating to the far-famed Company of the West, better known as the Mississippi Company, of which Law was the

projector. 10 VOYAGE DE MARSEILLE À Lima et dans les autres lieux des

Indes Occidentales. Avec une exacte description de ce qu'il y a de plus remarquable tant pour la geographie, que pour les mœurs, les coûtumes, le commerce, le gouvernement, et la religion des peuples; avec des notes et des figures en taille douce. Par le Sieur D***.

Paris. 12mo. The dedication is signed “ Durrett," who says he prepared the work for the

press, from the relations of a surgeon of the name of Bachelier. Father Labat, however, says that the work was entirely composed by Durrett, from the relations of Feuille, with the addition of extracts from various

other authors, without any acknowledgment. 11 PROYECTO PARA GALEONES y Flotas del Peru y Nueva Es

paña y para Navios de Registro, y avisos, que navegaren à ambos Reynos.

Cadiz. Folio, pp. 26.

MDCCXXI. 1 A defence of the New England charters. By Jer. Dummer.

Pulchrum est Patriæ benefacere, etiam benedicere haud absurdum est. Sallust.

London. 8vo. pp. 60.

Dummer was the agent of Massachusetts in England, and a distinguished 1721.

scholar. “This very able defence was written some time before; but it
was now published in the apprehension that a bill would be brought into
the House of Commons at their next session to disfranchise the charter

goveroments.” Holmes. Reprinted in 1766.
2 INDIA CHRISTIANA. A discourse delivered unto the commis-

sioners for the propagation of the gospel among the American

Indians, &c. By Cotton Mather, D.D. and F. R. S. 12mo.


Boston, N. E. 3 The Laws of the BRITISH PLANTAtions in America, relating

to the church and the clergy, religion and learning. Collected
in one volume. By Nicholas Trott, LL. D., Chief Justice of
the province of South Carolina.

A scarce and valuable collection, in the preface to which is given an account

of all the different collections of colonial laws which had been printed at
the time. All those relating to ecclesiastical affairs which had not been
printed were transcribed from the copies sent out to the Plantation office,

or taken from other authentic sources.
4 Acts of Assembly passed in the island of Barbadoes from
1648 to 1718.

5 THE SEVERAL Reports of the Committee of Secrecy to the

Honourable House of Commons relating to the South Sea
Directors, &c.

Folio, pp. 74.
6 PROCEEDINGS of the House of Lords in relation to the late

Directors of the South Sea Company and others; with the
Reports of their Lordships on the said proceedings : to which
is added, the conference with the Commons relating to Mr.
Aislabie and Mr. Craggs, with their Lordships' proceedings

Folio, pp. 26.

1 A DESCRIPTION of the English province of Carolana, by the

Spaniards called Florida, and by the French La Louisiane.
As also of the great and famous river Meschacebe or Missi-
sipi, the five vast navigable lakes of fresh water, and the parts
adjacent. Together with an account of the commodities, of


8vo, map.

the growth and production of the said province. And a preface, containing some considerations on the consequences of the French making settlements there. By Daniel Coxe, esq.

London. A crude performance, drawn up from various journals and voyages, to

impress the public with the great importance of the region described, and to make them jealous of its occupation by the French. Under the name of Carolana was comprehended the present state of Georgia, the two Floridas and Louisiana; and this whole territory was claimed by Dr. Coxe, the father of the author, as proprietor of it under the crown.

North Am. Rev. 2, p. ). Republished in 1727 and 1741. 2 The history of VIRGINIA, in four parts, &c. See 1705.

The second edition, revised and enlarged by the Author. 8vo. pp. 284, 15 plates.

London. Dr. Allen says that this work, in the historical part, is as concise and

unsatisfactory as that of Stith is prolix and tedious. Am. Biog. 3 A GENERAL SURVEY of that part of the island of St. Christo

pher's which formerly belonged to France; and was yielded up to Great Britain for ever by the late treaty of Utrecht: together with an estimate of the value of those lands, and a proposal and scheme for raising a very considerable sum of money, for the use of the publick, on the produce thereof, &c In a letter to M. R., Esq. a member of the honourable House of Commons. By Mr. R. M., S. B.

London. 8vo. pp. 48. 4 *A VINDICATION of the ministers of Boston from the abuses

and scandals lately cast upon them in diverse printed papers. By some of their people.

Boston, N. E. 8vo.

In the British Museum. 5 VOYAGES DE François COREAL aux Indes occidentales, conte

nant ce qu'il y a vû de plus remarquable pendant son sejour depuis 1666. Jusqu'a 1697. Traduites de l'Espagnol, avec une relation de la Guiane de Walter Raleigh, et le voyage de

Narbrough à la mer du sud par le detroit de Magellan. 12mo. 3 vols.

Amsterdam. 6

-, nouvelle edition, corrigée et augmentée d'une nouvelle decouverte des Indes Meridionales et des terres Australe, enrichies de figures.

Paris. 12mo. 2 vols.

There appears to be no reason to doubt of the identity of Francis Coreal, 1722.

or of the fact of his having visited the different countries he describes.
The only motive for such a doubt arises from the work never having been
printed in Spanish, and from the French editor making no mention of the
source from whence he obtained the original. Coreal's relation occupies
only one half of the work, the other half being made up of a selection
from other authors, to which probably the judgment of Prosper Marchand,
as quoted by MEUSEL, applies, viz. that the work consisted of a portion of
fragments taken here and there from several effective voyages, by some starving
compiler.” This additional matter consists of Sir Walter Raleigh's voyage
to Guiána. The discovery of the Palaos islands. Captain Narborough's
voyage to the South Sea. Voyage of Abel Jansen Tasman to the Terra
Australis. Letter on the Mission of the Moxes. Account of Alvaro de

Mendana's voyages. Discoveries of Quiros.
A certain Rev. Doctor “stuck his spurs so hard into the side of his good

bibliographical courser,” that he leapt over a good part of the title of
this book, as given in Meusel, and makes out “ Coreal's Voyages en les
Indes occidentales, &c. to be a translation of the Flemish journal of Capt.
Abel Jansen Tasman!” This Flemish journal is merely one of the

before-mentioned relations.

ville de la Potherie, nè à la Guadaloupe dans l'Amerique
meridionale, aide-major dans la dire isle.

12mo. 4 vols.
This work is written in the form of letters, except the second volume,

wbich is divided into chapters. It contains several badly written memoirs
on a considerable portion of the history of Canada. What the author
relates, from his own observation, may be relied upon; but in other re-
spects he was not well informed, although apparently sincere and dispas-

sionate." Charlevoir.
8 Nouveau VOYAGE aux isles de l'Amerique, contenant l'histoire

naturelle de ces pays, l'origine, les mæurs, la religion et le
gouvernement des habitans anciens and modernes. Les
guerres et les evenemens singuliers qui y sont arrivez pendant
le long sejour que l'auteur y a fait. Le commerce et les
manufactures qui y sont établies, et les moyens de les aug-
menter. Avec une description exacte et curieuse de toutes
ces isles. Ouvrage enrichi de plus de cent cartes, plans et
figures en tailles douces.

12mo. 6 vols.
The name of the author, F. Jean Baptiste Labat, is found affixed to the

dedication to the Duc de Montmorency. Reprinted in quarto, at the
Hague, in 1724, and with considerable additions, in 1742, at Paris.


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1722. A very pleasant and instructive work in many respects, but not always

accurate as to facts. Chalmers.
9 HISTOIRE DE LA NAVIGATION, son commencement, son progrés,
et ses decouvertes jusqu'à present.

Traduit de l'Anglois.
Le commerce des Indes occidentales, avec un Catalogue des
meilleures cartes geographiques et les meilleurs livres de voy-
ages, et le caractere de leurs auteurs.

12mo. 2 vols.
This work is a translation, with some augmentations of the introduction to

Churchill's Collection of Voyages. The French editor, in his preface,
apologizes for the cruelties of the Spaniards to the Indians in this sum-
mary way: It was difficult to use moderation towards beings human only
in figure ; finally, of these savages were made men, of these animals were
made christians. God is adored where he was not known. The mission truly
has not been like that of the first apostles, but the Gospel has been preached

and received."
10 Relacion de la conquista de la provincia de los Nayaritas, en

el Reyno de la Nueva España, que consiguieron las armas de
S. M. à principios de este año de 1722.

Small 4to. pp. 32.
11 *ALLERÖLTESTE NACHRICHT von der Neuen Welt, welche dieser

Erfinder derselben ehemals ertheilt von neuem edirt. Berlin,
This appears, from Meusel (m. 1. 265) to be a translation of Vesputius's
account of his voyages.

1 Acts of Assembly passed in the province of Maryland from
1692 to 1715.

An abridgment of the laws of Maryland was printed in London in 1704 :

but an act of assembly was passed in the same year repealing all former
acts, saving what are thereby excepted. A new collection under the title
of All the Laws of Maryland now in force,” was printed at Annapolis in
1707, and another at Philadelphia in 1718, from which, it is probable, that

the present edition was taken.
2 MEURS DES SAUVAGES AMERIQUAINS comparées aux mæurs des

premiers temps. Par le P. Lafitau, de la compagnie de Jesus.
Ouvrage enrichi de figures en taille-douce.

Quarto, 2 vols. 41 plates.
“This work was reprinted, badly enough the following year, at Rouen, in

four volumes 12mo. It contains a great detail of the manners, customs,

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