ticuliers des ports les plus frequentés, ou recueil de cartes
hydrographiques, à l'usage des vaisseaux du Roi, redigé
d'après les cartes françoises et etrangeres les plus estimées.
Rectifié d'après des plans manuscrits authentiques, et assu-
jetti aux observations astronomiques. Dressé au depôt géné-
ral des cartes, plans, et journaux de la marine, et publié par
ordre du Roi.

Allas folio.
A collection of very beautiful charts of the coast of North America, with

plans of the ports, harbours, &c. published on separate sheets, between

1778 and 1780, for the use of the French navy. 34 HISTOIRE PHILOSOPHIQUE ET POLITIQUE des établissemens et

du commerce des Européens dans les deux Indes. Par
Guillaume Thomas Raynal.

Quarto, 4 vols. and atlas.
Another edition.

8vo. 10 vols, and atlas in 4to.
As this work could not be published in Paris, the Abbé Raynal caused three

copies to be printed there, one of which he sent to Geneva, from which the present edition was printed. It is stated by Grimm that more than one third of this work was written by Diderot. According to Barbier, a number of other persons were concerned in it, particularly Holbach, Pechmeja, Paulze, Dutasta, Deleyre, the Abbé Martin, and Counts Aranda and de Souza. The Biographie Universelle (art. Raynal) says that the production of so many hands must necessarily be a bad book ; and that, besides the assistance derived from other persons, whole pages were copied from other works without any acknowledgment. A decree was issued by the parliament of Paris, May 21, 1781, against the author and his book, which obliged him to leave France. “ That this history is written in an animated style, and that it contains many just reflections, both political and philosophical, is known to all Europe ; for it has been translated into every European language. Its beauties, however, are deformed by many sentiments that are irreligious, and by some

that are impure." Chalmers. 35 HISTOIRE DU PARAGUAY sous les Jesuites et de la Royauté

qu'ils y ont exercée pendant un siécle et demi; ouvrage, qui renferme des détails très interessans et qui peut servir de suite à l'Histoire Philosophique et Politique des établissemens des Européens dans les deux Indes. Orné d'une grande carte du Paraguay, du Chili, &c.

Amsterdam. 8vo. 3 vols.

This work appears to have been taken principally from the “ Coleccion de 1780.

Documentos, &c. (No. 26 of 1768,) comprising a translation of nearly the

whole of the fourth volume of that work.
36 LE DESTIN DE L'AMERIQUE, ou dialogues pittoresques dans

lesquels ou developpe la cause des événemens actuels, la
politique et les intérêts des puissances de l'Europe relative-
ment à cette guerre, et les suites qu'elle devroit avoir pour

le bonheur de l'humanité, traduit fidelement de l'Anglois.
Small 8vo. pp. 106.
Written by M. Cerisier. Barbier.–Said in the preface to be translated

from the fourth English edition. 37 Nouvelles CONSIDERATIONs sur Saint Domingue, en reponse à celles de M. H. D. Par M. D. B.

Paris. 8vo. 2 parts. An answer to M. Hilliard D’Auberteuil by M. Du Buisson. Barbier.-See

Considerations, &c. 1776.
38 RIFLESSIONI IMPARZIALI sopra l'Umanita degli Spagnuoli

nell' Indie contr' i pretesi filosofi e politici per servire di
lume alle storie de' Signori Raynal et Robertson, del Sig
Abbate D. Giovanni Nuix.

There are two Spanish translations of this work, defending the humanity of

the Spaniards towards the natives of America, one published at Madrid,
in 1782, the other at Cervera, in 1783. “The author would have ren-
dered a more important and honorable service to the Spaniards, if, instead
of endeavouring to disculpate them from calumnies, not entirely without
foundation, he had manifested to foreigners the useful measures which
the Spanish Ministry were taking to remedy the abuses of their colonial

government.Sempere, Biblioteca.
39 LETTERE AMERICANE di Gianrinaldo Conte Carli.
8vo. 2 vols.

Cosmopoli (Florence.)
Reprinted in 1781 at Cremona, in 3 volumes, with some additions by

Giuseppe Bianchi. A German translation was published in 1785, and
one in French in 1788. "These letters originated in a correspondence
of Carli with his cousin, the Marquis Gravisi, in 1777 and 1779. In the
first part, the autbor describes the manners and customs of the Americans
before their country was discovered by the Europeans. He refutes, on
every point, the paradoxes of Pauw, The second part is hypothetical;
its object being to discover at what epoch the people of the Atlantide
(that large continent which has disappeared in some general commotion
of the globe,) might have had communication with America ou one side,



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and with Europe on the other, which would alone explain the resem. blance of certain ancient civil and religious customs and traditions com

mon to the two continents.” Ginguénée, in the Biog. Univ. 40 Storia ANTICA DEL Messico cavata da' migliori storici Spag

nuoli, e da' manoscritti, e dalle pitture antiche degl' Indiani:
divisa in dieci libri, e corredata di carte geografiche, e di varie
figure : e dissertazioni sulla terra, sugli animali, e sugli
abitatori del Messico. Opera dell'Abate D. Francisco
Saverio Clavigero.

Quarto, 4 vols. plates.
Clavigero was born in Vera Cruz, and at the age of seventeen entered

into the order of the Jesuits. When this order was banished from
America, in 1767, he retired to Bologna, where lie undertook this import-
ant work, which was received by the learned of Europe with great
applause. It was translated into English by Cullen in 1787, and from
English into German in 1789. A Spanish translation was printed in

London in 1826. 41 Saggi0 DI STORIA AMERICANA Ó sia storia naturale, civile, e

sacra de regni e delle provincie Spagnuole di terra firma nell' America Meridionale descritta dall' Abate Filippo Salvadore Gilii e consecrata alla santità di N. S. Papa Pio sesto felicemente regnante.

8vo. 4 vols.
Tomo I.—Della storia geografica e naturale della prova dell' Orinoco, 1780.

II.—De costumi degli Orinochesi, 1781.
III.—Della religione e delle lingue degli Orinochesi e di altri Ameri-

cani, 1782.
IV.-Stato presente di terra ferma, 1784.
The author was one of the Jesuits banished from America, with the rest of

his order, in 1767. Charles III. honoured him with a pension, for having, in this work, “vindicated the Spanish nation and government from the

calumnies of foreigners.” 42 COMPENDIO DE LA Ystoria GENERAL del origen, viajes y

monarquia de los Indios de la America Septentrional fundada sobre las mejores noticias que se hallan de el Nuebo Mundo, donde manifiesta la Ystoria Indiana à la España los sucesos de sus peregrinaciones y casos mas memorables asta el estado presente.

Por Josef Giraldo, grabador de laminas, etc.

Madrid. Small 4to.


This work consists merely of six plates, representing the ancient history of 1780.

the Mexicans, with an engraved account at the bottom of each, of their

emigrations, &c. A work of no sort of authority.

Cudena; ein Spanisches manuscript in der Wolfenbüttelschen
bibliothek, herausgegeben vom Herrn Hofrath Lessing; An-

merkungen und Zusätzen begleitet von Christian Leiste. 8vo.

Pedro Cudena, a Spaniard, who resided several years in the Brazils, wrote,

in 1634, an account of that country, which had not been published, and a
copy having been found in the Wolfenbuttel library, it was printed, with
a German translation and notes, by Leiste. It is said to be a curious and
interesting work, and, although written so long ago, to contain new infor-

mation respecting that part of America to which it relates. Bing. Univ. 44 SELECTARUM STIRPIUM AMERICANARUM HISTORIA, in


Linnæanum systema determinatæ, descriptæque sistuntur
plantæ illæ, quas in insulis Martinica, Jamaica, S. Domingo,
aliisque et in vicinæ continentis parte, observavit rariores,
Nic. Jos. Jacquin ; adjectis iconibus ab authoris archetypo

Large folio, pp. 137.
This splendid work consists of 261 coloured drawings of plants, with printed

descriptions. It is supposed that not more than twenty-five copies were
executed; but it does not appear to be generally known that the whole
of them were copied in a neat little work, published at Nuremberg in
1785, &c. (See No. 30, of that year.)

1 A GENERAL HISTORY of Connecticut, from its first settlement

under George Fenwick, esq., to its latest period of anity with
Great Britain ; including a description of the country, and
many curious and interesting anecdotes. To which is added,
an Appendix, wherein new and the true sources of the present
rebellion are pointed out; together with the particular part
taken by the people of Connecticut in its promotion. By a

Gentleman of the province.
Notwithstanding the author's declaration that he had “followed the line of

truth freely, and unbiassed by partiality or prejudice,” the Monthly
Review pronounces his work destitute of every claim to impartiality, and



containing “so many marks of party spleen and idle credulity, as to be altogether unworthy of the public attention." The author says, that "treachery is the staple commodity of the four New England provinces.” This book contains the wonderful account of the falls of the Upper Cobos, “ where water is consolidated without frost, by pressure, by swiftness, between the pinching, sturdy rocks, to such a degree of induration, that no iron crow can be forced into it," &c. The author was Dr. Samuel A. Peters, a refugee. He resided in England from 1774 to 1805, when he

returned to America, and died in New York in 1828, at the age of 90.

in the years 1766, 1767, and 1768. By J. Carver, Esq.
Illustrated with copper-plates coloured; the third edition.
To which is added, some account of the Author, and a copious

Dr. Lettsom purchased the impression of the third edition of this work,

and added the life, and a copious index, which he also very honourably printed separately, “ for the convenience of the purchasers of the first and second editions ; on whom I was unwilling to raise an extraordinary

tax for the third edition. J. C, Lettsom." 3 THE SIEGE of Penobscot by the Rebels, containing a journal

of the proceedings of H. M.'s forces, &c. when besieged by

the rebels, in July, 1779. By J. C., Volunteer.

The author is supposed to be Mr. John Calef, agent for the inhabitants of

Penobscot, whose name is subscribed to the charts which illustrate the
work. It contains a description of the country, as well as a journal of
the unfortunate siege by the New England troops, under Brigadier-

general Lovell. 4 THE AMERICAN WAR; a poem, in six books. In which the

names of the officers who have distinguished themselves during the war are introduced.

London. 8vo. pp. 182. Said to be by Geo. Cockings. “Spirits of Sternhold, Hopkins, Prynne,

Quarles, and Withers ! withered indeed are your laurels ! Here is a

bard who hath eclipsed ye all,” &c. Monthly Review, vol. 65, p. 469. 5 MISCELLANIES, by the Honourable Daines Barrington. Quarto.

London. This volume contains the author's Tracts on the possibility of reaching the

North Pole, first printed in 1775. An Essay, “ Whether the Turkey was known before the discovery of America ;" which the honourable gentleman decides in the affirmative. But the most interesting article in

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