first added, the plan of an Act of Parliament for the establish- 1784.
ment and regulation of our trade with the American States.
Also a preface, containing remarks upon the authorities on
which Lord Sheffield has formed the principal part of his
observations. By Richard Champion, Esq. late deputy pay-

master-general of his Majesty's forces. Stockdale,
8vo. pp. xxxiv. 274 and 36.
19 Thoughts on the late proceedings of Government, respecting

the trade of the West India Islands with the United States of

America. By Brian Edwards, Esq. Cadell,
A remonstrance against the ill policy and tendency of restricting the com-

merce of the West India Islands with North America to British ships.
The author shews himself an able antagonist to Lord Sheffield, and

expresses himself with much candour and liberality.
20 A FREE AND CANDID review of a Tract, intitled Observations

on the Commerce of the American States, shewing the per-
nicious consequences, both to Great Britain and to the British

sugar islands, of the systems recommended in that tract. 8vo.

Lowndes 21 ConsideRATIONS on the present state of the intercourse between

H. M.'s sugar colonies and the dominions of the United

States of America. James Allen, Secretary. 8vo. pp. 54. “ Published by the West India merchants and planters, for distribution to

the members of Paliament, &c. and not sold.” M.R. 70, p. 434.
22 AN ADDRESS to Brian Edwards, Esq.; containing remarks on

his pamphlet, intitled Thoughts on the late proceedings, fc.
Also, observations on some parts of a pamphlet lately pub-
lished by the West India planters and merchants, intitled

Considerations on the present state, &c. By John Stevenson. 8vo.

Mr. Stevenson is a strenuous supporter of Lord Sheffield's argument for

restricting the intercourse between our West Indian Islands and the

American States to British ships, according to the Navigation Act. 23 REMARKS on Lord Sheffield's Observations on the Commerce

of the American States. By an American. 8vo.

An antagonist to Lord Sheffield, who inveighs against the climate, soil, and


productions of Great Britain, and draws a comparison between Great

Britain and France, to the disadvantage of the former. 24 An Essay on the treatment and conversion of African slaves

in the British sugar colonies. By the Rev. James Ramsay, M.A., Vicar of Teston, in Kent.

Phillips, 8vo. 25 AN ENQUIRY into the effects of putting a stop to the African

slave trade, and of granting liberty to the slaves of the British sugar colonies. By the author of An Essay on the Treatment, &c.

Phillips, 8vo. The author of these two tracts is a warm advocate for the Blacks, but his

views seem to be more directed towards an amelioration of their condition,

than to the extinction of slavery. See Cursory Remarks, 1785. 26 A SUMMARY View of the courses and crops in the husbandry

of England and Maryland ; with a comparison of their products; and a system of improved courses proposed for farms in America.

Philadelphia. 4to. pp. 22. 27 A LETTER from Lieut. Gen. Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., to the

commissioners of public accounts, relative to some observations in their seventh report, which may be judged to imply censure on the late Commander-in-chief of H. M.'s army in North America.

Debrett, 8vo. 28 A PHILOSOPHICAL and political history of the thirteen United

States of America. By James Franklin, Esq. London. 12mo. 29 LE SPECTATEUR AMERICAIN, ou remarques générales sur

l'Amérique Septentrionale et sur la republique des treizeEtats-Unis. Par M. Jh. M*********, Négociant à Amsterdam, &c.

Amsterdam. 8vo. pp. 307. By M. Mandrillon. At the end of the work is an essay on the question,

" Whether the discovery of America has been beneficial to mankind or not? If benefits have resulted from it, what are the means of preserving and increasing them? If evils, how are they to be reinedied?" It is

separately paged, and has the following title : 30 Recherches PHILOSOPHIQues sur la découverte de l'Amérique,

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ou discours sur cette question, proposée par l'Academie des 1784.
Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts de Lyon : “La découverte de
l'Amérique a-t-elle été utile ou nuisible au genre humain?" &c.
Par M. Jh. M.

8vo. pp. 91.
31 Appel à la justice de l'état, ou recueil de lettres où sont

fidelement exposés les actes horribles de la violence arbitraire
qui à regné dans la colonie durant les dernières troubles, et
les sentimens du Canada sur le bill de Quebec, et sur la
forme du gouvernement la plus propre à faire renaître la paix

et le bonheur public. Par Pierre du Calvet. Londres. 8vo.

Printed at the same time in English.
32 Lettres d'un cultivateur Americain, écrites à W. S. Ecuyer,

depuis l'année 1770, jusqu'à 1781. Traduites de l'Anglois,

8vo. 2 vols.
This translation of Hector St. John's Farmer's Letters (No. 3, 1782,) was

made by the author himself. The work is bighly recommended in two
letters, by way of introduction, from M. de Lacretelle. Reprinted, with
additions, in 1787. Boucher de la Richarderie says that the author bad
been so long unaccustomed to his native language that his translation
abounds with Anglicisms, “ which,” he says, “ however, give greater

energy to his expressions.”
33 Loix et constitutions des colonies Françoises de l'Amérique

sous le Vent, suivies (1) d'un tableau raisonnée des différentes
parties de l'administration actuelle de ces colonies ;-(2)
d'observations générales sur le climat, la population, la cul-
ture, le caractère et les meurs des habitans de la partie
Françoise de Saint-Domingue ; —(3) d'une description
physique, politique et topographique des différens quartiers
de cette même partie, le tout terminé par l'histoire de cette
Isle et de ses dependances depuis leur découverte jusqu'à nos
jours. Par M. Moreau de Saint-Mery, Avocat au Parle-
ment, &c.

4to. 8 vols.
34 CONSIDERATIONS sur l'ordre de Cincinnatus, ou imitation d'un

pamphlet Américain, par le Comte de Mirabeau. Suivies de
plusieurs pièces relatives à cette institution ; d'une lettre

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signée du Général Washington, accompagnée de remarques par l'auteur François; d'une lettre de feu Monsieur Turgot, Ministre d'Etat en France, au Docteur Price, sur les Législations Américaines ; et de la traduction d'un pamphlet au Docteur Price, intitulée Observations on the importance of the American Revolution, and the means of making it a benefit to the world ; accompagnée de reflexions et de notes du Traducteur.

Londres. 8vo. pp. 388.

Soe No. 13, of 1785. 35 Recueil d’Estampes, representants les différents évènements

de la guerre qui a procuré l'independance aux Etats Unis de l'Amérique

Paris. 4to. Sixteen plates, beautifully engraved by Ponce and Godefroy. They consist

of imaginary representations of some of the principal events of the


des Finances en Angleterre, depuis 1770 jusqu'en 1782, et de la guerre de l'Amérique Septentrionale, jusqu'à la paix : suivie du tableau historique des finances d'Angleterre, depuis Guillaume III. jusqu'en 1784.

A Londres (Paris). 8vo. 2 vols. The author of this work (M. Hilliard D’Auberteuil) says, that after having

translated the View of the history of Great Britain during the Administration of Lord North (No. 11, of 1782), he thought that he might substitute in its place a less prolix and more complete history, preserving all that was useful, agreeable, and interesting in the English work; and adding an account of events which would comprise a complete account of the.

American war. 37 Observations sur le gouvernement et les loix des Etats Unis

d'Amérique. Par M. l'Abbé de Mably. Amsterdam. 8vo.

See No. 5. 38 HISTORIA de abiponibus equestri, bellicosaque Paraquariæ

natione locupletata copiosis barbararum gentium, urbium, fluminum, ferarum, amphibiorum, insectorum, serpentium præcipuorum, piscium, avium, arborum, plantarum, aliarumque ejusdem provinciæ, proprietatum observationibus, authore

Martino Dobrizhoffer, Presbytero, et per annos duo de viginti 1784.
Paraquarïæ missionario.

8vo. 3 vols.
Published about the same time in German by Professor Kreil. An English

translation, said to be by Southey, was published in 1822. The original

Latin edition is rare in England.
39 NORDAMERICA, nach den Friedent schlüssen vom Jahre, 1783.

Nebst 1. einem Vorbericht von America überhaupt; 2. einegen
Charten, und 3. einem hinlänglichen Register; von Joh.
Jacobi Moser.

Leipzig 8vo. 3 vols.

Meusel 3. 1. 321.

MDCCLXXXV. 1 Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, to the end of the year 1783. Vol. I.

Boston, N.A. Quarto.

Monthly Review, Nov. 1788. 2 History of the war with America, France, Spain, and Holland;

commencing in 1775, and ending in 1783. By John Andrews,

LL.D. 8vo. 4 vols. Portraits, maps, and charts.

London. Compiled chiefly from the newspapers, and the proceedings of the House of

3 THE HISTORY of the revolution of South Carolina from a British

province to an independent state. By David Ramsay, M.D.,
Member of the American Congress.

Trenton, N.J. 8vo. 2 vols.

A French translation was printed in 1787.
4 ARBUSTRUM AMERICANUM: the American Grove, or an alpha-

betical catalogue of forest trees and shrubs, natives of the
American United States, arranged according to the Linnæan
system, containing the particular distinguishing characters of
each genus, with plain, simple, and familiar descriptions of
the manner of growth, appearance, &c. of their several species
and varieties : also, some hints of their uses in medicine,
dyes, and domestic economy. Compiled from actual know-

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