ledge and observation, and the assistance of botanical authors, by Humphry Marshall.

Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 20, 174.

Published in French in 1788. 5 The crisis of the colonies considered; with some observations

on the necessity of properly connecting their commercial interest with Great Britain and America. Addressed to the Duke of Richmond. With a letter to Lord Penrhyn, late Chairman of the Committee of Planters and West India

Merchants. 8vo. The situation of the British sugar islands, in consequence of the late war,

and the peace by which that war was terminated, is reviewed in this pamphlet. The author, Mr. John Williams, urges the necessity of preserving their commercial intercourse with America, and recommends that

free ports should be established at Jamaica and Grenada. 6 Letters to a young planter; or observations on the manage

ment of a sugar plantation. To which is added, the planter's kalendar. Written on the island of Grenada, by an old Planter.

Strachan, 8vo.

Highly recommended in the Monthly Review. 7 AN ADDRESS to the loyal part of the British empire, and the

friends of the monarchy throughout the globe. By John Cruden, Esq.; president of the Assembly of the United Loyalists, and late commissioner of sequestered estates in

Carolina, &c. 8vo. pp. 29. The unfortunate Loyalists of the Southern States, who took refuge in Florida,

under the promise of protection from the British government, found themselves at the peace in the hands of the Spaniards, by whom they were ordered to quit the country. In this dilemma they empowered Mr. Cruden to negociate a lottery for their benefit, wbich gave rise to

this address. 8 CURSORY REMARKS upon the Reverend Mr. Ramsay's Essay on

the treatment and conversion of African slaves in the sugar colonies. By a Friend to the West India colonies and their inhabitants.

Wilkie, 8vo. A very able defence of the planters and slaveholders in the British West

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Indies against the representations of Mr. Ramsay. Written by a Mr. 1785.

9 A COLLECTion of acts or laws passed in the State of Massachu-

setts Bay, relative to the American Loyalists and their

8vo. pp. 33.
10 A SHORT ADDRESS to the disinterested and unprejudiced citizens,

merchants, and manufacturers of Great Britain, on the im-
portance of the trade of this country with the United States
of America : also reasons why, as customers, they should not
be restricted, like other foreign nations, from sending raw
materials to this country in payment of British goods. By a

8vo. pp. 24.
11 A POEM addressed to the United States of America. By

David Humphries, Esq., colonel in the service of the United

States, and aid-de-camp to H. E. the Commander-in-chief. Quarto.

First printed at Newhaven, Connecticut, and reprinted in Paris.
To inspire our countrymen now in arms, or who may hereafter be called

into the field, with perseverance and fortitude, through every species of
difficulty and danger to continue their exertions for the defence of their
country and the preservation of its liberties, is the object of this address.”

12 OBSERVATIONs on the importance of the American Revolution,

and the means of making it a benefit to the world. To which
is' added, a letter from M. Turgot, late comptroller-general
of the finances of France; with an appendix, containing a
translation of the will of M. Fortuné Ricard, lately published

in France. By Richard Price, D.D., LL.D., F.R.S., &c. 8vo.

This tract, which was originally intended only for America, was translated

into French by the celebrated Mirabeau. The doctor speaks of the
American revolution as “a revolution which opens a new prospect in
human affairs, and begins a new æra in the history of mankind,- a revo-
lution by which Britons themselves will be the greatest gainers, if wise
enough to improve properly the check that has been given to the despot-
ism of their ministers, and to catch the flame of virtuous liberty which bas
saved their American brethren.” He uses very strong language with
respect to religious establishments, the spirit of which he condemns as
contrary to the spirit of Christianity; and be hopes that no such monster
will ever be known in America, as human authority in matters of religion.

1785. 13 ConsIDERATIONS on the order of Cincinnatus; to which are

added, as well several original papers relative to that institution, as also a letter from the late M. Turgot, comptroller of the finances in France, to Dr. Price, on the constitutions of America ; and an abstract of Dr. Price's Observations on the importance of the American Revolution ; with notes and reflections upon that work. Translated from the French of the Count de Mirabeau.

Johnson, 8vo. A translation of No. 34, of 1784.--" In this work much eloquence is em

ployed to prove that the institution of the order of Cincinnatus is the
creation of a military nobility, which will in time form a dangerous aristo-
cratic power, supported by numbers, military force, general respect, the
right of inheritance, the power of holding assemblies at pleasure, and
revenue.” Monthly Review.-" The language of the Count relating to the
new order is animated and indignant, though clear and precise; the
translator frequently soars above him, and sometimes seems to be lost in

the clouds into which he is raised.” Critical Review.
14 Voyage de M. Le Chevalier de Chastellux en Amérique.
8vo. pp. 228.

No place,
This appears to be the surreptitious edition of the Marquis de Chastellux's

Travels, printed at Cassel, which is referred to in the Paris edition of 1786. It consists of extracts taken at random from bis ms. journals, without any connexion, which were first published in a periodical journal

at Gotha. 15 Histoire DES TROUBLES de l'Amérique Anglaise. Par François Soulés.

Londres. 8vo. 2 vols.? This work was printed at Paris in 1787, in four volumes. I have a second

volume, printed in London in this year, but can obtain no information

respecting it. It appears to be somewhat different from the Paris edition. 16 Discours sur la grandeur et l'importance de la Revolution qui

s'opérer dans l'Amérique Septentrionale, par le Chevalier Deslandes.

Francof. (Paris.) 12mo. 17 Voyage d'un Suisse dans différentes colonies d'Amérique

pendant la dernière guerre, avec une table d'observations metéorologiques faites à Saint Domingue. “ Observateur sans prétention, vrai sans malignité."

Neuchatel. 8vo. pp. 416.

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This is no doubt the work mentioned by Barbier and Querard, printed in 1785.

1787. Aur verreries Suisses, attributed by them to Girod-Chantrans.

It relates principally to St. Domingo. 18 Essai sur l'administration de St. Domingue, par Guillaume Thomas Raynal.

(No place.)
8vo. pp. 256.
19 Réflexions d'un vieillarD du pays de Médoc, sur l'arrêt

du conseil du 30 Août dernier, qui permet l'admission des
étrangers dans nos colonies.

(Bourdeaux ?)
“ Par Charles Lemesle, negociant de Bourdeaux.” Ms. Note. This

pamphlet and the following all relate to the affairs of the colonies, and,
being without the printer's or publisher's name, were probably privately

20 LETTRES CRITIQUES et POLITIQUES sur les colonies et le com-

merce des villes maritimes de la France, adressées à G. T.


By M. Dubucq and M. Dubuisson. 21 LE POUR ET LE CONTRE, sur un objet de grande discorde et d'importance majeure.

Paris ? Quarto.

By M. Dubucq. 22 RÉPONSE À LA BROCHURE intitulée Le Pour et le Contre. Quarto, pp. 63.

A Londres (Paris?) 23 RÉPLIQue à l'auteur du Pour et Contre A Londres (Paris.)

Quarto, pp. 84. 24 Réponse au contradicteur de la brochure, intitulée Le Pour et le Contre.

A Londres (Paris.) Quarto.

By M. Dubucq. 25 Poema Epico, la rendicion de Panzacola y conquista de la

Florida occidental por el Conde de Galvez. Componialo el

comisario de guerra D. Francisco de Rojas y Rocha. Quarto, pp. 34 and 6.

Mexico. 26 IDEA DEL VALOR DE LA ISLA ESPANOLA y utilidades


de ella puede sacar su Monarquia. Por D. Antonio Sanchez


Valverde, Lic. en sagrada theologia, &c. natural de la propia isla, &c.

Madrid. 4to. pp. 208. 27 LA AMERICA VINDICADA de la calumnia de haver sido madre

del mal venereo: por el autor de la Idea del valor de la Isla Espanola.

Madrid. 4to. pp. 80.

This treatise is rarely found with the foregoing.
28 Reisen einiger Missionarien der Gesellschaft Jesu in Amerika.

Aus ihren eigenen Aufsatzen heraus gegeben von Christoph
Gottlieb von Murr.

Nurnberg. 8vo. pp. 614, map and plates.

Relates entirely to South America.
29 Geschichte der revolution von Nord-Amerika von M. C.

Sprengel, professor der Geschichte auf der universitat zu

Small 8vo. pp. 196, map.
30 DREYHUNDERT auserlesne Amerikanische Gewachse nach
Linneischer ordnung.

8vo. 6 parts, 300 coloured plates.
This work, commenced in this year, was finished in 1789, under which date

copies are frequently met with. It contains the whole of the plants of Jacquin's Selectarum Stirp. Americ. (No. 44, 1780), reduced from the original drawings, and a few others taken from nature, or from other works.

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1 TRANSACTIONS of the American Philosophical Society, held at

Philadelphia, for promoting useful knowledge. Volume II. Quarto.

Philadelphia. This volume contains the memoir, by M. Otto, upon the discovery of America,

in which he endeavours to prove that it had been discovered, before

Columbus, by Martin Bebaim. 2 AN ADDRESS from the general court to the people of the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Boston. 8vo. pp. 41.

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