a delineation of English as, antes

dates Written in America, by G. Islar, Estadio phical Description utisan 12mo. 3 vols. This appears to be a plan

pally on facts. Ita reisissa 7 The History of the Asema lola Dula

M.D. of South Carolina 8vo. 2 vols.

First post 8 A SHORT ACCOUST of the mainties

Philadelphia ; with a siet izie place on the subject in a siz

ica de sus habitantes, guerras 1793.

Franceses, origen de los ma y incendio de la ciudad lazas de la America por los

Morgan. Traducida del r Buena Maison. Dala à luz


682. Erdbeschreibung und Gesen staaten von Nordamerika.

Hamburg. ning's Geography. The volumes s, the last in 1817. &c.


By Matthew Carey

. Tuntutan, pas ?
850. pp. 133.
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By M. Sanchez

, doctor de teatro

of the United States of America, nber of the Philosophical Society nination of what the author calls s the thirteen articles of confedera€ November, 1777. This survey is rise of the war, and of the events

In a second volume, the author new constitution of 1787.

The author of this tretji pana se teszi

to the New World by the hands Turisztens

in Europe before the dates bazaar 10 THE HISTORY, civil and conscia doba

the West Indies ; in two roones bi bil of the Island of Jamaica

ress, and termination of the in, who served under Sir W. Marquis Cornwallis. In two

Debrett, &c.

First edition of this rahalle med, i

tras published in 1891. The messa in mana

of 1819, in 3 volumes Sto. 11 OBSERVATIONs on the page between ince Luiz zal Oceans, in two memoirs

, on the strits á keize, z

icer of the British army in America, vhich he has here methodized and accomplishment of this work, Mr. iderable praise; his language is corplified much diligence in collecting, e materials wbich compose this interidently been bis intention to be cane, much credit is due to him on this sentiments. M.R.



coveries of De Fonte. Elucidated by a new and original map. To which is prefixed an historical abridgment of discoveries

in the north of America. By William Goldson. Portsmouth. Quarto pp. 158. 12 A voyage round the world, in H. M's frigate Pandora. Per

formed under the direction of Capt. Edwards, in the years 1790, 1791, and 1792. By Mr. George Hamilton, late

surgeon of the Pandora. 8vo. pp. 164. The Pandora was sent out to discover and bring to England for trial,

Christian, and the other mutineers of the Bounty. 13 Voyages en Guinée et dans les Iles Caraïbes en Amerique,

par Paul Erdman Isert, ci-devant médecin inspecteur de

S. M. Danoise, &c. traduits de l'Allemand. Avec figures. 8vo. pp. 342.

Paris. 14 Historia del Nuevo MUNDO, escribiàla D. Juan Bautista Muñoz. Tomo Primero.

Quarto, portrait and map.
The death of the author prevented the continuation of this important work.

He was many years employed in examining the archives of Spain and
Portugal, and in procuring copies of all the documents to be found re-
lating to the early history of the New World. These copies are now in
the library of the Academy of History at Madrid. I possess a copy of

all that was written of the second volume.
15 GUIA POLITICA ECCLESIASTICA Y Militar del Virreynato del

Peru para el año de 1793. Compuesta de orden del Superior
Gobierno por el Dr. D. Joseph Hipolito Unanue. Publicada

por la Sociedad Academica de Amantes del Païs de Lima. Small 8vo.

Lima. 16 APENDICE À LA Relacion del viage al Magallanes de la

fragata de Guerra Santa Maria de la Cabeza, que contiene el de los paquebotes Santa Casilda y Santa Eulalia para completar el reconcimiento del Estrecho en los años de 1788 y 1789.

Madrid. Quarto, pp. 128, map.

The Relacion was published in 1788. 17 Piratas DE LA AMERICA y luz à la defensa de las costas de

Indias occidentales; en que se tratan las cosas notables de los viages, descripcion de las islas Española, Tortuga,Jamayca,

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de sus frutos y producciones, politica de sus habitantes, guerras 1793.
y encuentros entre Españoles y Franceses, origen de los
Piratas, y su modo de vivir, la toma y incendio de la ciudad
de Panama, invasion de varias plazas de la America por los
robadores franceses, Lolonois y Morgan. Traducida del
flamenco en Español por el Doctor Buena Maison. Dala à luz
esta tercera edicion D.M.G.R.


First printed in 1682. 18 Christoph Daniel EBELINGS, Erdbeschreibung und Ges

chichte von Amerika. Die vereinten staaten von Nordamerika. 8vo. 7 vols.

Hamburg. This work forms a continuation to Busching's Geography. The volumes

were published at considerable intervals, the last in 1817. 19 De Oude en Nieuwe constitutie, &c.

8vo. pp. 260.
This view of the old and new constitution of the United States of America,

by Gerhard Dumbar, LL.D., and member of the Philosophical Society
at Utrecht, contains an impartial examination of what the author calls
the old constitution, by which he means the thirteen articles of confedera-
tion, settled in Congress on the 17th of November, 1777. This survey is
introduced by a concise account of the rise of the war, and of the events
preceding the formation of the Union. In a second volume, the author
proposes to offer some remarks on the new constitution of 1787.


1 THE HISTORY of the origin, progress, and termination of the

American War. By C. Stedman, who served under Sir W.
Howe, Sir H. Clinton, and the Marquis Cornwallis. In two

Debrett, &c.
Quarto, 2 vols. 15 maps and plans.
The situation of Mr. Stedman, as an officer of the British army in America,

enabled him to collect the materials which he has here methodized and
communicated to the world. In the accomplishment of this work, Mr.
Stedman has entitled himself to considerable praise; his language is cor-
rect and animated; and he has exemplified much diligence in collecting,
and much judgment in arranging, the materials which compose this inter-
esting portion of bistory. It has evidently been bis intention to be can-
did and impartial; and, on the whole, much credit is due to him on this
head, considering his situation and sentiments. M.R.

с с

pp. 34.

1794. 2 OBSERVAT

Ations on Mr. Stedman's History of the American war.
By Lieut.-General Sir Henry Clinton, K.B.

3 History of the principal Republics of the World: a defence of

the constitutions of government of the United States of America against the attack of M. Turgot, in his letter to Dr. Price, dated the 22d day of March, 1778. By John Adams, LL.D. &c. A new edition.

8vo. 3 vols.

See No. 8 of 1787.
4 THE NATURAL AND CIVIL history of Vermont.

By Samuel Williams, LL.D., &c. Published according to act of Congress.

Walpole, N. H. 8vo. pp. 416, map.

A second edition of this valuable work was printed in 1809. 5 NOTES ON THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. By Thomas Jefferson. Second American edition.

Philadelphia 8vo pp. 336, map.

See No. 10 of 1787. 6 A MESSAGE of the President of the United States to Congress,

relative to France and Great Britain, delivered December 5, 1793. With the papers therein referred to. To which are added, the French originals. Published by order of the House of Representatives.

Philadelphia 8vo. pp. 103. This collection of state papers reflects very great honor on the ministers

of the United States of North America. Placed by the war in a situation
the most embarrassing, pressed on different sides by memorials and remon.
strances, from the agents of Great Britain and France, they appear to
have conducted themselves with consummate prudence, and the most
scrupulous impartiality. Notwithstanding the provoking menaces of
Genet, the minister from the French republic, which would bave war.
ranted measures of resentment, they persevered in a line of conduct
marked with the most dignified moderation, and, at the same time, with a
firm and unshaken adherence to what they conceived to be their duty.”

M, R.

1794. The income and expenditure of the United States of America, as presented to the House of Representatives, in sundry estimates and statements relative to appropriations for the service of the year 1794, by Alex

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ander Hamilton, Esq. Secretary to the Treasury of the United 1794.
States of America. To which is added, the Report of the
Congress, on the nature and extent of the privileges and
restrictions of the commercial intercourse of the United States
with foreign nations, &c. By Thomas Jefferson, Esq. Secre-
tary of State.

8vo. pp. 42.
8 Speeches of Mr. Smith, of South Carolina, delivered in the

House of Representatives of the United States, in January,

1794, on the subject of certain commercial regulations, &c. 8vo.

Stockdale, 9 AN ADDRESS from William Smith, of South Carolina, to his constituents.

Debrett, 8vo. Mr. Smith was a strenuous advocate, in his speeches, for a good understand.

ing with England; and in his address defends himself from some animad

versions they had drawn upon him.
10 AUTHENTIC COPies of the correspondence of Thomas Jefferson,

Esq. Secretary of State to the United States of America, and
George Hammond, Esq. Minister Plenipotentiary of Great
Britain, on the non-execution of existing treaties, the deliver-
ing the frontier posts, and on the propriety of a commercial
intercourse between Great Britain and the United States.
In two parts.

These papers comprehend everything necessary to afford complete infor-

mation with respect to the grounds of the disputes which have arisen

between Great Britain and America. 11 The AMERICAN CALENDAR, or United States' register, for the

year 1794. To be continued annually. Debrett, 12mo. pp. 287. Published originally in Philadelphia. It is highly commended in the

Monthly Review.
12 History of the MISSION of the United Brethren among the
Indians in North America.

By George
Henry Loskiel. Translated from the German by Christian
Ignatius La Trobe.

London. 8vo. pp. 639.

In three parts.

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