result of it was that an explanatory charter should be drawn up for that province. (This tract was found among the papers of Governor Bernard,

now in my possession.) 4 JOURNAL DES OBSERVATIONS physiques, mathematiques, et bota

niques, faites par l'ordre du Roi sur les Côtes Orientales de
l'Amerique Meridionale, et dans une autre voyage à la Nou-
velle Espagne, et aux isles de l'Amerique. Par le P. Louis
Feuillée, &c.

The third volume of Father Feuillée's Journal. The first and second were

published in 1714.
5 Nouveau VOYAGE fait autour du monde, par Le Gentil (la

Barbinais), enrichi de plusieurs plans, vues, et perspectives des principales villes et ports du Pérou, du Chili, du Brésil, et de la Chine, avec une description beaucoup plus étendue que celles qui ont paru jusqu'à présent, où il est traité des meurs, religion, politique, éducation, et commerce des peuples de ces empires.

Paris. 12mo. 3 vols. Admiral Burney expresses a doubt whether this voyage was really made by

Le Gentil. The account, he says, is full of obscurity, which may have proceeded from the ignorance of the writer on maritime subjects, and from bis general want of judgment. M. de Brosses has allowed credit to the narration as being genuine, observing at the same time that it was one of small importance to the bistory of navigation or commerce. It is given in the form of letters addressed to some unnamed correspondent between

1714 and 1718. Burney, iv. p. 508. Reprinted in 1727, 1728, 1731. 6 CRISIS DEL ENSAYO à la historia de la Florida. Quarto, pp. 55.

Alcalà de Henares, A severe criticism on Barcia's Ensayo chronologico, &c. 1723. Barcia, like

was an industrious and intelligent collector, but apparently not an able writer. This criticism was written by the historiographer of Spain and the Indies, Don Joseph de Salazar, author of several works of po great merit, who was evidently jealous of Barcia's superior qualifications for his own employment.

MDCCXXVI. 1 A voyage round the world by the way of the Great South Sea,

performed in the years 1719, 20, 21, 22, in the Speedwell of London, of twenty-four guns and 100 men, (under H. M.'s commission to cruize on the Spaniards, in the late war with

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the Spanish crown,) till she was cast away on the island of 1726.
Juan Fernandez, in May, 1720; and afterwards continued in
the Recovery, the Jesus Maria, and Sacra Familia, &c. By
Capt. George Shelvocke, commander of the Speedwell,
Recovery, &c. in this expedition.

8vo. pp. 468, pl. 4, and map.
Two bistories were published of this voyage. This, written by Captain

Shelvocke, was intended by him as a vindication of his conduct, having
been accused of piracy and embezzlement. The other was written by
one of Shelvocke's officers, William Betagh (see 1728), who was roughly
treated in Shelvocke's narrative, and, in return, wrote with the design of

exposing Shelvocke. Both narratives are written with spirit. Burney.
2 THE STATE OF THE ISLAND OP Jamaica, chiefly in relation to

its commerce, and the conduct of the Spaniards in the West
Indies. Addressed to a member of Parliament. By a person
who resided several years at Jamaica.

8vo. pp. 80.
3 * History of the wars of New England with the Eastern Indians,

from 1703 to 1713, and from 1722 to their submission, which
was ratified 5th August, 1726.

4 THE VOYAGES and adventures of Captain Robert Boyle, in

several parts of the world, &c. To which is added, the
voyage, shipwreck, and miraculous preservation of Richard
Castelman, gent. With a description of the city of Phila-
delphia and the country of Pensylvania. London, J. Watts.

8vo. pp. 374.
Boyle's narrative is probably a fictitious one, but that of Castelman bears

marks of authenticity. The latter's visit to Philadelphia took place in
1710. Boyle's voyages have been often reprinted; but Castelman's

relation is only to be found in the early editions.
5 *A NARRATIVe of the proceedings of the people of South Carolina
in the year 1719.


In the British Museum.
6 * LIFE AND CHARACTER of a monster from America.

In the library of Harvard College.
7 *ActS OF THE ASSEMBLY of New York, from 1691 to 1725.

New York,
In the British Museum.

1726. 8 THE VOYAGES AND TRAVELS of Nathaniel Uring, with new

draughts of the Bay of Honduras and the Caribbee Islands. 8vo.

Republished in 1749.
9 Relacion Historial de las missiones de los Indios, que llaman

Chiquitos, que estan à cargo de los padres de la compañia de
Jesus de la provincia del Paraguay. Escrita por el padre
Juan Patricio Fernandez de la misma compañia. Sacada à
el Padre Geronimo Herran, &c.

Small 4to.

Published in Latin at Vienna in 1733. 10 Historia General de los hechos de los Castellaños en las

islas i tierra firme del mar oceano. Escrita por Antonio de
Herrera, coronista mayor de S. M. de las Indias y su coro-
nista de Castilla.

Folio, 5 vols.
This work was printed between the years 1726 and 1730, the volumes

bearing dates of all those years. It is merely a reprint of the original
edition of 1601 – 1615, with the addition of a very copious index, com-
piled under the direction of Barcia, but without a continuation, as erro-
neously stated by Meusel. An edition was printed at Antwerp in 1728,
with very indifferent and very useless plates, and the text abounding in
typographical errors. It was published in French, at Paris, in 1659--71,
and in English in 1725--6. For a very judicious criticism of this work

of Herrera's, see Irving's Columbus, iv. p. 387. 11 VICTIMA REAL LEGAL, discurso unico juridico-historico-politico,

sobre que las vacantes mayores de las Indias occidentales
pertenecen à la corona de Castilla, y Leon con pleno y ab-
soluto dominio. Por D. Antonio Joseph Alvarez de Abreu,

In consequence of this vindication of the Royal right to the revenues

accruing from vacancies in the churches in America, the author had a
pension of a thousand ducats, and the title of Marquis de la Regalia

bestowed upon him by Philip V. 12 MEMORIAL informativo del consulado de la Ciudad de los

Reyes y la junta general del comercio de las provincias del Peru, sobre diferentes puntos tocantes al estado de la real hazienda y del comercio, &c.

del comercio, &c. Por D. Dionysio de Alsedo у Herrera.

(Lima?) Folio, pp. 148.

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13 JUSTIFICACION de los Assientos de Averia, Almojarifazgos y 1726.

alcavalas, en satisfacion de las respuestas de los fiscales del

consejo real de las Indias y de la audiencia de Lima, &c.
Folio, pp. 86.

1 A DESCRIPTION of the English province of Carolana, &c. (see
1722.) By Daniel Coxe, Esq.

8vo. map, pp. 56, and 122.

Merely a new title to the edition of 1722.
2 INDIAN CONVERTS ; or some account of the lives and dying

speeches of a considerable number of the christianized In-
dians of Martha's vineyard, in New-England. By Experience
Mayhew, M.A., preacher of the Gospel to the Indians of that

8vo. pp. 310.
An account of the lives of thirty Indian ministers, and about eighty Indian

men, women, and youth, worthy of remembrance on account of their piety.

At the end is the following, with a separate title-page :
Some account of those English ministers who have successively presided

over the work of gospelizing the Indians on Martha's vineyard, and the

adjacent islands. By another hand, (the Rev. Tbomas Prince.)
3 MISCELLANIA CURIOSA : containing a collection of curious tra-

vels, voyages, and natural histories of countries, as they have
been delivered in to the Royal Society. Vol. III. The second

edition. Revised and corrected by W. Derham, F.R.S.
8vo. 3 vols.

The two first volumes of this collection contain philosophical papers. The

third volume is devoted to voyages and travels, and contains, among other
things, five letters "from Mr. John Clayton, rector of Crofton, at Wakefield
in Yorkshire, to the Royal Society, May 12, 1688, giving an account of

several observables in Virginia,” &c. occupying 75 pages.

configurata, or some few lines towards a description of the
New Heaven, as it makes to those who stand upon the New
Earth. By Samuel Sewall, A.M., and sometime Fellow of
Harvard College, at Cambridge, in New-England. The second

Quarto, pp. 64.
Mr. Sewall inclines to the opinion that the Indians are descendants of the

Israelites; and he adopts, after the learned Mr. Nicholas Fuller, the name
of Columbina for the continent of America. N. A. R. xi. p. 107.


1727. 5 *The history of the five Indian nations depending on the pro

vince of New York. By Cadwallader Colden. New York. This history was written on occasion of a dispute which happened at this

time, between the government of New York and some merchants. It

was reprinted with the second part, and large additions in 1747.
6. The acts of Assembly, passed in the colony of Virginia, from
1662 to 1715. Vol. I.

This volume contains all the acts down to 1775, and is probably called vol.i.

in reference to those that might be subsequently passed and printed. The
laws of Virginia were printed in London, without date, probably before
1696, as an act passed in that year is mentioned by Trott as not contained
in it.


1 SOME OBSERVATions on the Assiento trade, as it has been ex

ercised by the South Sea company; proving the damage which will accrue thereby to the British commerce and plantations in America, and particularly to Jamaica. To which is annexed, a sketch of the advantages of that island to Great Britain, by its annual produce, and by its situation for trade

or war. By a person who resided several years at Jamaica. 8vo. pp. 38.

London. 2 A voyage ROUND THE WORLD, in the year 1719. By Captain

William Betagh. 8vo. pp. 38. The author was captain of marines with Shelvocke, (see 1726), and wrote

this work in consequence of finding himself roughly treated in Shelvocke's

narrative. 3 VOYAGES DU BARON DE LAHONTAN dans l’Amerique septentri

onale, &c. (as in No. 7, 1703.) Seconde edition, revuë, corrigée et augmentée.

Amsterdum. 12mo. 3 vols., plates. The third, or supplementary volume has the following title: Suite DU VOYAGE DE L'AMERIQUE, ou dialogues de Monsieur le Baron de Lahontan et d'un sauvage de l'Amerique. Contenant une description exacte des moeurs et des coutumes de ces peuples sauvages. Avec les voyages du même en Portugal, &c.

Amsterdam. . 12mo.

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