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4 VOYAGE DE LA LOUSIANE fait par ordre du roy en 1720: dans 1728.

lequel sont traitées diverses matieres de physique, astronomie,
geographie, et marine, &c. Par le P. Laval, de la compagnie
de Jesus.

This work is principally occupied with mathematical and astronomical

1 The English empire in America, or a view of the dominions of

the crown of England in the West Indies, &c. By Robert
Burton. The seventh edition.


First printed in 1685.
2 ORIGEN DE LOS Indios del Nuevo Mundo é Indias occidentales

averiguado con discurso de opiniones por el P. Gregorio Garcia.
Segunda impresion enmendada y añadida de algunas opiniones
o cosas notables, en mayor prueva de lo que contiene, con tres
tablas muy puntuales de los capitulos, de las materias, y
autores, que las tratan.

Folio, pp. 336, and Index of 80 pages.
This treatise on the origin of the Americans, first printed in 1607 at Valen.

cia, is a work of vast erudition, but almost totally useless, as it gives
little or no assistance in discovering truth; the foundation of the opinions
which the author maintains are for the most part weak conjectures,
founded on the resemblance between some of the customs and words of
the Americans and those of other nations. Clavigero.

This edition was
edited by Barcia, and some copies were printed on large paper.
3 The history of America in the Turkish language; with four

maps and thirteen plates representing men, animals, and plants.

Printed in the year of the Hegira 1142. A copy is in the British Museum.

1 An historICAL ACCOUNT of the incorporated society for the

propagation of the gospel in foreign parts. Containing their
foundation, proceedings, and the success of their missionaries
in the British colonies, to the year 1728. By David Hum-

phreys, D.D., secretary to the honourable society. London.
8vo. pp. 356.
This society was incorporated in 1701. The whole of this volume relates

to the proceedings of the missionaries in different parts of North America,

1730. together with the state of religion there: and is illustrated with two maps,

one of Carolina, the other of New England, &c. by Herman Moll. 2 Histoire de L'Isle EsPAGNOLE, ou de S. Domingue. Ecrite

particulierement sur des memoires manuscrit du P. Jean
Baptiste le Pers, Jesuite, Missionnaire à Saint Domingue et
sur les pieces originales, qui se conservent au depot de la
Marine. Par le P. Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix,
de la compagnie de Jesus.

Quarto, 2 vols.
Reprinted at Amsterdam in 1733, in 4 vols. 12mo. According to the judg.

ment of Bayle, this is the best of the works of Charlevoix. The worthy
father says, however, that if he had listened to the different critics who
passed judgment on his work, he should bave been in the case of the man
in the fable, who, between his two wives, was left without any hair on his

head. 3 Historia da America PortUGUEZA, desde o anno de mil e

quinhentos de seu descobrimento, até o de mil e setecentos

e vinte e quatro. Composta por Sebastiaõ da Rocha Pitta. Folio, pp. 716.

Lisboa. A very rare book.

“ The only general history of Brazil; a meagre and inaccurate work, which has been accounted valuable, merely because there was no other.” Southey, 1810.—“Rocha Pitta, an intelligent and wellinformed Brasilian, compiled a history of Brasil, from the Chronicles of the Jesuits and other authorities, and some valuable local knowledge of his own. This work is extremely copious in the details of its foundation as a colony, its successive governors, its churches, monasteries, and convents; but, in its natural history, productions, commerce, and, in short, every point of useful information, is brief, cramped, and deficient; it is written also in the most bombastic and enthusiastic style : yet the Portuguese government in a few years publicly prohibited its being read under the severest penalties, and it is now only to be met with (carefully secluded) in the cabinets of the curious. Lindley, 1805.

MDCCXXXI. 1 THE IMPORTANCE of the British plantations in America to this

kingdom; with the state of their trade, and methods for im

proving it; as also a description of the several colonies there. 8vo. pp. 114.

London. 2 *ConsideRATIONS on the dispute now depending before the

Hon. House of Commons, between the British southern and northern plantations in America.


Cent.'s Mag. 1731.


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3 *OBSERVATIOns on the case of the northern colonies. 8vo.

London. In the British Museum. 4 *THE IMPORTANce of the Sugar Colonies to Great Britain stated. 8vo.

London. Gent.'s Mag. 1731. 5 The NATURAL HISTORY of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama

islands, with figures coloured after the life. By Mark Catesby. Folio, 2 vols. 220 plates.

This important work was commenced in this year, and continued in numbers

or parts, to the year 1748, when the appendix, completing the work, was

published. A second edition was published in 1754, and a third in 1771. 6 Tratado dos descobrimentos antigos è modernos feitos até a

era de 1550. Com os nomes particulares das pessoas que os
fizerao: e em que tempos, e as suas alturas e dos desvairados
caminhos por onde a pimienta e especiaria veyo da India as
nossas partes: obra certo muy notavel, e copiosa. Composta
pelo famoso Antonio Galvaõ.

Folio, pp. 116.
The first edition of this work, which was printed in 1563, is among the

rarest of rare books, nor is this second edition easily to be met with.
Hakluyt's translation, printed in 1601, is also a rare book, but is reprinted
in the additions to the edition of his voyages, published by Mr. Evans
in 1809.

1 A LETTER FROM South CAROLINA; giving an account of the

soil, air, product, trade, government, laws, religion, people,
military strength, &c. of that province; together with the
manner and necessary charges of settling a plantation there,
and the annual profit it will produce. Written by a Swiss

gentleman to his friend at Bern. The second edition. 8vo. pp. 63.

First printed in 1710.
2 A NEW AND ACCURATE ACCOUNT of the provinces of South Ca.

rolina and Georgia: with many curious and useful observations
on the trade, navigation, and plantations of Great Britain,
compared with her most powerful maritime neighbours in an-
cient and modern times.

8vo. pp. 76.
Some copies have the date of 1733. This appears to be the tract referred

to by Nichols, (Lit. Anec. 2, p. 19,) as written by Gov. Oglethorpe.


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In the preface mention is made of “Captain Purry, a Swiss gentleman,
wbo about two years ago wrote an authentick account of that country in

French,” and the following title is given :
Description Abregée de l'etat present de la Caroline Meridionale : par
Jean Pierre Purry, de Neufchatel.

In the Gentleman's Magazine for 1732 is a translation of Mr. Purry's

French treatise, “ drawn up at Charles-town, in Sept. 1731.” This could have hardly been printed before 1732, which induces a belief that Capt. Purry published another tract on the subject, in 1730, or thereabouts. It is to be regretted that so little is known of a person who

was so instrumental in establishing the colony of Georgia. 3 A CONFERENCE between His Exc. Jonathan Belcher, esq. cap

tain general and governour in chief of H. M.'s province of Massachuset's Bay, in New-England, and the chief sachems of several Indian tribes, with other chief men of the said tribes, at Falmouth, in Casco Bay, in New-England, July, 1732, &c.

London. 8vo. pp. 28. 4 A collection of VOYAGES AND TRAVELS, some now first printed

from original manuscripts, others now first printed in English.
In six volumes. With a general preface, giving an account
of the progress of navigation from its first beginning. Illus-
trated with a great number of maps and cuts, curiously en-

Folio, 6 vols.
The first four volumes were printed in 1704. Many of the articles in this

collection are interesting, and are not to be found elsewhere in the English
language. To make the collection complete, the Osborne, or Oxford col-
lection, printed in 1745, should be added to it. The following are the

articles contained in the six volumes : Vol. I.--Navarrete's account of China, from the Spanish edition, printed at Madrid in 1676.

Baumgarten's travels through Egypt, Arabia, Palestine, and Syria From the Latin.

Brawern and Herckemann's voyage to Chili in 1642 and 1643. From the Dutch. Frankfort, 1649.

Account of Formosa and Japan. From the Dutch.

Capt. John Monck's voyage in 1619 and 1620, to Hudson's Straits, to discover a passage betwixt Greenland and America, to the West Indies. From the Dutch. Frankfort, 1650.

Beauplan's description of Ukraine. From the French.
Italian voyages to Congo in 1666, 1667, and 1682. From the Italian.
Sir Thomas Roe's voyage to the East Indies.

Vol. II.-Nieuhoff's voyages and travels into Brasil and the East Indies. 1732. From the Dutch.

Capt. John Smith's true travels and adventures into Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. First printed in 1630.

The Journal of seven sailors who wintered in Greenland, and of seven others who wintered in Spitzbergen. From the Dutch.

La Peyrere's accounts of Iceland and Greenland. From the French.

James's strange and dangerous voyage for the discovery of a North-west passage. First printed in 1633.

Backhoff and Wagener's travels to China. From the Dutch.

The life of Columbus, written by his son. From the Italian. First printed in 1571.

Pyramidographia, &c. by John Greaves.

Borri's account of Cocbin China. From the Italian.
Vol. III.-Ovalle's historical relation of Chili. Abridged from the Spanish.
First printed at Rome, in 1646.

Sir William Monson's naval tracts; in six books. Printed from the original manuscript.

Baldæus's description of Malabar, Coromandel, and Ceylon. From the Dutch. Printed at Amsterdam in 1672. Vol. IV.-Gemelli Careri's voyage round the world. From the Italian, first printed at Naples in 1699.

Shipwreck of a Dutch vessel on the Isle of Quelpaert, and description of Corea. From the French.

Sepp and Behme's voyage from Spain to Paraquaria. From the Dutch. Printed at Nuremberg in 1697.

A Fragment concerning the discovery of the Islands of Salomon. From the Spanish fragment in Thevenot's collection.

Techo's history of the provinces of Paraguay, Rio de la Plata, Parana,
Chili, &c. From the Latin. Leodii, 1673.

Pelham's preservation of eight men in Greenland.
Merin's Journey to the mines in Hungary.
Ten Rhyne's account of the Cape of Good Hope.

Boland's observations on the Streights of Gibraltar.
Vol. V.- Barbot's description of North and South Guinea, and Angola :

with a new relation of Guiana, and of the rivers of Amazons and Oronoque.
Now first printed (1732.)

General observations, and an account of the discovery of America, from Herrera's history of the West Indies. With a brief description of the Caribbee islands.

Rolamb's journey to Constantinople, from the Swedish.
Vol. VI.-Baron's description of Tonqueen.

Gemelli Careri's travels through Europe.
Colonel Norwood's voyage to Virginia in 1619.
Captain Philip's to Cape Mounseradoe, in Africa, and to Barbadoes.
Gatonbe's voyage into the North-west passage, in 1812.

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