Everard's three years' suffering on the coast of Assada, near Madagascar.

The Mosqueto Indian and his golden river, being a familiar description of the Mosquito kingdom, in America. Written (in or about the year 1699) by M. W.

Lord's discovery of two forreigne sects in the East-Indies.

May's wonderful preservation of the ship Terra Nova, homeward bound from Virginia.

Skippon's Journey through part of the Low Countries, Germany, Italy,

and France.
5 *Some ACCOUNT of the design of the trustees for Georgia.

In the British Museum,
6 RELATION DU Voyage de la Mer du Sud aux côtes du Chily

et du Perou, fait pendant les années 1712, 1713, et 1714.
Avec une reponse à la preface critique du livre intitulé
Journal des Observations, &c. par le P. Feuillée, et une chro-
nologie des vicerois du Perou, depuis son établissement jus-
qu'au tems de la relation du voyage de la Mer du Sud. Par
M. Frezier, &c.

Merely a new title-page and a supplement of sixty-three pages added to the

edition of 1716. The supplement consists of Frezier's reply to Father

Feuillée's criticisms in the preface to his third volume (1725). 7 LIMA FUNDADA, o conquista del Peru. Poema heroyco, en que se declara toda la historia del descubrimiento y sugecion

y de sus provincias por D. Franco. Pizarro, Marques de los Atabillos, inclyto y primer governador de este vasto imperio. Y se contiene la serie de los reyes, la historia de los virreyes y arzobispos, que ha tenido, y la memoria de los santos y varones ilustres que la ciudad y reyno han producido, &c. Por el Dr. Pedro de Peralta Barnuevo Rocha


Benavides, &c.

Small 4to. 2 vols.
A heroic poem in octave verse, celebrating the discovery and conquest of

Peru by Pizarro.
8 REPRESENTACION al Rey Phelipe V. dirigida al mas seguro

aumento del Real Erario y conseguir la felicidad, mayor alivio, riqueza y abundancia de su Monarquia, &c. Hecha por Don Miguel de Zavala y Auñon.

Madrid. This writer proposes that the commerce with America should be carried on 1732.

by Spaniards alone, and that its produce should circulate in Spain only.
The work is quoted by Robertson. This edition has no preliminaries,
and was probably printed merely for private distribution : another edition
with the same date on the title has the privileges, &c. dated in 1738.

I REasons for establishing the colony of Georgia, with regard to

the trade of Great Britain, the increase of our people, and the
employment and support it will afford to great numbers of our
own poor, as well as foreign persecuted Protestants. With

some account of the country, and the design of the trustees. Quarto, pp. 48, map, &c.

London. A second edition, printed in the same year, has the author's name, Benjamin

Martyn, esq. on the title-page. 2 *Account of the designs of the trustees for establishing the

colony of Georgia, annexed to a sermon preached at their first

yearly meeting, 25th February, 1730—31. By Samuel Smith. Quarto.

Library of Harvard College.
3 THE CASE OF THE PLANTERS of tobacco in Virginia as repre-

sented by themselves ; signed by the President of the Council
and Speaker of the House of Burgesses. To which is added,
a vindication of the said representation.


4 A REPLY to the vindication of the representation of the case of

the planters of tobacco in Virginia. In a letter to Sir I. R.
from the merchants of London.

5 A SHORT ACCOunt of the hurricane that passed through the

English Leeward Charibbee Islands, on Saturday, June 30th,

6 A MAP OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE in America, with the French

and Spanish settlements adjacent thereto. By Henry Popple. Folio, 20 plates.

This map, engraved by Toms, appears to have been the largest and finest

hitherto published of America. It contains a number of views of cities
and plans of ports. Being generally bound in the form of an atlas, it
was thought proper to introduce it here.




1733. 7 Histoire des VECOUVertes et conquetes des Portuguais dans

le Nouveau Monde ; avec des figures en taille-douce. Par

le R. P. Joseph François Lafitau, de la Cie. de Jesus. Paris. Quarto, 2 vols. The title of this work is not very appropriate, as it relates almost entirely

to the discoveries and conquests made by the Portuguese in Asia and

Africa. It is, however, an esteemed and well-written work. 8 DESCRIPCION CHOROGRAPHICA del terreno, rios, arboles, y

animales de las dilatadissimas provincias del gran Chaco,
Gualamba : y de los ritos y costumbres de las innumerables
naciones barbaras é infieles que la habitan : con una cabal
relacion historica de lo que en ellas han obrado para con-
quistarlas algunos governadores, y ministros reales : y los
missioneros Jesuitas para reducirlas à la fé del verdadero
Dios. Escrita por el P. Pedro Lozano de la compa de Jesus,
chronista de su provincia del Tucuman.

Small 4to. pp. 485, map.
An interesting account of a country very little known, even a century after

it was printed.
9 LA ARAUCANA. Primera, Segunda, y Tercera parte. De Don
Alonso Ercilla, y Zuñiga.

See 1578. This edition was edited by Barcia; who has added to it the

fourth and fifth parts by Don Diego de Santistovan Osorio. See 1597.

MDCCXXXIV. 1 AN EXTRACT of the journals of Mr. Commissary Von Reck,

who conducted the first transport of Saltzburgers to Georgia: and of the Rev. Mr. Bolzius, one of their ministers. Giving an account of their voyage to, and happy settlement in that province. Published by the direction of the society for promoting christian knowledge.

London. 72. A very

curious and interesting little work relating to the establishment of Ebenezer by the Saltzburgers. 2 A SERMON preached at St. George's church, Hanover-square, on

Sunday, February 17, 1731, to recommend the charity for establishing the new colony of Georgia. By T. Rundle, LL.D. prebendary of Durham.


8vo. pp.

3 Acts of Assembly passed in the Charibbee Leeward islands, 1734. from 1690 to 1730.

4 GLORIAS DEL SEGUNDO SIG lo de la compañia de Jesus, dibux-

adas en las vidas, y elogios de algunos de sus varones ilustres
en virtud, letras y zelo de las almas, que han florecido desde
el año de 1640, primero del segundo siglo, desde la aprobacion
de la religion. Escritas por el P. Joseph Cassani, de la misma
Compañia, &c.

Folio, 3 vols.
This work is a continuation of that of Father Nieremburg, Ideas de virtud,

&c., 1643, and forms the 7th, 8th, and 9th volumes of the collection of
lives of the members of the order of the Jesuits celebrated for their pietv
or their learning; together with an account of their missions to different
parts of the world. The work is dedicated to “the Sovereign August
Venerable Sacrament, which was worshipped in the Jesuit's College at
Alcala, under the form of twenty-four consecrated wafers, which had been
miraculously preserved there, from the year 1595, as white and fresh as
when they were first consecrated.” In the first volume there is an account
of the missions to Canada, and lives of the missionaries sent by the Jesuits

to different parts of America.
5 *KURZE NACHRICHT von dem mittägigen Carolina. Ausgesetzt

in Carlstown von vier Schweizern. Aus dem Franzosischen. 8vo.

Meusel iii. I. 393.

1 A NEW VOYAGE to Georgia. By a young gentleman : giving an

account of his travels to South Carolina, and part of North
Carolina. To which is added, a curious account of the
Indians. By an honourable person. And a poem to James

Oglethorpe, esq. on his arrival from Georgia. London.
8vo. pp. 62.
2 New VOYAGES to North America, &c. (See No. 496.) By the

Baron Lahontan, &c. at that time in England. The second

London. 8vo. 2 vols.

The same as the first edition of 1703. 3 A COLLECTION of all the Acts of Assembly now in force in the colony of Virginia.

London. Folo.

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E 2

1735. 4 A voyage to Guinea, Brasil, and the West Indies, in his Majes

ty's ships the Swallow and Weymouth, &c. By John Atkins. 8vo.

London. The author was a surgeon, and somewhat of a philosopher. According to

Watts, this voyage was first printed in 1723, the year in which the author returned from it. An edition, with the date of 1737, is called the second

on the title-page. 5 A JOURNEY OVER LAND from the Gulf of Honduras to the South

Sea, performed by John Cockburn and five other Englishmen. To which is added, a briefe discoverye of some things best worth noteing in the travells of Nicholas Withington, a factor in the East-Indias.

London. 8vo, Republished with a different title in 1740. In the French title of this

work, in the Bibliotheque des Voyages, it is stated to be by Nicholas Withington ; and Pinkerton (Collection of Voyages, vol. 17, p. 208,) re-translates the title, and perpetuates the error.

Similar instances are innumerable in the former work, and are all repeated, with additions, in

the latter. 6 A SHORT ACCOUNT of the first settlement of the provinces of

Virginia, Maryland, New-York, New Jersey, and Pensylvania, by the English. To which is annexed, a map of Maryland, according to the bounds mentioned in the charter, and also of the adjacent country, anno 1630.

London. Quarto, pp. 20, and map. 7 *New-England's LAMENTATIONS for the decay of godliness,

the danger of Arminian principles, the declining state of their church order, &c. By J. White, M.A.

London. 8vo. ?

Gent.'s Mag. v. p. 391. 8 AusfühRLICHE NACHRICHTEN von den Salzburgischen Emi

granten, die sich in America niedergelassen haben, worinnen
die Reisediaria des konigl. Grossbritannischen Commissarii
und der beyden Salzburgischen Prediger, wie auch eine
Beschreibung von Georgien enthalten. Heraus gegeben von
Samuel Urlsperger.

This journal of the proceedings of the Saltzburgh emigrants, who formed

the settlement of Ebenezer in Georgia, was continued from year to year to
1752, forming eighteen parts. Another work on the same subject was
commenced in 1751. The early parts of the present work appear to bave
been reprinted in 1714.

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