I MAGNALIA CHRISTI AMERICANA: or, the ecclesiastical history

of New England, from its first planting in 1620, unto the year
of our Lord 1698. In seven books.-1. Antiquities.—11. Lives
of the Governors and names of the Magistrates of New-
England.—111. The lives of sixty famous divines.—IV. An
account of the University of Cambridge in New England.-
v. Acts and monuments of the faith and order in the Churches
of New-England.-VI. A faithful record of many illustrious
wonderful providences.—v11. The wars of the Lord, being
an history of the manifold afflictions and disturbances of the
churches in New-England. By the Reverend and Learned
Cotton Mather, M.A. and pastor of the North Church in
Boston, N.E.

“One of the most singular books in this or any other language. Its puns
and its poems, its sermons and its anagrams, render it unique in its kind.”
Quart. Rev.-—"Liber quidem superstitionis plenus, utilis tamen illis, qui
Dasum habent." Meusel.-In the North American Review (vol. vi. p.
255,) there is an excellent analysis of this work.

There are copies on
LARGE PAPER, but they are rare. There is one in the choice library of
Col. Aspinwall, who possesses, probably, the best private collection of

books relating to America to be found any where.
2 An Account of the illegal Prosecution and Tryal of Coll. Nicholas

Bayard, in the province of New York, for supposed high
treason in the year 1703. Collected from several memorials
taken by divers persons privately, the commissioners having

strictly prohibited the taking of the tryal in open Court. Folio, pp. 44.

New York. 3 *Proposals for carrying on an effectual War in America against the French and Spaniards.

London. Quarto, pp. 24.

Bib. Am. Prim. p. 184.
4 *Thomæ CamPANII, Holmiensis, Kort Beskryfnnig om Provin-

cien Nya Swerige uti America som nu för tyden af the Engel-
ske callas Pensylvania.

Quarto, plates.


A very scarce work relating to the establishment of the Swedes in New

Sweden, afterwards Pennsylvania. It is to be regretted that it has never
been translated into any language more generally understood than the
Swedish. In some American catalogues its author is erroneously called


Laws of his Majesty's colony of Connecticut, in
New England.

Boston. Folio.

In the British Museum.

MDCCIII. 1 New VOYAGES to North AMERICA. Containing an account

of the several nations of that vast continent; their customs, commerce, and

way of navigation upon the lakes and rivers ; the several attempts of the English and French to dispossess one another; with the reasons of the miscarriage of the former; and the various adventures between the French and the Iroquese confederates of England, from 1683 to 1694. A geographical description of Canada, and a natural history of the country, with remarks upon their government, and the interest of the English and French in their commerce. Also a dialogue between the author and a general of the savages, giving a full view of the religion and strange opinions of those people; with an account of the author's retreat to Portugal and Denmark, and his remarks on those courts. To which is added, a Dictionary of the Algonkine language, which is generally spoken in North America. Illustrated with twentythree maps and cuts.

Written in French by the Baron Lahontan, Lord Lieutenant of the French colony at Placentia in Newfoundland, now in England. Done into English. In two volumes.

A great part of which never printed in the original.

London. 8vo. 2 vols. Reprinted in 1735.

First printed in French in this year. Lahontan was a freethinker, and consequently had but little respect for the clergy; it is not therefore to be wondered at that he was persecuted in France, and his work traduced. The character given of the author and of the work by the Jesuits has been adopted by later writers, who ought to have known better. A writer in the North American Review observes, that the Baron seems to have been an ardent and enterprising character, with more wit than discretion, but that his accounts bear every mark of

authenticity, and are quite confirmed by cotemporary as well as subse. 1703.
quent writers on the same country. The English edition baving been
translated under the inspection of the author, is probably more correct
than the French editions. It contains also several additions published for
the first time; particularly the celebrated dialogue “between the author

and Adario, a noted man among the savages.”
2 *THE PRESENT STATE of affairs in Carolina. By John Ash,

Gent. Sent by several of the inhabitants of that colony, to
deliver their representations thereof to, and seek redress from

the Lords Proprietors of that province. Quarto.

Bib. Am. Prim. p. 186.
3 A Voyage To New HOLLAND, &c. in the year 1699. Wherein

are described, the Canary Islands, the isles of Mayo and St.
Jago, the bay of All Saints, with the fort and town of Bahia
in Brazil. Cape Salvadore. The winds on the Brazilian coast.
Abrohlo shoals. A table of all the variations observed in this
voyage. Occurrences near the Cape of Good Hope. The
course to New Holland. Shark's Bay. The isles and coast,
&c. of New Holland. Their inhabitants, manners, customs,
trade, &c. Their harbours, soil, beasts, birds, fish, &c. trees,
plants, fruits, &c. Illustrated with several maps and draughts;
also divers birds, fishes and plants, not found in this part of
the world, curiously engraven on copper-plates. Vol. 3. By
Capt. William Dampier.

London. 8vo.

The first volume was printed in 1697, the second in 1699. 4 New EngLAND JUDGED by the Spirit of the Lord, &c. (see 1661.)

In two parts. Formerly published by George Bishop, and

now somewhat abbreviated. With an appendix, &c. 8vo. pp. 498.

London. The preface is signed Joseph Grove. At the end is the following work,

with the date of 1702 : Truth and Innocency defended against Falsehood and Envy, &c.

in answer to Cotton Mather's calumnies,&c. By John Whiting.

pp. 212 and Index.
5 A COLLECTION of Voyages undertaken by the Dutch East-India

Company for the improvement of trade and navigation. Con-
taining an account of several attempts to find out the n. E.
passage, and their discoveries in the East Indies and the South

1703. Seas. Together with an historical introduction, giving an

account of the rise, establishment, and progress of that great body. Translated into English, and illustrated with several charts.

London. 8vo. pp. 336. 6 NEWS FROM PENSILVANIA, or a brief narrative of several remarkable

passages in the government of the Quakers of that province, touching their proceedings in their pretended Court of justice, their way of trade and commerce; with remarks and observations upon the whole. Published by the author of the Pilgrim's Progress (Francis Bugg.)

London. 8vo. pp. 36. 7 Nouveaux VOYAGES de M. le Baron de Lahontan, dans l'Ame

rique septentrionale, qui contiennent une relation des differens peuples qui y habitent; la nature de leur Gouvernement; leur commerce, leur coûtumes, leur religion, et leur maniére de faire la guerre. L'Interet des François et des Anglois dans le commerce qu'ils font avec ces nations; l'avantage que l’Angleterre peut retirer dans ce pays, etant en guerre avec la France. Tome premier. - Memoires de l'Amerique septentrionale, ou la suite des voyages de M. le B. de Lahontan; qui contiennent la description d'une grande étenduë de pays de ce Continent, l'intérêt des François et des Anglois, leurs commerces, leurs navigations, les mœurs, et les coûtumes des sauvages, &c. Avec un petit dictionnaire de la langue du

pays. Le tout enrichi de cartes et de figures. Tome second. 12mo. 2 vols. First edition several times reprinted, and translated into German, Dutch,

and English. See No. 1 of this year. 8 Nova PLANTARUM Americanarum genera. Authore P. Carolo Plumier.

Paris. Quarto, 40 plates. 9 FILICETUM AMERICANUM, seu Filicum, Polypodiorum, Adian

torum, etc. in America nascentium icones. Authore P. Ca-
rolo Plumier.

This volume consists of 222 plates, without any text, and comprises 50

plates of ferns contained in the Description des Plantes de l'Amerique,
1693, and the 172 plates of the Traité des Fougéres, 1705.


10 Politica INDIANA, &c. (As in the edition of 1648.)

Printed in two columns, with a smaller type and on a larger page than

the first edition ; with a portrait of Solorzano.


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1 The HISTORY OF THE BUCANIERS of America; from the first

original down to this time ; written in several languages, and
now collected into one volume. Containing 1. The exploits
and adventures of Le Grand, Lolonois, Bat the Portuguese,
Sir Henry Morgan, &c. Written in Dutch by Jo. Esque-
meling, and thence translated into Spanish. II. The dan-
gerous voyage and bold attempts of Capt. Barth. Sharp,
Watlin, Sawkins, Coxon, and others, in the South Sea.
Written by Basil Ringrose, Gent. who was a companion
therein, and examined with the original journey. III. A
Journal of a voyage into the South Sea by the freebooters
of America, from 1684 to 1689. Written in French by the
Sieur Raveneau de Lussan: never before in English. IV.
A relation of a voyage of the Sieur de Montauban, captain
of the freebooters in Guinea, in the year 1695, &c. The
whole newly translated into English, and illustrated with 25
copper-plates. The third edition.

This third edition of the history of the Bucaniers is somewhat different

from the former editions ; “ for whereas the style before was loose and
uncouth in divers parts thereof, the same is now rectified, and made more
correct throughout the whole body of it.” Preface. It has in addition
the Journals of Lussan and Montauban, the former baving been first

printed in French in 1690.
2 A NEW VOYAGE and description of the Isthmus of America, &c.

By Lionel Wafer. The second edition. To which are added,
the natural history of those parts by a Fellow of the Royal
Society : and Davis's Expedition to the Gold Mines in 1702.
Illustrated with several copper-plates.

London. 8vo. pp. 283.

First printed in 1699. 3 A COLLECTION OF VOYAGES AND TRAVELS :

now first printed from original manuscripts; others translated out of foreign languages, and now first published in English. To



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