1742. 11 REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE of the House of Assembly of the province of South Carolina, appointed to enquire into the causes of the disappointment of success in the late expedition against St. Augustine, under General Oglethorpe.


Col. Aspinwall's Catalogue.

Charleston, S.C.

12 IN CHANCERY.-BREVIATE. John Penn, Thomas Penn, and
Richard Penn, esqs.; plaintiffs. Charles Calvert, esq.
Lord Baltimore in the kingdom of Ireland, defendant. For
the plaintiffs. Upon a bill to compell a specifick execution
of articles of agreement entred into between the partys for
setling the boundaries of the province of Pensylvania, the
three lower countys, and the province of Maryland, and for
perpetuating testimony, &c.

Royal folio. pp. 116, and two maps.

This work being printed on large paper with a small type, each page con-
tains as much matter as twelve common octavo pages.
It contains every

thing that could be collected from records and books relating to the his-
tory and establishment of the "three lower counties on Delaware," now the
state of Delaware, and was probably printed only for the use of the parties
immediately concerned, and not for sale.

13 VOYAGE du R. P. Emmanuel Crespel dans le Canada, et son naufrage en revenant en France: mis au jour par le sieur Louis Crespel, son pére.

Small 8vo. pp. 158.

Warden's Catalogue. Published in English in 1797.


14 NOUVEAU VOYAGE AUX ISLES DE L'AMERIQUE, etc. Par le R. P. Labat, de l'ordre des Fréres prêcheurs. Nouvelle edition augmentée considérablement, et enrichie de figures en tailles douces.

12mo. 8 vols. Plates.

The most complete edition. The first was printed in 1722.


15 THEORICA Y PRACTICA DE COMERCIO y de Marina, en diferentes discursos y calificados exemplares, que con especificas providencias se procuran adaptar à la Monarchia Española, para su prompta restauracion, beneficio universal y mayor fortaleza contro los emulos de la Real corona, &c. Por D Geronymo de Uztariz. Segunda impression, corregida y enmendada. Folio. Madrid.

The first edition was printed in 1724. It has been translated into English, French, and Italian, and probably into other languages. Robertson quotes it among the books examined by him for his History of America.


1 SOME THOUGHTS concerning the present revival of religion in New-England, and the way in which it ought to be acknowledged and promoted, humbly offered to the publick, in a treatise on that subject, in five parts. Part I., Shewing, &c. By Jonathan Edwards, A.M., pastor of the church of Christ, at Northampton. Edinburgh.

Small 8vo. pp. 221.

First printed at Boston in 1742.

2 SEASONABLE THOUGHTS on the state of religion in NewEngland, a treatise, in five parts. I. Faithfully pointing out the things of a bad and dangerous tendency, in the late and present religious appearance, in the land. II. Representing, &c. With a preface, giving an account of the Antinomians, Familists, and Libertines, who infected these churches above an hundred years ago. Very needful for these days; the like spirit and errors prevailing now as did then. The whole being intended, and calculated, to serve the interest of Christ's kingdom. By Charles Chauncy, D.D., pastor of the first church of Christ in Boston.



This work is principally against itinerant preaching, "which had its rise (at least in these parts) from Mr. Whitefield."

3 *AN ACCOUNT of the expedition to Carthagena, with explanatory




Gent.'s Mag. 1743.

4 A BRIEF ACCOUNT of the causes that have retarded the progress of the colony of Georgia, in America; attested upon oath. Being a proper contrast to A State of the province of Georgia; attested upon oath. And some misrepresentations on the same subject.

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8vo. pp. 24. App. pp. 101.


5 THE REPORT of the Committee of Assembly in S. Carolina appointed to enquire into the causes of the disappointment in the expedition against St. Augustine.

See No. 11, 1712.



1743. 6 THE SPANISH HIRELING detected. Being a refutation of several calumnies, in a pamphlet entitled An impartial account of the expedition against St. Augustine. By G. Cadogan. 8vo. ?

See No. 8, 1742.


7 A FULL REPLY to Lieut. Cadogan's Spanish hireling detected. 8vo. ?

Gent.'s Mag. 1743.


8 THE NATURAL HISTORY of North Carolina. With an account
of the trade, manners, and customs of the Christian and In-
dian inhabitants, strange beasts, birds, fishes, snakes, insects,
trees, and plants, &c. By John Brickell, M.D.
8vo. pp. 408.

The edition of 1737 with a new title-page.

9 A VOYAGE to the South Seas in the years 1740-1.



a faithful narrative of the loss of his Majesty's ship the Wager on a desolate island, &c. The whole compiled by persons concerned in the facts related, viz. John Bulkeley and John Cummins, late gunner and carpenter of the Wager.



The Wager was one of the ships which sailed from England, under Commodore Anson, on a voyage round the world.

10 A VINDICATION of the conduct of Capt. Christopher Middleton, in a late voyage on board H. M.'s ship the Furnace, for discovering a N.W. passage to the Western American Ocean. In answer to certain objections and aspersions of Arthur Dobbs, esq.; with an appendix: containing the captain's instructions; councils held; reports of the inferior officers; letters between Mr. Dobbs, Capt. Middleton, &c. Affidavits and other vouchers refer'd to in the captain's answers, &c. With as much of the log-journal as relates to the discovery. The whole as lately deliver'd to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. To which is annexed, an account of the extraordinary degrees and surprising effects of cold in Hudson's Bay, North America, read before the Royal Society. By Christopher Middleton, late commander of the Furnace, and F.R.S. London.

8vo. pp. 206 and 48.

The objections and aspersions of Mr. Dobbs, which gave rise to this controversy, were made in writing to the Lords of the Admiralty. See several publications on the same subject in the following years.

11 NOUVELLE RELATION de la France Equinoxiale, contenant la 1743.
description des côtes de la Guiane; de l'isle de Cayenne; le
commerce de cette colonie; les divers changemens arrivés
dans ce pays; et les mœurs et coûtumes des differens peuples
sauvages qui l'habitent. Avec des figures dessinées sur les
lieux. Par Pierre Barrere, M.D., &c.

12 HISTORIA de la conquista de Mexico, poblacion y progresos
de la America septentrional, conocida por el nombre de Nu-
eva España. Segunda Parte. Escriviala Don Ignacio de
Salazar y Olarte.
Folio, pp. 474.


Reprinted in 1786. Salazar's continuation of Solis has neither the beauty of style and language of the latter, nor any redeeming merit as a historical composition. The language is ridiculously inflated and bombastic. The editor of the second edition acknowledges the inferiority of the work, but alleges as an apology for reprinting it the want of something better to complete the work of Solis.

13 FLORA VIRGINICA exhibens plantas quas V. C. Johannes Clayton in Virginia, observavit atque collegit. Easdem methode sexuali disposuit, ad genera propria retulit, nominibus specificis insignivit & minus cognitas descripsit Joh. Fred. Gronovius.


Reprinted, with additions, in 1762.


Lug. Bat.

1 REMARKS UPON CAPT. MIDDLETON'S DEFENCE: wherein his conduct, during his late voyage for discovering a passage from Hudson's Bay to the South Sea, is impartially examined; his neglects and omissions in that affair fully proved; the falsities and evasions in his defence exposed; the errors of his charts laid open, and his accounts of currents, streights and rivers, confuted: whereby it will appear, with the highest probability, that there is such a passage as he went in search of. With an appendix of original papers, and a map of the in-land and sea-coast of North America in and about Hudson's Bay. By Arthur Dobbs, esq. London.

8vo. pp. 171. Map.

See No. 10. 1743.

1744. 2 A REPLY TO THE REMARKS of Arthur Dobbs, esq. on Captain Middleton's vindication of his conduct on board H. M.'s ship the Furnace, when sent in search of a N.W. passage, by Hudson's Bay to the Western American Ocean. Humbly inscribed to the R. H. the Lords Commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland, &c. By Christopher Middleton, esq. London.

8vo. pp. 292.

3 AN ACCOUNT OF THE COUNTRIES adjoining to Hudson's Bay, in the North-west part of America: containing a description of their lakes and rivers, the nature of the soil and climates, and their methods of commerce, &c. shewing the benefit to be made by settling colonies, and opening a trade in these parts; whereby the French will be deprived in a great measure of their traffick in furs, and the communication between Canada and Mississippi be cut off. With an abstract of Captain Middleton's Journal, and observations upon his behaviour during his voyage, and since his return. To which are added, 1. A letter from Bartholomew de Fonte, Vice-Admiral of Peru and Mexico; giving an account of his voyage from Lima in Peru, to prevent, or seize upon any ships that should attempt to find a North West passage to the South Sea. II. An abstract of all the discoveries which have been published of the islands and countries in and adjoining to the great Western Ocean, between America, India, and China, &c. pointing out the advantages that may be made, if a short passage should be found through Hudson's Streights to that ocean. III. The Hudson's Bay Company's charter. Iv. The standard of trade in those parts of America; with an account of the exports and profits made annually by the Hudson's Bay Company. v. Vocabularies of the languages of several Indian nations adjoining to Hudson's Bay. The whole intended to shew the great probability of a North-west passage, so long desired; and which (if discovered) would be of the highest advantage to these kingdoms. By Arthur Dobbs, esq. Quarto, pp. 211. Map. London.

4 A JOURNAL of the proceedings in the detection of the conspiracy formed by some white people, in conjunction with negro

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