1745. 20 AUSFUHRLICHE NACHRICHT von den Saltzburgischen emi

granten, &c. Herausgegeben von Samuel Urlsperger, &c. Quarto, pp. 242.

Halle. This appears to be the same work as No. 8 of 1735. It is ornamented with

a very fine engraving of Tomo Chachi and his son, who were brought to England by Governor Oglethorpe.

MDCCXLV. 1 FORGERY DETECTED, shewing how groundless are all the calum

nies in Dobbs's pamphlet. By Captain Middleton. London. 8vo. 2 A REPLY to Capt. Middleton's answer to the remarks on his

vindication of his conduct, in a late voyage made by him in the Furnace sloop, by orders of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, to find out a passage from the N.W. of Hudson's Bay to the Western and Southern Ocean of America. Shewing the art and evasions he makes use of to conceal his misconduct and neglect in prosecuting that discovery: as also the false currents, tides, straits, and rivers he has laid down in his chart and journal to conceal the discovery; with remarks upon some extraordinary affidavits he has published in his favour. To which is added, a full answer to a late pamphlet, published by Capt. Middleton, called Forgery detected. By Arthur Dobbs, esq.

London. 8vo. pp. 128. 3 *A REPLY to Mr. Dobbs's answer, by Capt. Middleton. London. 8vo.

In the British Museum. 4 *A REJOINDER to Mr. Dobbs's reply, by Capt. Middleton. 8vo.

London. In the British Museum. 5 A DESCRIPTION of the coast, tides, and currents in Button's

bay, and in the Welcome: being the N.W.coast of Hudson's bay, from Churchill river, in 58° 56' north latitude, to Wager river or strait, in 65° 24', taken from Scrog's, Crow's, Napier's, and Smith's journals, made in the years 1722, 1737, 1740, 1742, 1743, and 1744. Also, from the discoveries made in 1742, in the voyage in the Furnace bomb and Discovery Pink, commanded by Captain Middleton and Captain Moor; shewing from these journals a probability that there is a passage from thence to the Western Ocean of America. London.

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8vo. pp.

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6 A JOURNAL of the late siege by the troops from North America, 1745.

against the French at Cape Breton, the city of Louisbourg, ww
and the territories thereunto belonging. Surrendered to the
English on the 17th of June, 1745, after a siege of forty-eight
days. By James Gibson, gentleman volunteer at the above

8vo. pp. 49; plate.
7 THE IMPORTANCE of Cape Breton to the British nation, con-

taining the plan on which it was taken. By Robert Auch-
muty, judge advocate in New England.

8 *CONSIDERATIONS on the state of the British fishery in America.

London. 9 MARVELLOUS Things done by the right hand and holy arm of God in getting him the victory. A sermon preached the 18th

of July, 1745. Being a day set apart for solemn thanksgiving
to Almighty God for the reduction of Cape Breton by H. M.'s
New-England forces, &c. By Charles Chauncy, D.D., pastor
of a church in Boston.

8vo. pp. 32.
First printed in Boston. This sermon does not appear to bave been so

successful as the following, by the Rev. Thomas Prince, on the same

10 EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS the doings of God, and marvellous

in pious eyes. Illustrated in a sermon at the south church,
in Boston, N. E., on the general thanksgiving, Thursday, July
18, 1745. Occasioned by taking the city of Louisbourg, on
the isle of Cape Breton, by New England soldiers, assisted
by a British squadron. By Thomas Prince, M.A., and one
of the pastors of the said church.

Boston, N. E. 8vo.

At least five editions of this sermon were printed in England. 11 "THE AFRICAN TRADE, the great pillar and support of the British plantation trade in America.

London. Quarto.

British Museum.
12 A NATURAL HISTORY of Nevis, and the rest of the English

Leeward Charibee islands in America. With many other ob-
servations on nature and art; particularly an introduction to
the art of decyphering. In eleven letters, from the Rev. Mr.

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Smith, sometime rector of St. John's, at Nevis, and now rector of St. Mary's, in Bedford, &c.

Cumbridge. 8vo. 13 A TRUE AND IMPARTIAL JOURNAL of a voyage to the South

Seas, and round the globe, in H. M.'s ship the Centurion, under the command of Commodore George Anson. Wherein all the material incidents during the said voyage, from its commencement in the year 1740, to its conclusion in 1744, are fully and faithfully related, having been committed to paper at the time they happened. Together with some historical accounts of Chili, Peru, Mexico, and the empire of China ; exact descriptions of such places of note as were touched at, and variety of occasional remarks. To which is added, a large and general table of longitudes and latitudes, ascertained from accurate observations, or (where those are wanting) from the best printed books and mss. taken from the Spaniards in this expedition. Also the variations of the compass throughout the voyage, and the soundings and depths of water along the different coasts; and lastly, several curious observations on a comet seen in the South Seas, on the coast of Mexico. By Pascoe Thomas, teacher of mathematics on board the Centurion.

London. 8vo. 14 A NEW GENERAL COLLECTION of voyages and travels; consist

ing of the most esteemed relations which have been hitherto published in any language : comprehending every thing remarkable in its kind in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, with respect to the several empires, kingdoms, and provinces; their situation, extent, bounds, &c. Also, the manners and customs of the several inhabitants, their religion, government,

So as to form a complete system of modern geography and history, exhibiting the present state of all nations: illustrated not only with charts of the several divisions of the ocean, and maps of each country, entirely new composed as well as new engraved, by the best hands, from the latest surveys, discoveries, and astronomical observations, but likewise with variety of plans and prospects of coasts, harbours, and cities; besides cuts, representing antiquities, animals, vegeta

bles, the persons and habits of the people, and other curiosi- 1745.
ties; selected from the most authentic travellers, foreign as
well as English.

Quarto, 4 vols. 226 maps and plates.
This collection, generally known as Astley's, the publisher, was intended to

have been much more extensive, but apparently did not receive sufficient
patronage. It was originally published in weekly numbers, and gave rise
to the collection of the Abbé Prevost, the first seven volumes of which
are a translation of these four. They relate almost entirely to Africa

and Asia.
15 RELATION ABRÉGÉE d'un voyage fait dans l'interieur de l'Ame-

rique meridionale. Depuis la côte de la mer du sud jusqu'aux
côtes du Brésil et de la Guiane, en descendant la riviere des
Amazones. Lüe à l'assemblée publique de l'académie des
sciences le 28 Avril, 1745. Par M. de la Condamine, de la
même académie. Avec une carte du Maragnon ou de la
rivière des Amazones, levée par le même.

16 EXTRACTO DEL DIARIO de observaciones hechas en el viage de

Quito al Para, por el Rio de las Amazonas; y del Para à
Cayana, Surinam y Amsterdam. Destinado para ser leydo
en la assemblea publica de la academia Real de las Ciencias
de Paris. Por M. de la Condamine, uno de los tres embiados
de la misma academia à la Linea Equinoccial para la medida

de los grados terrestres. Traducida del Frances al Castellano. 8vo.

M. de la Condamine was detained more than two months after his arrival in

Holland, waiting for passports to enable him to proceed to Paris. In
this interval he employed himself in translating his journal into Spanish,
to send to his friends in America; for which purpose he caused the ne-

cessary nnmber of copies to be printed, and no more.
Joseph Gumilla, &c. Segunda impression, revista y aumen-

, tada por su mismo autor y dividida en dos partes. Madrid. Quarto, 2 vols. plates.

The first edition was printed in 1741. 18 VITA E LETTERE DI AMERIGO VESPUCCI gentiluomo Fiorentino

raccolte e illustrate dall'abate Angelo Maria Bandini. Quarto, pp. 76 and 128.



Bandini's life of Vesputius is a mere panegyric throughout. He does not

hesitate to call him the discoverer of America, which he makes him appear to bave been, from the dates he gives of his two first voyages. But the Spanish writers have proved that these dates are incorrect; and that the first of these voyages, if made at all, must have been in 1499 instead of 1497. But even if Bandini's dates were correct, all that could be said about it would be, that Vesputius had followed a track which Columbus had pointed out.

MDCCXLVI. 1 A letter from William Shirley, esq. governor of Massachusett's

Bay, to his Grace the Duke of Newcastle: with a journal of the siege of Louisbourg, and other operations of the forces, during the expedition against the French settlements on Cape Breton; drawn up at the desire of the Council and House of Representatives of the province of Massachusett's Bay; approved and attested by Sir William Pepperell, and the other principal officers who commanded in the said expedition. Published by authority.

London. 8vo. pp. 32. 2 AN ACCURATE JOURNAL of the proceedings of the New-England

land forces, during the late expedition against the French settlements on Cape Breton, to the time of the surrender of Louisbourg. Containing a just representation of the transactions and occurrences, and of the behaviour of the said forces. Dated Louisbourg, Oct. 20, 1745, and in form attested by Lieut. Gen. Pepperell, &c. Exhibiting a more authentic, correct, and perfect account, than any before made publick. With a computation of the French fishery on the banks of Newfoundland, Acadia, Cape Breton, &c. All sent over by Gen. Pepperell himself to his friend, Capt. Henry Stafford, at Exmouth, Devon. Printed from the original manuscripts, at the desire of Capt. Stafford, as well in justice

to the general, as for the better information of the publick. 8vo. pp. 40.

Exon. See i758. 3 THE IMPORTANCE and advantage of Cape Breton, truly stated

and impartially considered. With proper maps. London. 8vo. pp. 156. 2 maps. Taken principally from Charlevoix's Nouvelle France; according to Allen by


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