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4 *IMPORTANCE of Cape Breton considered.

London. 1746. 8vo.

Entirely different from the foregoing. 5 *WORK OF Grace among the Indians of New Jersey and Penn

sylvania. By the Rev. David Brainerd. Philadelphia.
Library of Harvard College.-"Mr. Brainerd published his journal, or ar.

account of the rise and progress of a remarkable work of grace amongst a
number of Indians in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with some general
remarks, 1746. This work, which is very interesting, and which displays
the piety and talents of the author, was published by the commissioners of
the society in Scotland, with a preface by them.” Allen. An abridgment

of this journal was printed in 1748.
6 ORIGINAL Letters to an honest Sailor.

8vo pp. 94.
This pamphlet appears to bave been published by Admiral Vernon, after his

name was ordered to be struck out of the list of fag officers, for having
published two pamphlets entitled, A specimen of naked truth, and Some
seasonable advice from an honest Sailor. It relates principally to the

expeditions against the Spanish possessions in America.
7 Lettre À MADAME*** sur l'émeute populaire excitée en la

ville de Cuenca au Perou, 29 Août, 1739. Contre les aca

demiciens des sciences, envoyés pour la mesure de la terre. 8vo. pp. 108, plate.

(Paris.) This pamphlet is generally found with Condamine's account of his voyage,

No. 15, 1745.
8 Histoire géNÉRALE DES Voyages, ou nouvelle collection de

toutes les relations de voyages par mer et par terre, qui ont
été publiées jusqu'à present dans les differentes langues de
toutes les nations connues : contenant ce qu'il y a de plus
remarquable, de plus utile et de mieux averé dans les pays ou
les voyageurs ont penetrés touchant leur situation, leur eten-
due, leurs limites, leurs divisions, leur climat, leur terroir, &c.
Avec les meurs et les usages des habitans, leur religion, leur
gouvernement, leurs arts et leurs sciences, leur commerce et
leurs manufactures; pour former un sistéme complet d'histoire
et de geographie moderne, qui representera l'état actuel de
toutes les nations: enrichi de cartes geographiques, nouvelle-
ment composées sur les observations les plus autentiques, de
plane et de perspectives; de figures d'animaux, de vegetaux,
habits, antiquités, &c.

Paris. 4to. 20 volumes, 393 maps and plates.

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The first seven volumes of this work are a translation of the four volumes

published by Astley, (No. 14, 1745.) Volumes VIII. to XV. were compiled by the translator of the preceding volumes, the Abbé Prevost. The sixteenth volume, printed in 1761, is a general index to the work. The seventeenth volume is a supplement containing the restitutions and additions of the edition printed in Holland. The three remaining volumes are a continuation of the work by MM. Querlon and de Leyre, containing the voyages omitted by the abbé, or which had been published after his death. Laharpe says that, if the whole of the work bad been as well edited as the three last volumes, his abridgment would have been unnecessary. The twentieth volume has the date of 1802. “This quarto edition is still esteemed for the beauty of the engravings, by able artists, after the designs of Cochin, and on account of the maps and plans, which are also well executed. Large paper copies sell for double and triple the price of the common paper.” Bibliothèque des Voyages. Reprinted at the Hague, in twenty-five volumes in quarto, and in Paris in 1749, and following years, in eighty volumes, 12mo., but these editions are not much esteemed. It was translated into German, and printed at Leipsic in 1747, and following

years. 9 IDEA DE UNA HISTORIA GENERAL de la America Septentrional.

Fundada sobre material copioso de figuras, symbolos, caracteres y geroglificos, cantares y manuscritos de autores Indios, ultimamente descubiertos. Por el Cavallero Lorenzo Boturini Benaducci.

Madrid. Small 4to. pp. 303. “The curious and learned author of this work arrived in Mexico in 1736 ;

and, desirous of writing the history of that kingdom, he made, during eight years he remained there, the most diligent researches into its antiquity; acquired a considerable mastery of the Mexican language, entered into friendship with the Indians to obtain their ancient pictures from them, and procured copies of many valuable manu

anuscripts wbich were in the libraries of the monasteries. The museum which he formed of paintings and ancient manuscripts was the most numerous and select ever seen in that kingdom excepting that of the celebrated Siguenza; but, before he put a band to the work, the jealousy of the Spanish government stripped him of all his literary estate, and sent him into Spain, where, being entirely cleared from every suspicion against bis loyalty and honour, but without recovering his manuscripts, he published this sketch of the great history he was meditating. It contains much important information not before published,

but there are also some errors in it." Clavigero. 10 ESCUDO DE ARMAS DE Mexico. Celestial proteccion de esta

nobilissima ciudad de la Nueva España y de casi todo el Nuevo mundo, Maria santissima en su portentosa imagen del Mexicano Guadalupe, milagrosamente apparecida en el Palacio

Arzobispal el año de 1531. Y jurada su principal patrona el 1746.
pasado de 1737. En la angustia que ocasionò la pestilencia,
que cebada con mayor rigor en los Indios, mitigó sus ardores

al abrigo de tanta sombra : describiala D. Cayetano de Ca-

brera, y Quintero, Presbytero de este Arzobispado, &c. Folio.

Mexico. 11 THEATRO AMERICANO: descripcion general de los reynos y

provincias de la Nueva España y sus jurisdicciones : dedicala
al Rey N. S. D. Phelipe quinto, monarca de las Españas: su

author D. Joseph Antonio de Villa Señor y Sanchez, etc. Folio, 2 vols.

The second volume was printed in 1748, and, according to Meusel, a third

in 1774. Until Humboldt's work appeared, this was the most important
statistical account of New Spain that had been published. Robertson

made great use of it.
12 Vida do Apostolico padre Antonio Vieyra da Companhia de

Jesus, chamado por antonomasia o grande: acclamado no
mundo por principe dos oradores evangelicos, prégador incom-
paravel dos Reys de Portugal, varão esclarecido em virtudes,
e letras divinas, e humanas; Restaurador das Missões do Ma-
ranhaõ e Pará. Pelo P. André de Barros da companhia de

Father Vieyra was most zealous in converting the Indians of Brazil, but

was much persecuted by the Portuguese inhabitants for opposing their
making slaves of them as fast as they became Christians, which, it appears,

they had previously been in the habit of doing as a thing of course.
13 ARTE DE NAVEGAR, &c. Por Manoel Pimentel. Novamente

Lisboa. Folio, pp. 604.

First printed in 1699, and reprinted in 1712.

Georgien; mit anmerkungen, die der uebersetzer bey seinem
vieljährigen aufenthalt in America angestellet hat, begleitet
von J. M. K.

Goettingen. 8vo.

Meusel, iii. 394.






ginia, being an essay towards a general history of this colony. By William Stith, A. M. rector of Henrico parish, and one of

the governors of William and Mary College. Williamsburg. 8vo. pp. 331, appendix, pp. 34. Reprinted in London in 1753. This is but a small part of the author's

intended work, coming down to the year 1624 only. “An appendix contains a collection of charters, relating to the period comprised in the volume. Besides the copious materials of Smith, the author derived assistance from the manuscripts of his uncle, Sir John Randolph, and from the records of the London company, put into his hands by Colonel William Byrd, president of the council, and from the valuable library of this gentleman. Mr. Stith was a man of classical learning, and a faithful historian; but he was destitute of taste in style, and his details are ex

ceedingly minute.” Allen. 2 The HISTORY OF FIVE INDIAN NATIONS OF CANADA

which are dependent on the province of New York in America, and are the barrier between the English and French in that part of the world. With accounts of their religion (&c. &c. &c.) By the Hon. Cadwallader Colden, esq. one of H. M.'s council, and surveyor-general of New York. To which are added, accounts of the several other nations of Indians in North America (&c. &c. &c.)

London. 8vo. p. 20, 204, and 283. There are copies of this edition, called the second, with the date of 1750, but

have merely a new title-page. The first part was printed at New York in 1727. In the reprint, the dedication, which was originally to Governor Burnet, is transferred by the London publisher to General Oglethorpe. Mr. Colden complained of this, as well as of some additions which were made to the London, edition without his knowledge or consent. An

edition in two volumes 12mo. was printed in 1755. 3 A JOURNAL OF THE PROCEEDings in the detection of the con

spiracy formed by some white people in conjunction with negro and other slaves for burning the city of New York, and

murdering the inhabitants, in 1741-42. With an appendix. 8vo.

London. First printed at New York in 1744.

4 *FURTHER OBSERVATIONS intended for improving the culture 1747.

and curing of indigo, &c. in South Carolina. London. 8vo.

In the British Museum. 5 The history of New England. By D. Neal, M.A. Second edition, enlarged by the author.

London. 8vo. 2 vols.

See 1720.
6 MEMOIRS of the life and travels of James Houstoun, M.D.

(formerly physician and surgeon-general to the Royal African
Company's settlements in Africa, and late surgeon to the
Royal Assiento Company's factories in America), from the
year 1690 to this present year 1747. Containing a great
variety of curious observations that occurred during the course
of above thirty years' travels in divers foreign parts. Collected
and written by his own hand.

7 THE SPANISH EMPIRE in America, containing a succinct relation

of the discovery and settlement of its several colonies; a view
of their respective situations, extent, commodities, trade, &c.
And a full and clear account of the commerce with old Spain
by the galleons, flota, &c. Also of the contraband trade with
the English, Dutch, French, Danes, and Portuguese. With

an exact description of Paraguay. By an English merchant. 8vo.

London. The same book as No. 14 of 1741, with a new title. 8 Tue SEQUEL to Bulkely's and Cummin's voyage to the South Sea. By A. Campbell. .

London. 8vo.

See 1743.
9 A SUCCINCT ABRIDGEMENT of a voyage made within the inland

parts of South America; from the coasts of the South Sea to
the coasts of Brazil and Guiana, down the river of Amazons :
as it was read in the public assembly of the academy of
sciences at Paris, April 28, 1745. By Mons" de la Conda-
mine, of that academy. To which is annexed, a map of the

Maranon or river of Amazons, drawn by the same. London.

A translation of No. 15, 15.


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