there afterwards to the end of November following. Published at Lima by order of the viceroy, and translated from the original Spanish, by a gentleman who resided many years in those countries. To which is added, a description of Callao and Lima before their destruction, and of the kingdom of Peru in general, &c. The whole illustrated with a map, plans, and several cuts of the natives, drawn on the spot by the translator. The second edition. London.

8vo. pp. 341, 9 plates and maps.

The account of the earthquake is translated from No. 11 of 1747, and occu-
pies seventy pages: the remainder of the work is a compilation from
various authors. The translator's name was Henry Johnson; and the first
edition was probably published in the same year. In the Gent.'s Mag.
for 1748 it is called a pretended translation from the Spanish.

III. IV. By George Anson, esq. commander-in-chief of a
squadron of his Majesty's ships, sent upon an expedition to
the South Seas. Compiled from papers and other materials
of the R. H. George Lord Anson, and published under his
direction, by Richard Walter, M.A., chaplain of the Centurion,
in that expedition. Illustrated with 42 copper-plates.
Quarto, pp. 417.

London. Walter had prepared an account of this voyage for the press, but it was found so badly executed, that Benjamin Robins, the mathematician, was employed to re-write it, although, for some reason or other, the worthy chaplain's name was allowed to remain on the title-page. It is called by some English writers a masterpiece of composition; but it appears to have been made amusing at the expense of truth. The progress of science formed no part of the object of this expedition, which was prepared for attacking unawares the Spanish possessions and shipping in the South Sea, and which was so successful, that the prize-money divided amongst the officers and crews amounted to more than a million sterling. The Biographie Universelle says, that the views, charts, and plans, deserve praise for their exactness; but Dr. Dibdin says, that "the plates are in truth barbarously bad, and that to read the text without the plates, must be a comfort." He says, moreover, that the volume is unworthy in every respect of the intrepid Anson. The doctor had apparently only seen the fifth edition, printed in 1749; in which, of course, the plates must have been nearly worn out. The copies of the first edition, on royal paper, of which I now have one before me, were superior to any book of the kind which had been hitherto published, and were unequalled until Cook's voyages appeared. Of the large paper copies 350 were

taken by subscription. A seventh edition was printed in 1753 in 8vo. 1748.
It was published in German, French, and Dutch, in 1749, and in Italian
in 1756.

Ciudades principales del Mundo, sacada de las relaciones
toscanas de Juan Botero Benes; en que se trata de las cos-
tumbres, industria, trato y riquesas de cada una de las na-
ciones de Europa, Asia, Africa, America, 6 Nuevo Mundo;
de la quantidad, qualidad y movimientos del Mar; y de todas
las islas y peninsulas hasta oy descubiertas. Por Fr. Jayme
Rebullosa de la orden de Predicadores.

Small 4to.

This work, which is found in Robertson's catalogue, was first printed in 1603.

9 CARTA O DIARIO que escrive D. Joseph Eusebio de Llano y Zapata al Dr. Chirivoga en que con la mayor verdad, y critica mas segura le dà cuenta de todo lo acaecido en esta capital del Peru desde el viernes 28 de Octre. 1746, quando experimentó su mayor ruina con el grande movimiento de tierra, &c. Madrid.

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Small 4to. pp. 33. 10 EXTRACTO DE LOS AUTOS de diligencias y reconocimientos de los Rios, Lagunas, Vertientes y Desagues de la capital Mexico y su valle: de los caminos para su comunicacion, y su comercio de los daños que se vieron : remedios que se arbitraron: de los puntos en particular decididos: de su practica: y de otros à mayor examen reservados, para con mejor acierto resolverlos. Por D. Joseph Franc de Cuevas, Aguirre y Espinosa. Mexico.

Folio, pp. 71, and map.

11 HISTORIA DE LA CONQUISTA DE MEXICO, poblacion y progressos de la America Septentrional conocida por el nombre de Nueva España. Escriviala D. Antonio de Solis, secretario de S. M. y su Chronista mayor de las Indias. Madrid.


The editor, in his dedication to Ferdinand VI. says, that this edition was corrected from the manuscripts of the author. It was first published in 1684.

12 RELACION HISTORICA del viage à la America Meridional hecho de orden de S. M. para medir algunos grados de meridiano


terrestre y venir por ellos en conocimiento de la verdadera figura y magnitud de la tierra con otras varias observaciones astronomicas y phisicas. Por Don Jorge Juan y D. Ant Ulloa. Small folio, 4 vols.


13 OBSERVACIONES ASTRONOMICAS y phisicas hechas de orden de S. M. en los reynos del Peru, por D. Jorge Juan y D. Antonio Ulloa, &c. de las quales se deduce la figura y magnitud de la tierra y se aplica à la navigacion.

Small folio.

These two works are generally found together.


The historical relation

was written by Ulloa; the astronomical part by Juan. It was, at the time, the most important work of the kind that had been published. The expedition to which it relates was the same in which Condamine and Bouguer were sent by the French academy of sciences, for the purpose of determining the figure of the earth at the Equator. The astronomical observations were reprinted in 1773, with a memoir of the author. The historical part was translated into French in 1752, and into English in 1758.


1 A SHORT STATE of the countries and trade of North America. Claimed by the Hudson's Bay Company, under pretence of a charter for ever, of lands without bounds or limits, and an exclusive trade to those unbounded seas and countries. Shewing the illegality of the said grant, and the abuse they have made of it, &c. London.

8vo. pp. 44.

2 A SHORT NARRATIVE and justification of the proceedings of the
committee appointed by the adventurers to prosecute the dis-
covery of the passage to the Western ocean of America; and
to open
and extend the trade, and settle the countries beyond
Hudson's Bay. With an apology for their postponing at pre-
sent their intended application to Parliament. To which are
annexed, the report and petitions referred to in the narrative;
and the papers prepared to be delivered to the Lords and
Commons, &c. Now laid before the publick for their future

8vo. pp. 30.


3 REASONS TO SHEW that there is a great probability of a navigable passage to the Western American ocean, through Hudson's

Streights, and Chesterfield inlet; from the observations made 1749.
on board the ships sent upon the late discovery; supported
by affidavits, which coincide with several former accounts.
Humbly offered to the consideration of the Lords and Com-
mons assembled in Parliament.

8vo. pp. 24.


4 PAPERS presented to the committee appointed to inquire into the state and condition of the countries adjoining to Hudson's Bay, and of the trade carried on there.




Gent.'s Magazine, 1749. Meusel iii. 1. 375.



6 A JOURNAL of the proceedings of the commissioners appointed
for managing a treaty of peace; to be begun and held at
Falmouth, in the county of York, the 27th of September,
1749; between Thomas Hutchinson, John Choate, Israel
Williams, and James Otis, esqs.; commissioned by the Hon.
Spencer Phips, esq. Lieut.-Gov. and Commander-in-chief in
and over H. M.'s province of the Massachusett's Bay, in New-
England, on the one part, and the Eastern Indians on the
other part.
Boston, N.E.
Quarto, pp. 18.

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Printed by John Draper.

7 A SUMMARY, HISTORICAL AND POLITICAL, of the first planting, progressive improvements, and present state of the British settlements in North America. Containing 1. Some general account of ancient and modern colonies, the granting and settling of the British continent and West India Island colonies; with some transient remarks concerning the adjoining French and Spanish settlements, and other remarks of various natures. II. The Hudson's Bay Company's lodges, fur and skin trade. III. Newfoundland harbours and codfishery. IV. The province of l'Accadie or Nova Scotia, with the vicissitudes of the property and jurisdiction thereof, and its present state. v. The several grants of Sagadahock, province of Main, Massachusett's Bay, and New Plymouth, united by a new charter in the present province of Massachu


sett's Bay, commonly called New-England.
Douglass, M.D. Vol. I.

8vo. pp. 568.

By William


This work was first published in numbers. The first appeared in January, 1747; the volume was completed in May, 1749, about which time the first 248 pages were reprinted, apparently without any alteration, notwithstanding the statement made in the preface, that "the account of Commodore Knowles's impress in the harbour of Boston, in 1747, was suppressed when the work was collected into volumes." The second volume (pp. 416,) was published in 1753; containing, 1. Province of New Hampshire. 11. Colony of Rhode Island. III. Colony of Connecticut. iv. Province of New York. v. Province of New Jersey. vi. Province of Pennsylvania and its territories. VII. Province of Maryland. vIII. The colony and dominions of Virginia. The death of the author, in Oct. 1752, prevented the work from being finished; the history of Virginia is only touched upon, the two last numbers being mostly occupied by a digression on the small-pox, which prevailed at that time in Boston. Both volumes were reprinted in London in 1755, and republished, with new titles only, in 1760.

8 REPRESENTATION of the Board of Trade relating to the laws, manufactures, and trade of the plantations in America.



9 VOYAGE À LA BAYE DE HUDSON, fait en 1746 et 1747, pour la decouverte du passage de Nord-ouest, &c. Traduit de l'Anglois de M. Henri Ellis, &c.

12mo. 2 vols. in 1, plates.


The name of the translator of this work is Sellius, according to Barbier, (see No. 1, 1748.) Another edition was printed at Leyden in 1750. 10 HISTOIRE GENERALE DES VOYAGES, ou nouvelle collection de toutes les relations de voyages qui ont été publiées jusqu'à present, &c. (par A. F. Prevost d'Exiles.) 12mo. 80 vols.

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See No. 8, 1746. The last volume was published in 1789. 11 La figure DE LA TERRE déterminée par les observations de MM. Bouguer et de la Condamine, envoyés au Pèrou pour observer aux environs de l'équateur. Avec une relation abregée de ce voyage, qui contient la description du pays dans lesquels les operations ont été faites. Par M. Bouguer. Quarto, pp. cx. and 396. Paris.

See 1751-2.

12 DISERTACION HISTORICA Y GEOGRAPHICA sobre el meridiano de demarcacion entre los Dominios de España y Portugal, y

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