An Analysis and Summary of Thucydides: With a Chronological Table of Principal Events, Money, Distances, Etc. Reduced to English Terms; a Skeleton Outline of the Geography; Abstracts of All the Speeches, Index, Etc

Bohn, 1855 - 413 pagina's

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Pagina ii - HERODOTUS, Notes on. Original and Selected from the best Commentators. By DW Turner, MA Coloured Map. Analysis and Summary of, with a Synchronistical Table of Events — Tables of Weights, Measures, Money, and Distances — an Outline of the History and Geography — and the Dates completed from Gaisford, Baehr, &c. By JT Wheeler. NEW TESTAMENT (The) in Greek.
Pagina 88 - Coronta, they returned to their ships, deciding that it was impossible in the winter season to march against (Eniadae, a place which, unlike the rest of Acarnania, had been always hostile to them; for the river Achelous flowing from Mount Pindus through Dolopia and the country of the Agraeans and Amphilochians and the plain of Acarnania, past the town of Stratus in the upper part of its course, forms lakes where it falls into the sea round (Eniadae, and thus makes it impracticable for an army in...
Pagina 99 - ... their arms from clashing, crossed the ditch, and planted their ladders, unseen and unheard ; for the noise of their approach was drowned by the wind. The first who mounted were twelve men armed with short swords, led by Ammeas, son of Coroebus. His followers, six on each side, proceeded immediately to secure the two nearest towers. Next came another party with short spears, their shields being carried by their comrades behind them. But before many more had mounted, the fall of a tile, broken...
Pagina 32 - Thucydides at the 89th chapter, and read to the 117th inclusive : he should then go back to the 24th, and read from thence to the 88th inclusive, after which he should proceed directly to the 118lh.
Pagina 67 - ... violent heats in the head and redness and inflammation in the eyes, the inward parts such as the throat or tongue becoming bloody and emitting an unnatural and fetid breath. These symptoms were followed by sneezing and hoarseness, after which the pain soon reached the chest and produced a hard cough.
Pagina 313 - Nicias (who had in fact some correspondents who informed him of what went on inside the town), not to lead off the army by night as the Syracusans •were guarding the roads, but to make his preparations at his leisure and to retreat by day. After saying this they departed ; and their hearers informed the Athenian generals, who put off going for that night on the strength of this message, not doubting its sincerity.
Pagina 250 - When the ships were manned and everything required for the voyage had been placed on board, silence was proclaimed by the sound of the trumpet, and all with one voice before setting sail offered up the customary prayers; these were recited, not in each ship, but by a single herald, the whole fleet accompanying him.
Pagina 36 - The ircpioiKoi were the old Achaian inhabitants of Laconia, who after the Dorian conquest submitted to the invaders on certain conditions, by which they retained their private rights of citizenship, and also the right of voting in the public assembly. These rights however were forfeited after an unsuccessful attempt to shake off the Dorian yoke; and from henceforward they were treated as subjects rather than citizens; being eligible indeed to military commands, but with no voice...
Pagina 202 - If anything be forgotten, whatever it be, and on whatever point, it shall be consistent with their oath for both parties the Athenians and Lacedaemonians to alter it, according to their discretion. The treaty begins from the Ephoralty of Pleistolas in Lacedaemon, on the 27th day of the month of Artemisium, and from the Archonship of Alcaeus at Athens, on the 25th day of the month of Elaphebolion. Those who took the oath and poured the libations for the Lacedaemonians were Pleistoanax, Agis, Pleistolas...
Pagina 238 - Eurymedon and subjugate it if possible, most of them unaware of the size of the island and the number of its inhabitants...

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