A New and General Biographical Dictionary: Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation ; Particularly the British and Irish ; from the Earliest Accounts of Time to the Present Period

G. G. and J. Robinson, 1798
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Pagina 372 - James, whose skill in physic will be long remembered ; and with David Garrick, whom I hoped to have gratified with this character of our common friend. But what are the hopes of man ? I am disappointed by that stroke of death which has eclipsed the gaiety of nations, and impoverished the public stock of harmless pleasure.
Pagina 239 - Could the author flatter himself that any one would have half the pleasure in reading the following exposition, which he hath had in writing it, he would not fear the loss of his labour. The employment detached him from the bustle and hurry of life, the din of politics, and the noise of folly. Vanity and vexation flew away for a season, care and disquietude came not near his dwelling.
Pagina 57 - He was a man very well bred, and of excellent parts, and a graceful speaker upon any subject, having a good proportion of learning, and a ready wit to apply it, and enlarge upon it; of a pleasant and facetious humour, and a disposition affable, generous, and magnificent.
Pagina 223 - My Lord, When I lost the freedom of my cell, which was my College, 'yet I found some degree of it in my quiet country parsonage : but I am weary of the noise and oppositions of this place; and indeed, God and Nature did not intend me for contentions, but for study and quietness.
Pagina 208 - ... the poetical fire was more raging in one, but clearer in the other, which makes the first more amazing, and the latter more agreeable. The ore was richer in one, but in the other more refined, and better allayed to make up excellent work. Upon the whole...
Pagina 222 - London and accept of her choice; and he did so in that or about the year following. Now the wife provided for him was her daughter Joan, who brought him neither beauty nor portion; and for her conditions, they were too like that wife's which is by Solomon compared to a dripping house; so that the good man had no reason to rejoice in the wife of his youth...
Pagina 205 - The guardian, though his care had not prevented the misfortune, was however willing to conceal it ; and therefore sent Critheis to Smyrna. Critheis being near her time, went one...
Pagina 267 - ... Should it please God to cut off my life in the prosecution of this design, let not my conduct be uncandidly imputed to rashness or enthusiasm, but to a serious, deliberate conviction that I am pursuing the path of duty, and to a sincere desire of being made an instrument of more extensive usefulness to my fellowcreatures than could be expected in the narrower circle of a retired life.
Pagina 222 - But when his servant returned and released him, then his two pupils attended him unto his house, where their best entertainment was his quiet company, which was presently denied them, for Richard was called to rock the cradle; and the rest of their welcome was so like this, that they stayed but till next morning, which was time enough to discover and pity their tutor's condition...
Pagina 222 - ... and that it was best for him to have a wife, that might prove a nurse to him, such a one as might both prolong his life and make it more comfortable, and such a one she could and would provide for him, if he thought fit to marry.

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