Medical Portrait Gallery: Biographical Memoirs of the Most Celebrated Physicians, Surgeons, Etc., Etc., who Have Contributed to the Advancement of Medical Science, Volumes 3-4

Fisher, son & Company, 1839
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Pagina 1 - Hope, of all passions, most befriends us here ; Passions of prouder name befriend us less. Joy has her tears ; and transport has her death : Hope, like a cordial, innocent, though strong, Man's heart, at once, inspirits and serenes...
Pagina 5 - That place, that does Contain my books, the best companions, is To me a glorious court, where hourly I Converse with the old sages and philosophers ; And sometimes for variety I confer With kings and emperors, and weigh their counsels ; Calling their victories, if unjustly got, Unto a strict account ; and in my fancy, Deface their ill-placed statues.
Pagina 12 - Of all the world, you are the man (without flattery) who serve your friends with the least ostentation ; it is almost ingratitude to thank you, considering your temper; and this is the period of all my letter which I fear you will think the most impertinent. I am with the truest affection, Yours, &c.
Pagina 34 - Three faces wears the doctor ; when first sought, An angel's— and a god's the cure half wrought ; But when that cure complete, he seeks his fee. The devil looks less terrible than he.
Pagina 2 - Hope, like a cordial, innocent, tho' strong, Man's heart, at once, inspirits, and serenes ; Nor makes him pay his wisdom for his joys ; 'Tis all our present state can safely bear, Health to the frame ! and vigour to the mind ! A joy...
Pagina 6 - Knowledge, in general, expands the mind, exalts the faculties, refines the taste of pleasure, and opens numerous sources of intellectual enjoyment. By means of it, we become less dependent for satisfaction upon the sensitive appetites, the gross pleasures of sense are more easily despised, and we are made to feel the superiority of the spiritual to the material part of our nature.
Pagina 10 - ... ut docet Galenus. Ergo ad alium usum effunditur sanguis a corde in pulmones hora ipsa nativitatis, et tam copiosus.
Pagina 6 - search resembles and exceeds the tumultuous pleasures of the chase, and the consciousness of overcoming a formidable obstacle, or of lighting on some happy discovery, gives all the enjoyment of a conquest, without those corroding reflections by which the latter must be impaired.
Pagina 5 - All pleasures that affect the body must needs weary, because they transport ; and all transportation is a violence, and no violence can be lasting, but determines upon the falling of the spirits, which are not able to keep up that height of motion that the...

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