1592-95. National Galleries.

1625. Lougman's New Testament,

1659. Becker and Hefner Objets d'Art du Moyen Age.

1685. Ottley on Printing.

1688. Ovid. Beautifully illustrated. Paris, 1806.
1758. Pyramids of Gizeh.

1907. Rosetta Stone. Unique copy.

1962. Nuremberg Chronicle. Folio.

1989. Agincourt's History of Art. Folio.

2077. Smith's Catalogue Raisonné. 9 vols., imp. 8vo.
2132. Spooner's Dictionary. Extended to 10 vols., 4to.
2147. Statuts de l'Ordre du Saint-Esprit.

2200. Strutt's Dresses and Decorations.

2 vols., 4to.

2290. Tuckerman's Book of the Artists. 4to. Plates.
2296. Picturesque Voyage to Tuscany. 3 vols., folio.
2332. Waagen's Art Treasures. 4 vols., 8vo.
2344. Walpole's Anecdotes. 5 vols. 1828.
2638. Waring's Masterpieces of Industrial Art.

Lot 2351. A superb copy of Walton's Angler
would not be unfitting a position among the Fine

Of what may be called BELLES LETTRES, or General
Literature, in which department we here include any-
thing that cannot be otherwise conveniently classified,
the collection is fairly large. We content ourselves
with a reference to

Baskeville's Edition.

3 vols.

10. Addison's Works.
17. Esop's Fables. Stockdale's Edition.
61. Arabian Nights. Lane's Translation.
63. Archaica and Lot 978, Heliconia.
76. Ascham's Schoolmaster. Black Letter.
90. Lord Bacon's Works, &c. India Paper.
125. Bayle's Dictionary. 5 vols., folio. Large Paper.
189. Pickering's Prayer-Books. 8 vols., folio.

376-7. Don Quixote. 4 vols., 4to.

414. Cicero's Cato Major. Printed by Franklin, 1744. Uncut.

[blocks in formation]

54 vols. Large Paper.

587. Dickens' Works. 54 vols.

636. D'Urfey's Wit and Mirth. 6 vols., 12mo. Rare.

709. Musarum Deliciæ. 2 vols.

782. Friar Rush. Printed on vellum.

807. Gay's Fables. Best edition.

2 vols.

934. Harington's Metamorphoses of Ajax.

978. Heliconia. Edited by Park. 3 vols., 4to. 1815.

1127. Irving's Works. Large Paper.

1196. Woodfall's Junius. Large Paper.
1240. Knight's Worship of Priapus.

28 vols., 8vo.


1274. Lavater's Physiognomy. 5 vols., 4to. 1810.
1304 Le Sage's Gil Blas. 4 vols. 1809.

1318. Lewis' Monk. First edition. 3 vols. 1796.
1358-9. Chevalier de Faublas. French and English.
1486. Milton's Works. Pickering's Edition.
1498. Mirror for Magistrates. 3 vols., 4to.

8 vols.

1509. Montaine's Works. Large Paper. 1864.
1528. More's Utopia. By Dibdin. Large Paper. 1808.
1646. Nicolas' Orders of Knighthood. 4 vols., 4to.

1793. Plato. Translated by Taylor. 5 vols., 4to.


1871. Retrospective Review. Complete. 18 vols., 8vo.
1967. Scott's Novels. 25 vols., 8vo. Morocco, extra.
2044. Sir P. Sidney's Arcadia. Folio.


2054. Singer on Playing Cards. 4to.
2346. Horace Walpole's Works. Strawberry Hill Edition. 5 vols.,


NATURAL HISTORY is largely represented, and in-
cludes some of the grandest works in existence, among
which we enumerate

81. Audubon's Birds of America. Folio.

82. Audubon's Quadrupeds. Folio.

369. Catesby's Carolina, Florida, etc.

667. Elliott's Birds of North America.

1140. Jardine and Selby's Ornithology. 3 vols., 4to.

1474. Michaux and Nuttall's North American Sylva. 6 vols.

1542. Morton's Crania Americana. Folio.

1596. Naturalist's Library. 29 vols., royal 8vo.

2046. Samuels' Ornithology of New England.

2061. Sloane's Jamaica. 2 vols., folio.


2601. Wilson's American Ornithology. 9 vols., 4to.

The collection of POETRY and the DRAMA will not be found so complete in original editions as some other departments. The first editions of

"The Fairie Queene,

Old Geffrey, Sidney, Drayton, Randolph, Greene,
The double Beaumonde, Drummond, Browne,"*

are "conspicuous by their absence; " but such absence is well recompensed in many instances by the beautiful reprints of Pickering and others; and, for an ordinary library, there is surely enough. We instance

226. Anne Bradstreet's Poems. First Edition. 1651.
245. British Poets. 130 vols. Large Paper.
324. Byron's Works. Large Paper.

10 vols. 4to.

512. Longfellow's Danté. On INDIA PAPER. One of three copies


592. Doran's Annals of the Stage. Extended to 5 vols. 1030. Homer. Translated by Chapman. Folio. 1616. 1117. Ireland's New York Stage. On DRAWING Paper. two copies.

1184. Ben Jonson's Works. Folio.

1438. Massinger. By Gifford. 4 vols., 8vo. 1813.

1475. Middleton. By Dyce. 6 vols. 1840.

1482. Milton's Poems. First complete edition. 1673. 1776. Aldine Poets. 57 vols. Uncut.

* W[hiting's] "Albius and Bellania,"

One of

1991. Miss Seward's Monody on Major André. 4to.

2001. Shakespeare. White's, Knight's, Singer's, and other editions. 2014. Shakespeare Society Publications. 18 vols, 8vo. Tree calf 2037. Shirley's Dramatic Works. 6 vols. Large Paper.

2041. Sibbald's Scottish Poetry. 4 vols., crown 8vo.

2159. Sterling's Recreations with the Muses. Folio. 1637. 2203. Suckling's Works. 1709.

2327. Voltaire's La Pucelle. Translated.

2547. Phillis Wheatley's Poems. 1773.

HISTORY in general is represented by

21. Alison's Europe. 23 vols., 8vo.

737. Finlay's Historical Works. 7 vols.

871. Grote's Greece. Best Edition.

12 vols., 8vo.

1374. Macaulay's Works. 14 vols., 8vo., on India Paper. 1866. 1603. Lord Nelson's Dispatches. 7 vols., 8vo.

1692. Oxford Classics. Consisting of Hume, Smollett, Gibbon, Robertson, Johnson, &c. 46 vols., 8vo. calf, gilt. A beautiful set.

2197. Strickland's Queens of England.

2205. Sully's Memoirs. 2 vols., folio.

2251. Thomson's Magna Charta.

But the chief feature and crowning glory of this Library is the almost unequalled collection of AMERI


This department, although the last formed, is, in many respects, the most complete. It properly forms a part of the history of the formation of this Library to remark that Mr. Rice, through our agency, in the year 1866, became the purchaser, at a cost of fourteen. thousand dollars, of the entire library of Americana formed by Mr. John F. McCoy, of New York, which, for its size, was one of the best within our knowledge.

Since that time, Mr. Rice's purchases have been mostly in this direction; and after this sale, he expects to reenter the lists as a buyer of books of this class. Includ

ed in this department are many specimens of early printing in this country, by Samuel and Benjamin Green, William Bradford, Benjamin Franklin, James Franklin, and others.

Among the books in this division, we enumerate the following Lots as being of special merit, either for their beauty or rarity:

3. Acosta's West Indies. Black Letter. 23. Allen's Captivity. 1779.

46. André's Cow Chace.

75. Ash's Carolina. 1682.


204. Boston Massacre Orations.

217-18. Braddock's Expedition.

224. Bradford Club Books. A complete set.

274. Budd's Pennsilvania. 4to. 1685.

277. Bullock's Virginia. 1649.

292. Burk's Virginia. 4 vols., 8vo.

319. Byfield's Revolution in New England. 4to. 1689.

337. Callender's Rhode Island. 1739.

357. Case of Protestants in Carolina. 1706.

442. Clarke's Bunker Hill. 1775.

490. Cotton's Bloody Tenant. 4to. 1647.

499. Creuxius' Canada. 4to. 1664.

518. Davenport's God's Call to His People. Cambridge, 1669.

552. Delavall and Keith. 4to. Philadelphia, 1693.

662. Eliot's INDIAN BIBLE. First Edition.

First Edition. 4to. 1663.

664. Eliot's Tears of Repentance. 4to. 1653. 683. Buccaneers of America.

690. Evans' Map of the Colonies. 1755. 718. Federalist. First Edition, Uncut. 1788.

733. Filson's Kentucky Ilustrated Copy. 1784.

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