France, Social, Literary, Political, Volume 2


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Pagina 120 - So by like reason it cannot be but a matter of doubtful consequence, if states be managed by empiric statesmen, not well mingled with men grounded in learning. But contrariwise, it is almost without instance contradictory, that ever l any government was disastrous that was in the hands of learned governors.
Pagina 222 - ... elle fait du concours permanent des vues politiques de votre gouvernement avec les vœux de votre peuple la condition indispensable de la marche régulière des affaires publiques. Sire, notre loyauté, notre dévouement, nous condamnent à vous dire QUE CE CONCOURS N'EXISTE PAS.
Pagina 63 - Men met each other with erected look, The steps were higher that they took ; Friends to congratulate their friends made haste, And long inveterate foes saluted as they pass'd...
Pagina 34 - Le Roi est le chef supre"me de l'fitat ; il commande les forces de terre et de mer, declare la guerre, fait les traites de paix, d'alliance et de commerce, nomme a tous les emplois...
Pagina 200 - Adele. I'll bless him — but be quick . . . that door. Antony. Fear nothing ! death shall be here before any one. But reflect on it well— death ! Adele. I beg it — wish it — implore it (throicing herself into his arms} — I come to seek it.
Pagina 149 - ... William determined to resort to arms to enforce his claim. He applied to the Pope to sanction his undertaking. The Pope sent him a consecrated flag, and a bull authorizing the descent upon England, in the year 1066. William published his war-ban in the countries adjacent. He offered a large sum of money and the pillage of England, to every man of tall and robust stature who would serve either with the lance, the sword, or the crossbow ; and a multitude poured in from all parts, from far and near,...
Pagina 205 - Go and see it ! There is great art, great nature, great improbability, all massed and mingled all together in the rapid rush of terrible things, which pour upon you, press upon you, keep you fixed to your seat, breathless, motionless. And then a pause comes — the piece is over — you shake your head, you stretch your limbs, you still feel shocked, bewildered, and walk home as if awakened from a terrible nightmare. Such is the effect of the
Pagina 96 - ... by a female, who will handle the sword and recommend the gun ; and there is a mixture of womanly gentleness and masculine decision in the little creature, so easy, so unembarrassed, so prettily dressed and so delicately shaped, which you are at a loss to reconcile with all your preconceived notions of effrontery on the one hand and effeminacy on the other.
Pagina 92 - ... French women do not love so violently, — as by a passion for that action and adventure which they are willing to seek, even in a camp. At the battle of...

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