1206 Pilkington (M.) Dictionary of Painters, by Barry, 4to. calf, elegant, (Earl of Liverpool's Copy) 30s


1207 Pindar (Peter) Loyal Odes to Disloyal Academicians, 4to. 2s. 1208 Pingeron (M.) Vie des Architectes Anciens et Modernes, 2 tom. 12mo. calf, neat, 5s.

Paris, 1771 1209 Pinkerton (John) Ichnographia Scotica, or Portraits of Ilustrious Persons of Scotland, engraved from authentic Paintings, with Memoirs, royal Svo. bds. 15s.

1210 Ditto, morocco, gilt leaves, 21s.



1211 Piranesi (J. B.) Trajan Column, brilliant impressions, atlas folio, stitched, 31. 3s.

1212 Views in Rome, oblong 4to. 18 plates, 15s. 1213 Piroli (T.) Edifici Antichi di Roma, 82 plates, 8vo. 10s. 1214 Pitteri (M.) Drawing book, 24 plates, 4to. stitched, 12s. 1215 Pitture e Fresco de principali Maestri Veneziani, 24 plates from Ancient Paintings, fol. bds. 16s. Venice, 1760

1216 Pitture, Scolture, ed Architetture, della Citta di Bologna, 12mo. calf, extra, 52.


1217 Pliny, Histoire de la Peinture Ancienne, 1725.-Durand, La Chute de l'Homme, frontispiece, by Vertue.-In 1 vol. fol. calf, fine copy, 12s.

1218 Poems on the Abolition of the Slave Trade, by Montgomery, &c. embellished with plates and ports. 4to. bds. 10s. 1809 1219 Pond's Collection of Landscapes from the Originals by Claude and Poussin, 44 plates, engraved by Vivares, &c. atlas fol. neat, 31. 3s.

1741-4 1220 Porter (Sir R. K.) Illustrations to Anacreon, 6 Nos. 4to. 26 plates, complete, fine impressions, 15s.



1221 Portraits of Artists mentioned in Walpole's Anecdotes of Painting, 25 plates, 4to. bds. 78.







1797 of the Illustrious Men of Prague, by M. Balzer, 87 portraits, including Hollar, Comenius, &c. 4to. 21s.

of Royal Personages, from the very rare Originals, atlas fol. neat, 21. 2s. 1816 British Poets, by Vertue, from Original Pictures and Monuments, the set, 12 fire plates, fol. 30s.

to Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, a complete set, 82 plates, 8vo. fine impressions, before the Nos. mounted on folio tinted paper, 41. 4s.

of celebrated Painters, from Vasari's Lives, 156 plates, neatly mounted, 4to. calf, neat, 21s.

to Coxe's Memoirs of Sir Robert Walpole, proof impressions, 21 plates, royal 4to. 21s.

1228 to the Monthly Mirror, 170, chiefly theatrical, 4to. neat, 30s.

1229 de célèbres Personnages qui ont figuré dans les Revo


"No attempt has been hitherto made to collect the scattered Likenesses of a succession of Men whose words were sparks of immortality, and to reproduce them in a form worthy of them and of the age. It is the object of the present publication to supply this deficiency in the history of British Genius, and to offer to the Public a National Work of equal Interest and Excellence."-PROs


With these views the Work was undertaken by its spirited Proprietor, and completed at a cost of little less than Ten Thousand Pounds. It comprises a Series of Portraits of the Eminent British Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper, amounting to One Hundred and Thirty Eight, from the most authentic Originals in the Kingdom. The Collections at Stow, Nuneham, Knowle, Strawberry Hill, Althorpe, Blenheim, and the Oxford and Cambridge Universities, &c. were liberally thrown open for the purpose, and many of the Portraits were for the first time engraved in the present Collection. Messrs. Thurston, Clint, and Uwins were employed to make the Drawings, from which the Plates were beautifully engraved, in the Line Manner, by the most eminent Engravers, viz. Armstrong, Bromley, Duncan, Edwards, Engleheart, Finden, Fittler, Newton, Pye, Raddon, Rhodes, Rivers, Robinson, Rolls, Romney, Smith, Charles and Ambrose Warren, Wedgwood, and Worthington. The Scries was completed in Twenty-three Parts, each Part containing Six Plates; and the united talents of the above Artists have produced a Work that can compete, with respect to execution and authenticity, with any Series of Portraits ever produced; and certainly, in point of interest, superior to all. The high price, necessarily occasioned by the superior excellence with which these Portraits were engraved, has hitherto precluded them from the general circulation which it is trusted they will now experience; as the sudden death of Mr. W. WALKER, the late enterprising projector of the Work, has occasioned its transfer to the Publisher of this Catalogue, who is enabled to offer them to the Public at the following greatly reduced prices:—

Published at

The 23 Parts, complete in Nos. royal 8vo. 15 15
Ditto, on French Paper, 4to.

Ditto, India Proofs, super-royal 4to.

Ditto, ditto, before the letters, imp. fol. (only 25 printed)

Offered at

£. s. d.

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21 0 0

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30 16 0

10 10 0

54 0 0 21 0 0

The following are the Names of the Poets whose Portraits are

given in this Collection:


John Gower

John Lydgate

James I. of Scotland
Thomas Occleve

Sir Thomas Wyatt

Lord Surrey
Lord Vaux
Lord Buckhurst

John Harington

Sir Philip Sidney
Edmund Spenser
Bishop Hall

Sir John Harrington
Sir Thomas Overbury

Sir Walter Raleigh
Joshua Sylvester
Samuel Daniel

Francis Beaumont
John Fletcher

F. Greville, Ld. Brooke

Michael Drayton
Dr. Donne
George Herbert
George Chapman
Richard Corbet
Thomas Middleton
Ben Jonson
Thomas Carew
Sir Henry Wotton
Earl of Stirling
Philip Massinger
Sir John Suckling
Sidney Godolphin
William Cartwright
George Sandys
Francis Quarles
William Drummond
Thomas May

John Taylor
John Hall

Wm. Chamberlayne
Richard Lovelace
Catherine Phillips
John Cleveland
James Shirley
Alexander Brome
Robert Herrick
Abraham Cowley
Sir Richard Fanshawe
Sir William Davenant
George Wither

Sir John Menuis

Richard Braithwaite
John Milton
John Ogilby

Andrew Marvell
Thomas Stanley
Thomas Hobbes
Lord Rochester
Samuel Butler
Isaac Walton
John Oldham
Lord Roscommon
Thomas Otway
Anne Killigrew
Edmund Waller
Charles Cotton
Dr. Henry Moore.
Thomas Flatman
Aphra Behn

Nathaniel Lee
Thomas Shadwell
John Dryden
Sir Charles Sedley
Charles Sackville, Earl

of Dorset
George Stepney
John Phillips
William Walsh
William Wycherley

Thomas Parnell

Nicholas Rowe

Samuel Garth


James Thomson
Dr. Watts
Aaron Hill
Gilbert West
Colley Cibber
Allan Ramsay
Sir C. H. Williams
Isaac Hawkins Browne
Lady M. W. Montague
John Byrom

William Shenstone
Charles Churchill

Dr. Young
Mark Akenside
Thomas Gray
John Cunningham
Geo. Lord Lyttleton
Oliver Goldsmith
Paul Whitehead
Dr. Armstrong
Thomas Penrose
David Garrick
Henry Brooke

Dr. Samuel Johnson
William Whitehead
Richard Glover
John Logan

William J. Mickle

Thomas Warton

Sheffield, Duke of Buck- Dr. Cotton

Joseph Addison
Matthew Prior
Thomas D'Urfey'
Sir John Vanbrugh
William Congreve
Elijah Fenton
John Gay
Barton Booth
Thomas Tickell
William Somerville
Alexander Pope
Jonathan Swift

George Colman
Sir William Jones
Samuel Bishop
Robert Burns

William Mason

Joseph Warton
William Cowper
Dr. Darwin
Dr. Beattie

Christopher Anstey
Charlotte Smith

For the purpose of Illustration, most of the Portraits may be procured, singly, at the following prices:-In royal 8vo. 1s. each, -French Paper, 4to. 1s. 6d. each-India Proofs, super-royal 4to. 2s. each

1231 Portraits to Crabbe's Historical Dictionary, the complete set, a series of 800 illustrious persons in every country and age, 4to. 21. 2s.




des Hommes Illustres de France, 52 fine portraits, by Nanteuil, including Pascal and Arnald, fol. neat, 21. 2s.

Paris, 1696

Founder and Members of the Jesuits, 15 fine plates,

by Westerhout, fol. 10s.

German Emperors, from Rodolph to

Rome, 1748 Matthias, 12

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1235 Portraits of Eminent Painters, with a brief Account of their Lives, 101 plates, 4to. neat, 2l. 23.


1236- of the Brunswick Royal Family, from pictures by Sir T. Lawrence, Sir W. Beechey, &c. 22 plates, 4to. 12s. 1806 of Persons, circa 1782, by Bretherton, 23 plates, with













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of Kings of England, from William I. to III. 29 plates, by Vandrebanc, 4to. 10s.

of Persons connected with the History of Great Britain from James I. to 1688, with Memoirs by Dr. Watkins, 41 plates, fol. 27. 2s. 1811

Fhysiognomical; a Collection of 100 portraits of distinguished Characters, engraved in the line manner, by the most eminent British Artists, 10 parts, complete, Svo. 21. 2s.


Royal and Noble Authors, first state of the plates, scarce, 100 plates, royal 4to. morocco, elegant, 41. 4s.


Reformers and early English Bishops, 39 plates, Svo.

of Illustrious Persons of Scotland, by J. Smith, 21 plates, 8vo. bds. 10s.

Sovereign Princes of Holland, 40 portraits, from Rubens, Titian, &c. finely engraved by Soutman, fol. calf, neat, 21. 2s.


Kings of England, from William the Conqueror to Charles I. engraved by Elstracke, and "sould by Thomas Jenner," scarce, 4to. i8s.


Kings and Queens of England, by Vertue, 42 plates, fine old impressions, fol. 21. 2s.

Ditto, with their Monuments, by Vertue, 62 plates, fol. from 3d edit. 27. 2s.

of the Kings of France, from Pharamond to Henry II. with Biography, and an ancient MS. Index and Memoir, 4to. neat, 10s. B. Arnold, Ludg. n. d. 1249 Volume, containing 152, by Moncornet, fine old impressions, including several of the English Series, 4to. neat, 30s.

1250 Poussin (N.) Drawing Book, 60 fine plates of Heads and Figures from his most celebrated Pictures, fol. 27. 2s. 1806 The Sacraments, engraved by Tomkins, from the Originals in the Stafford Gallery, fol. 18s.






Ditto, by Pesne, &c. 7 large sheets, 27. 12s. 6d. (Gaspar) Eighteen Landscapes from his Pictures in the Church of St. Martin at Rome, etched by P. Parboni, fol. stitched, 21s.

Rome, 1801

Rome, 1811


Engravings from his Pictures at the Palazza Massimi, finely etched by Pinelli, fol, 21s.

Collection de Lettres de, 8vo. 5s.

1256 Prunetti (A.) Saggiæ Pittorico, 12mo. neat, 3s. Rome, 1786

1257 Prestel (J. T.) Desseins des meilleurs Peintres, 36 plates, engraved in imitation of the Original Designs. In a portfolio, 27. 2s.


1258 Price (U.) on the Picturesque and Beautiful, 8vo. 3s. 1801 1259

Ditto, Svo. bds. 3s.

Lond. 1794

Rome, 1786

1260 Principi del Disegno, tratti del piu eccellenti Statue Antiche, 36 fine plates, by Volpato and Raphael Morghen, fol. 30s. 1261 Principles of Beauty relative to the Human Head, by A. Cozens, plates, fol. half russia, 18s. Lond. 1778 1262 Principles of Mathematical Drawing, an original MS. with Drawings, oblong fol. 7s.

1263 Principles of Drawing, from Gerard Lairesse and Fresnoy, numerous plates, fol. 10s.

1773 1264 Procession and Public Entry of Mary de Medicis into Amsterdam, on 7 sheets, by Stoop, 12s.

1265 Pronti (D.) Veduta Antiche della Citta di Roma, 100 plates; et Vedute Moderne, 70 plates. In 1 vol. 4to. 30s.


Costumi Religiosi, Civili, e Militari, degli antichi Egiziani, Etruschi, Greci, e Romani, 50 plates of ancient Costume, Implements, Furniture, &c. oblong 4to. 21s.

1267 Proportions du Corps Humain, mesurées sur les plus belles Figures Antiques, 20 plates, 4to. stitched, 5s.

1817 1268 Puckle (James) Club, embellished with fine wood-cuts, Svo. bds. 7s.



Set of Illustrations to, proofs, and printed in various tints, 8vo. bds. 5s. Ibid.

1270 Pyne (W. H.) Microcosm, or Picturesque 'Delineation of the Arts, Agriculture, Manufactures, &c. of Great Britain, in 1000 Groupes of small Figures for the Embellishment of Landscapes, on 120 sheets, 30 Nos. complete, royal 4to. 31. 3s. Ackermann. Rustic Figures, engraved on 36 plates, 4to. neat, 15s. 1813


1272 Raccolta di 50 Vedute antiche e moderne di Roma e sue Vicinanze, oblong 4to. 15s.


delle migliori Statue Antiche existente in vari Musei, 22 plates, by Piroli, Svo. 4s.



degli Antichi Monumenti, par Pozzuolo, Cuma, Baja, e Pesto, 114 neat views, oblong 4to. 21s.


di 320 Vedute della Citta di Roma, &c. by Morelli, Pronti, &c. oblong 4to. 27. 2s.

1276 Rademaker's Views in Holland-Collection of 552 neat Etchings by this Artist, alphabetically arranged, and mounted in a 4to. volume, 21. 2s.


Kabinet van Nederlandsche, 300 Etchings, with Historical Accounts, 6 vols. 4to. vell. 30s. Amst. 1727

1278 Ramsay's Gentle Shepherd; Illustrations of, coloured plates, by D. Allan, the set of eight, 4to. 7s. 6d.


Ditto, to his Works, port. and 14 plates, prfs. 4to. 10s.

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