2111 Welsh Scenery, from Drawings by Capt. Batty, engraved by Finden, 8vo. neat, 15s.

+2112 Ditto, 4to. proofs, (sells at 41. 4s.) 21s.



Ditto, proofs on India paper, royal 4to. 17. 8s. 2114 West (J.) Guide to the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire, plates, 8vo. bds. 4s. Kendal, 1812 2115 Westall (Win.) Great Britain Illustrated, 28 Nos. 4to. India proofs, 35s. 1828-30 2116 Whitaker (John) Ancient Cathedral of Cornwall, historically surveyed, plates, 2 vols. 4to. bds. 8s. Lond. 1804 2117 Whitaker (T. D.) History and Antiquities of Whalley, co. Lanc. plates, 4to. russia, 37. 10s.




Ditto of Craven, co. Ebor. plates, 4to. bds 27. 12s. 6d.



Ditto, second edit. 4to. bds. 37. 3s. History of Richmondshire, embellished with 45 fine plates by Le Keux, &c. from Drawings by Turner, woodcuts, &c. 2 vols. fol. bds, Sl. 8s. 1823 2121 Wilkinson (R.) Londina Illustrata, a series of most interesting Views of Antiquities, Ancient Buildings, &c. in London, Large Paper, proofs, imp. 4to. russia, 81, 8s. v. y. 2122 Wilkinson (J.). Select Views in Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire, 48 plates, fol. bds. 21s. 1810 2123 Williams (Wm.) Oxonia Depicta-Views, Plans, &c. of all the Colleges, Public Buildings, &c. in this celebrated University, 66 fine plates, fol, neat, 21. 2s. Oxford, 1733 2124 Williams (D.) History of Monmouthshire, with views of its principal Ruins, Landscapes, and Residences, by J. Gardnor, 4to, bds. 31s, Od.

2125 Ditto, (no plates), 4to. bds. 10s.


2126 Williams (T. H.) Picturesque Excursions in Devonshire and Cornwall, 20 views, 8vo, bds. 10s,

2127 Wilson (J.) Account of the Colleges in Cambridge, with views and portraits of their Founders, 8vo, bds, 5s. 1803 2128 Wilson (Walter) History of Dissenting Churches, portraits, Large Paper, 4 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 21, 2s.


2129 Ditto, set of the portraits, 25 plates, 8vo. 7s.
2130 Winston (J.) Theatric Tourist, a series of Views and His-
torical Accounts of the Provincial Theatres of the United
Kingdom, 4to. bds. 15s.
Lond. 1805
2131 Woodburn (Messrs,) Ecclesiastical Topography, a Collec-
tion of 100 Views of Churches round London, with topo-
graphical descriptions, 2 vols. 4to. bds. 30s.
2132 Woolnoth (W.) Engravings of the Ancient Castles_of
England and Wales, 96 plates, fine impressions, with De-
scriptions, 2 vols. 8vo. 21. 2s.



31. 3s.



Ditto, Large Paper, 4to. India proofs, in Nos.

History and Graphical Illustrations of Canterbury Cathedral, 20 fine plates, 4to. bds. 21s.


2135 Worsley (Sir Rich.) History of the Isle of Wight, portraits and plates, 4to. calf, neat, scarce, 368.


2136 Wyndham's Tour in Wales-Set of the Plates, fine proof + impressions, 4to. bds. 12s.

2137 Wright (Thos.) Introduction to the Antiquities of Ireland, 90 plates, 4to. half russia, 15s.

Lond. 1758 2138 Yorke (Philip) Royal Tribes of Wales, portraits, 4to. bds.


Wrexham, 1799 2139 Ditto, proof impressions, scarce, 4to. calf, neat, 30s. Ib.

Publications of the Society of Antiquaries.

2140 Embarkation of Henry VIII. at Dover, 1520, from the pic ture at Windsor, sheet, 12s.

2141 Procession of Edward VI. from the Tower to Westminster, 1547, from the coeval picture at Cowdray, large sheet, 12s. 2142 Departure of Henry VIII. from Calais, 1544, from ditto, sheet, 5s.

2143 Encampment of the English Forces near Portsmouth, 1545, from ditto, sheet, 15s.

2144 Encampment of Henry VIII. at Marquison, 1544, from ditto, imperial fol. 4s.

2145 Siege of Boulogne by Henry VIII. 1544, from ditto, large sheet, 10s.

2146 Funeral Procession of Queen Elizabeth on 7 sheets, 10s. 2147 Henry VIII. granting the Charter to Barber Surgeons' Company, numerous portraits, from the celebrated picture by Holbein, sheet, 10s.


2148 Cenotaph of Lord Darnley, containing portraits of Lenox, Margaret, &c. fine impression, sheet, 6s. Vertue 2149 Portraits of Children of Henry VII. viz. Arthur, Henry, and Princess Margaret, from picture at Kensington, sheet, Vertue


2150 Portraits of Duchess of Suffolk and Adrian Stokes, from L. de Heere, sheet, 5s. Vertue 2151 Portrait of Lady Jane Grey, with allegorical figures,

sheet, 5s.


2152 Edward VI. granting the Charter to Bridewell, with portraits, from the original by Holbein, sheet, 10s. Vertue 2153 Portraits of Queen Mary, and Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk, sheet, 5s. Vertue

2154 Ditto of Henry VII. and VIII. Elizabeth of York, and Jane Seymour, whole lengths, from Holbein, sheet, 7s. Vertue 2155 Ditto of Charles I. and Henrietta Maria, from picture by

Vandyke at Somerset Palace, sheet, 5s.


2156 Battle at Carberry Hill, from the original at Kensington, sheet, 3s.


2157 BAYEUX TAPESTRY, engraved and coloured from the original, after drawings by Stothard, on 17 sheets, (sells at

2158 Portrait, Death, and Funeral of Abbot Islip, 1532, 5 plates, fol. with historical account, 10s.

Basire, 1808 2159 Four Views of Stanton Harcourt, etched by Lord Newnham, from Paul Sandby, 10s.

2160 Plans, Elevations, and Remains of Glastonbury Abbey Church, 8 plates, fol. 12s. F. Nash-Basire, 1813 2161 Plan, Elevation, and Section of Glastonbury Abbey Kitchen, 3 plates, fol. 4s. F. Nash-Basire, 1815 2162 Index to 3 first vols. of Vetusta Monumenta, fol. 5s 1810 2163 Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the Tower of London, 14 plates, with Historical Account, folio, 15s.

F. Nash-Basire, 1815 2164 Antique Statue of Bronze found in Suffolk, 5 plates, fol. 6s. Smirke-Basire, 1807 2165 Capon (Wm.) Plan and Description of the Ancient Palace of Westminster, sheet, 5s.

2166 Views of the present state of St. Mary's Abbey, York, with account by Rev. C. Wellbeloved, 11 plates, fol. 16s. 2167 Vertue (George) Account of the Historical Prints published by the Society, 4to. russia, 10s.

2168 Seven Plates of various Antiquities lately discovered in this Kingdom, fol. 7s.


2169 Antique Bronze Mask and Helmet, found at Ribchester, co. Lanc. with account by Mr. C. Townley, 4 plates, fol. 10s. Tendi-Basire, 1799 2170 Porta Honoris of Caius College, Cambridge, by W. Wilkins. with Descriptions, 3 plates, fol. 6s. Wilkins-Basire, 1809 2171 Views of Wollerton Manor-House, co. Norfolk, with account by Mr. Repton, 4 plates, fol. 7s. Repton-Basire, 1811 2172 Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the Castle of Newcastle upon Tyne, 9 plates, fol. 12s. Vulliamy-Basire, 1817 2173 Plans, Élevations, and Sections of the Temple Church, London, 7 Plates, fol. 10s. F. Nash-Basire, 1818 2174 Plans, Elevation, and Sections of Malmesbury Abbey Church, 9 plates, fol. 12s. F. Nash-Basire, 1816 2175 Plans, Elevation, and Sections of Tewkesbury Abbey, with Hist. Account, 14 fine plates, fol. 21s. Nash-Basire, 1821 2176 Magendie's Account and Views of Hedingham Castle, 5 plates, fol. 7s. 6d. Emlyn-Basire, 1796 2177 Military Antiquities of the Romans in Britain, by Major-gen. Roy, numerous plates, fol. 31.

[ocr errors]

1800 2178 Portrait of Richard II. whole length, from picture at Westminster, fol. 3s.


2179 Tournament of Henry VIII. on 6 sheets, from an ancient

roll, 10s.

2180 Ancient Dishes belonging to F. Douce, 6 subjects on 2 plates, coloured, with Descriptions, 4s. Basire, del, et sc. 2181 Cowdray House, Sussex, 6 views on 5 plates, fol. 7s. 6d. Grimm-Basire, 1796 2182 Plan of Cæsar's Camp, Holwood, Kent, sheet, 2s.

2183 Hieroglyphic, Egyptian, and Greek Inscriptions, on the Rosetta Stone, with Prof. Porson's Emendation, 4 plates, 10s. 2184 Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the Cathedral of Durham, atlas folio, fine plates, with Description, 27. 2s.







Ditto of Exeter Cathedral, 17. 10s.

Ditto of Exeter and Bath Cathedrals, in one vol. fol. neat, 31. 3s.

Ditto of St. Alban's Cathedral, 27. 2s.
Ditto of Gloucester Cathedral, 27. 2s.
Ditto of Bath Cathedral, 30s.

Ditto of St. Stephen's, Westminster, with account, atlas folio, 30s.

2191 Sir H. C. Englefield's 14 Supplemental Plates to, with Historical Account, atlas folio, 21. 2s.

2192 Vetusta Monumenta, vol. V. 46 plates, with Descriptions, fol. 27. 2s.

Ditto, vols. I. and III. containing 114 fine plates, fol.


bds. 61. 6s.




2194 Abernethy (J.) Tracts and Sermons, 8vo. bds. 3s. 2195 Account of a Quarrel between A. Hall and M. Mallorie,

Reprint, 1815

2196 Adams (Geo.) Geometrical and Graphical Essays, plates,

4to. bds. 5s.

[blocks in formation]

Ditto, 2 vols. 8vo. russia, 15s.







Astronomy and Geography, plates, 8vo. bds. 5s. 1790 on Vision, &c. for the service of those whose Eyes are weak or injured, plates, 8vo neat, 3s.

Ditto, 8vo. bds. 2s.



2202 Amory (T.) Life of John Buncle, 3 vols. 8vo. bds. 9s. 1825 2203 Ancient and Modern British Drama, 8 vols. royal 8vo. bds. 41. 4s. v. y.

2204 Ancient Universal History, maps, plates, and general Index, 18 vols. 8vo. calf, very neat, 41. 4s. 1779-81

2205 Anderson (J.) History of Commerce, 2 vols. fol. calf, fine copy, 18s.


2206 Anderson (R.) Works of the British Poets (including the whole in Dr. Johnson's edition) 13 vols. royal 8vo. half ... russia, contents lettered, 71. 7s.

2207 Answer to the Dissenters' Pleas, 8vo. neat, 3s. 2208 Appiani Opera, Gr. et Lat. 2 vols. 8vo. neat, 5s. 2209 Aristotle's Art of Poetry, translated, 8vo. 3s.





2210 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, by Hoole, 6 vols. 12mo. elegant, 11. Is.



Ditto, portrait and plates, 5 vols. 8vo. calf, neat,

17. 1s.




2212 Art of Poetry, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, neat, 4s. 2213 Athenian Oracle and Sport, 5 vols. 8vo. neat, 17. 1s. 2214 Bacon (Francis Lord) Works, complete, 10 vols. 8vo. bds,

21. 2s.


Lond. 1824 2215 Baker (D. E.) Biographia Dramatica, 2 vols. 8vo. 7s. 1782 2216 Ditto, by S. Jones, 4 vols. 8vo. bds. 12s. 2217 Baily (Lewis) Practice of Piety, calf, neat, 8vo. 4s. 1757 2218 Baldwin (Thomas) Airopaidia, or Balloon Excursion from Chester, plates, scarce, 1786-Cavallo's History and 1785 Practice of Erostation. In 1 vol. 8vo. neat, 12s. 2219 Balguy (John) Moral and Theological Tracts, 8vo. calf, 1734 neat, 3s. 2220 Barclay (J.) Argenis, front. Svo. calf, neat, 3s. Lugd. 1664 2221 Barclay (R.) Apology for the Quakers, 8vo. cf. neat, 6s. 1736 2222 Beckford (Peter) on Hare and Fox Hunting, 20 plates, 8vo. half russia, 5s.

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2223 Bedford (Mr.) Vindication of the Church of England, 8vo. 1710 neat, 3s. 2224 Bell (J.) British Theatre, numerous portraits and scene plates, 20 vols. 12mo. calf, 27. 10s.

1778, &c.

2225 Bentley (Richard) on the Epistles of Phalaris, 8vo. calf, neat, 5s.

1699 2226 Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica, or Descriptive Catalogue of rare English Poetry, cuts, 8vo. bds. scarce, 30s.


2227 Biographical Magazine, containing Lives and Portraits of 138 Eminent Persons, 8vo. neat, 15s.


Ditto, 200 Portraits, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 17. 8s.



2229 Biographical Dictionary, or Complete Historical Library, with numerous portraits, 4to. neat, 18s.

1776 2230 Bisse (Thomas) Beauty of Holiness, 8vo. calf, neat, 2s. 1716 2231 Blackburne (F.) on the Controversy between Protestants and Papists, 8vo. neat, 3s.


2232 Blair (Rev. Hugh) Sermons and Lectures, with Life by Finlayson, 8 vols. 8vo. calf, elegant, marbled leaves. 21. 12s. 6d.



2233 Book of Common Prayer, 1662,-Apocrypha,-and Sternhold's Psalms. In one vol. morocco, gilt leaves, 3s. 2234 Bonnycastle's Algebra, Key to, 12mo. neat, 2s. 6d. 2235 Boswell (James) Life of Dr. Johnson, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, Pickering, 1826 2236 Boyer (A.) French and English Dictionary, both parts, portrait, 4to. calf, fine copy, 15s.

17. 1s.


2237 Brantome (Sig.) Euvres de, 15 vols. 12mo. neat, 27. 2s. 1779 2238 British Classics, viz. Tatler, Adventurer, Rambler, and Idler, 13 vols. 12mo. bds. fine impressions of the plates,

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