Continuation of the Complete History of England, Volume 1

Richard Baldwin, 1760 - 480 pagina's

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Pagina 19 - An Act for amending, explaining, and reducing into one Act of Parliament the laws relating to the government of His Majesty's ships, vessels, and forces by sea...
Pagina 344 - ... when, in time of profound peace, without any declaration of war, without any previous notice given or application made, a body of French troops, commanded by an officer bearing the French king's commission, attacked in a hostile manner, and took possession of an English fort on the river Ohio, in North America...
Pagina 78 - It was preceded by a succession of thick low flashes of lightning, and a rumbling noise, like that of a heavy carriage rolling over a hollow pavement. The shock itself consisted of repeated vibrations, which lasted some seconds, and violently shook every house from top to bottom.
Pagina 259 - ... which he died in a few hours, having been carried off the field by the bravery of lieutenant-colonel Gage and another of his officers. When he dropped, the...
Pagina 436 - The result of that inquiry was that these laws were ineffectual. Then a motion was made for leave to bring in a bill for the better ordering of the militia forces in North Britain, and, though it met with great opposition, was carried by a large majority.
Pagina 411 - ... from his people: for this end, he recommended to the care and diligence of the parliament the framing of a national militia, planned and regulated with equal regard to the just rights of his crown and people; an institution which might become one good resource in time of general danger.
Pagina 95 - This excellent prince, who now died in the forty-fifth year of his age, was possessed of every amiable quality which could engage the affection of the people, a tender and obliging husband, a fond parent, a kind master, liberal, generous, candid, and humane ; a munificent patron of the arts, an unwearied friend to merit ; well disposed to assert the rights of mankind in general...
Pagina 479 - I know my own innocence, and am conscious that no part of my country's misfortunes can be owing to me.
Pagina 195 - This appropriation gave great offence to the advocates for prerogative in England, who affirmed that the Commons had no right to apply any part of the unappropriated revenue, nor even to take any fuch affair into confideration, without the previous confent of the crown, expreffed in the moft explicit terms.
Pagina 478 - A few moments will now deliver me from the virulent persecution, and frustrate the further malice of my enemies: nor need I envy them a life subject to the sensations my injuries, and the injustice done me, must create.

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