An Inquiry Into the Origin and Early History of Engraving: Upon Copper and in Wood, with an Account of Engravers and Their Works, from the Invention of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra, to the Time of Marc' Antonio Raimondi, Volume 2

J. and A. Arch, 1816 - 836 pagina's

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Pagina 775 - Becoming at length, as happens to many, desirous to " travel, that he might see the productions of other masters, and " observe the different processes used by them in their works, he " took leave of Francia and repaired to Venice, where he was well " received by the artists of that city. " It happened that at this time certain Flemings came to " Venice, with a great many prints, engraved both in wood and " copper, by Albert Durer; which being seen by Marc' Antonio,
Pagina 754 - The ornamental borders which often surrounded the devotional cuts of " those times, were rendered more attractive to the eye by the opposition of " broad white and black lines, and sometimes intermediate spaces of greater " extent were enlivened by large white dots, cut out (or perhaps punched) " at equal distances in the block, or decorated with sprigs of foliage or small " flowers, relieved by a similar process upon a black ground. Gradations of " shadow next began to be attempted in the figures...
Pagina 754 - The engraved blocks furnished the lineaments of the figures, and the illumist supplied the rest. By degrees a few light hatchings were introduced, thinly scattered upon the folds of the draperies, and other parts of the figures ; and occasionally where the opening of a door, or a window, or the mouth of a cavern was to...
Pagina 712 - Sanzio ; with whom he made a frequent interchange of prints and drawings, and who is reported to have always spoken of his abilities in terms of high commendation. The works of Albert Durer display great fertility of invention, and propriety and strength of expression: joined to a surprising degree of perfection in all that relates to the...
Pagina 755 - Engraving," says that an engraver on wood, of the name of Wohlgemuth (who flourished at Nuremburg about 1480), " perceived that, though difficult, this was not impossible ;" and, in the cuts of the ' Nuremburg Chronicle,' a " successful attempt was first made to imitate the bold hatchings of a pen-drawing.
Pagina 475 - Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon copper and in wood. With an account of Engravers and their works from the invention of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra to the time of Marc
Pagina 761 - Handorst, being escorted, both coming from, and returning to Amsterdam, by several artists, as we were in the boat, the conversation fell upon Holbein's book of cuts, representing the Dance of Death ; that Rubens gave them the highest encomiums, advising me, who was then a young man, to set the highest value upon them, informing me, at the same time, that he, in his youth had copied them *. But if Rubens stiled these prints Holbein's, in fami* Joachim.
Pagina 775 - Le was so much astonished by their style of execution, and the skill displayed by Albert, that he laid out on those prints almost all the money he had brought with him from Bologna, and amongst other things purchased the
Pagina 755 - ... small books of devotion were printed by Antoine Verrard, Simon Vostre, and others, in which the borders surrounding the pages were decorated by figures very delicately engraved, and relieved upon a black ground speckled over, with extreme nicety of workmanship, with minute white dots, such as have been described. These innovations in the art of wood-engraving were such as involved but little additional labour or difficulty in the execution, at the same time that they were calculated to give to...
Pagina 761 - I well remember the year 1627, when Paul Rubens came to Utrecht to visit Honthorst, being escorted, both coming from and returning to Amsterdam, by several artists; as we were in the boat, the conversation fell upon Holbein's book of cuts, representing the Dance of Death...

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