The German Spy: Or, Familiar Letters from a Gentleman on His Travels Thro' Germany, to His Friend in England. Containing an Exact and Entertaining Description of the Principal Cities and Towns ... An Account of the Customs and Manners of the People. Remarks on Their Language, Interests and Policies ... Interspersed with the Secret History and Characters of the Several Princes and Princesses, and Other the Most Considerable Personages in the Empire of Germany ...

T. Cooper, 1740 - 425 pagina's

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Pagina 137 - Allegories, when well chosen, are like so many tracks of light in a discourse, that make every thing about them clear and beautiful. A noble metaphor, when it is placed to an advantage, casts a kind of glory round it, and darts a lustre through a whole sentence.
Pagina 129 - I know that entertainments of this nature are apt to raise dark and dismal thoughts in timorous minds and gloomy imaginations; but for my own part, though I am always serious, I do not know what it is to be melancholy...
Pagina 66 - He was immediately surprised by a sudden blaze of light, and discovered a very fair vault: at the 'upper end of it was a statue of a man in armour sitting by a table, and leaning on his left arm: he held a truncheon in his right hand, and had a lamp burning before him. The man had no sooner set one foot within the vault, than the statue erected itself from its leaning posture, stood bolt uprigh't, and upon the fellow's advancing another step, lifted up the truncheon in his right hand.
Pagina 210 - STAGE might be made a perpetual fource of the molt noble and ufeful entertainments, were it under proper regulations. But the mind never unbends itfelf fo agreeably as in the converfation of a well-chofen friend. There is indeed no bleffing of life that is any way comparable to the enjoyment of a difcreet and virtuous friend. It eafes and unloads the mind, clears and improves the...
Pagina viii - Words convey'd. Some think, if fharp enough, they cannot fail, As if their only Bufinefs was to rail: But human Frailty nicely to unfold, Diftinguifhes a Satyr from a Scold.
Pagina 257 - Ein geplänkel wider die ansichten des fremden schliesst sich an. Eine stelle grade aus diesen briefen des Spy sei noch besonders erwähnt. Der Engländer hatte davon gesprochen, wie alle erzeugnisse der erde nach Hamburg zusammenströmten, und die kaufleute gerühmt: "They have their Vineyards in France and Spain, their Groves of Oranges and Lemons in Portugal, their Fleeces in the luxuriant Meadows of Great Britain, and their Plantations of Sugar and Tobacco in the Westindies.
Pagina 385 - THE Stage was now above 100 Foot long, 40 Foot broad, and 32 Foot...
Pagina 255 - When a company meet, who are not perfectly acquainted with one another, or with whom rank and order has not been before settled, whisperings to know their quality and circumstances, and ceremonies to ascertain their stations generally take up the first quarter of an hour.
Pagina 143 - Plays, and found it to deviate but very seldom from its center for any long time , with any of them ; and tho' it did indeed , frequently take a short Trip above the middle Region , I plainly perceiv'd my Author had never lost his View of that Point ' . It was just the same, when upon reading some of those Puns, or what the French call Jeu de Mots (or Play with...
Pagina 256 - They confift in a Form of Words, which they learn in their Childhood, and think as little of, when they pronounce them, as they do of the Lord's Prayer, It is common to...

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