Is God Happy?: Selected Essays

Basic Books, 5 feb. 2013 - 352 pagina's
The late Leszek Kolakowski was one of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century. A prominent anticommunist writer, Kolakowski was also a deeply humanistic thinker, and his meditations on society, religion, morality, and culture stand alongside his political writings as commentaries on intellectual—and everyday—life in the twentieth century.

Kolakowski’s extraordinary empathy, humor, and erudition are on full display in Is God Happy?, the first collection of his work to be published since his death in 2009. Accessible and wide ranging, these essays—many of them translated into English for the first time—testify to the remarkable scope of Kolakowski’s work. From a provocative and deeply felt critique of Marxist ideology to the witty and self-effacing “In Praise of Unpunctuality” to a rigorous analysis of Erasmus’ model of Christianity and the future of religion, these essays distill Kolakowski’s lifelong engagement with the eternal problems of philosophy and some of the most vital questions of our age.

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The first section of these essays, on Marxism, is absolutely top drawer, really superb. I studied a lot of Marxist and Left Wing thought at university and have pretty much avoided it since, but this ... Volledige review lezen

IS GOD HAPPY?: Selected Essays

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A collection of essays by the Polish philosopher Kolakowski (1927-2009), viewed by some as one of the intellectual progenitors of Poland's Solidarity movement.Respected internationally for his ... Volledige review lezen


The Death of Gods
What is Socialism?
The Heritage of the Left
What is Left of Socialism?
The Marxist Roots of Stalinism
My Correct Views on Everything
Jesus Christ Prophet and Reformer
An Invitation from God to a Feast
Is God Happy?
In Praise of Snobbery
On Natural
The Demise of Historical
On Our Relative Relativism
Is There a Future for Truth?
Lots Wife or The Charms of the Past

Erasmus and his
Anxiety About God in an Ostensibly Godless
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