An Apology for the Life of George Anne Bellamy: Late of Covent-Garden Theatre. Written by Herself. To the Fifth Volume of which is Annexed, Her Original Letter to John Calcraft, ... In Six Volumes. Vol. VI.

author, and sold, 1785 - 190 pagina's

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Pagina iii - The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together: our virtues would be proud if our faults whipped them not ; and our crimes would despair if they were not cherished by our virtues.
Pagina 40 - Which ferv'd to keep her carcafs from the cold; So there was nothing of a piece about her ; Her lower weeds were all o'er coarfely patch'd With diff'rent colour'd rags, black, red, white, yellow, And feem'd to fpeak variety of wretchednefs ; I...
Pagina 113 - But some, great souls ! and touch'd with warmth divine, Give gold a price, and teach its beams to shine. All hoarded treasures they repute a load ; Nor think their wealth their own, till well bestow'd. Grand reservoirs of public happiness...
Pagina 24 - I refided at the fheds of Clontarf, a ludicrous incident happened, which, though it was like to have been attended with ferious confequences to me, ftill excites fuch laughable ideas in my mind, whenever it occurs to my recollection, that I cannot forbear relating it. One day the beautiful widow Madden, afterwards Lady Ely, came down to pay me a vifit.
Pagina 81 - K. White, was a pupil of Mr. Rich's, and, during her initiation, Mr. O'Brien, of Drury-Lane theatre, gave her some instructions how to perform with propriety the character of Sylvia in the Recruiting Officer. One day, as he was thus employed, observing that...
Pagina 23 - Honour to assist him, In the laborious Work, Of getting to the far End of a great Fortune ; These his Noble Friends, From Gratitude For the many happy Days and Nights Enjoyed by his means, Exalted him, through their Influence, In the fortyseventh year of his Age, To an Ensigncy ; which he actually enjoys at present at Gibraltar.
Pagina 37 - I doubt not, readily recoiled the adventure. The eldeft Mifs Gunning, confcious of her charms, even at that early period of her life, and wifhing to know whether they would procure her that elevation which her youthful vanity taught her to hope for, prevailed upon me to accompany her and her...
Pagina 25 - ... that would have extorted a fmile from the moft rigid Anchorite. My fair companion, who, by the by, loved laughing more than praying, and preferred a joke to a homily, by frequent jogs with her elbow, drew my attention to the outre figure that now prefcnted ttfelf.
Pagina 42 - The frequent miftakes which I find I have made in the chronology of my Theatrical Anecdotes, will, I hope, be imputed- to my reciting them, as I have already obferved, entirely from memory ; and the deviation, I truft, will be excufed by my readers, as the incidents themfelves, though perhaps er^ roneous in point of time, are real facts.
Pagina 27 - Madden, fhe prudently mounted her horfe, and returned with all fpeed to my lodgings ; me otherwife would have flood a chance of being in the fame predicament poor Orpheus was ; the common people of that country being no lefs revengeful, when their religious rights are fuppofed to be contemned, than the Thracian dames could be for the indifference fhown to their fex by the fon of Apollo. Agreeable to my promife to the prieft, I fent to him foon after ; not, indeed, to acquaint him with the name of...

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