Page 202, for Monk, read, Milton.

315, for Archbishop, read, Bishop of Oxford, Archdeacon of Canterbury.


Presbyterians oppose the execution of the King.-Tes-
timony of Neale.--mistake corrected, (note)-Milton pub-
lishcs Tenure of Kings and Magistrates after the death
of Charles I.-His description of the Presbyterian ma-
gistrates, and ministers.-Enemies to liberty of con-

*The writer, by mistake, has in this Chapter used the name of

Hume instead of Smollett.


The Duke of Savoy persecutes the Waldenses.-Crom-
well's noble conduct.-Milton's Sonnet.-Cromwell's inten-
tion to found a Protestant Council.-Milton's State Letters:
-The Protector to the Prince of Tarentum, to the Duke of
Savoy, to the Prince of Transilvania, to the king of the
Swedes, to the States of the United Provinces, to the Evan-
gelick States of Switzerland, to the King of France, to Car-

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