Magdalen College and King James II., 1686-1688, Volume 6

Oxford historical society at the Clarendon Press, 1886 - 292 pagina's
An account of the removal and reinstatement of John Hough as president of the college.

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Pagina 115 - Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou?
Pagina 231 - ... this shall be your warrant; and so we bid you heartily farewell. Given at our Court at Whitehall, llth day of November, 1684. " By his Majesty's command, SUNDERLAND.
Pagina xl - AN IMPARTIAL RELATION of the whole Proceedings against St. Mary Magdalen Colledge in Oxon, in the Year of our Lord 1687; containing only Matters of Fact as they occurred.
Pagina xxii - I do hereby protest against all your proceedings, and against all that you have done, or hereafter shall do, in prejudice of me and my right, as illegal, unjust, and null : and therefore I appeal to my sovereign lord the king in his courts of justice.
Pagina 4 - I was not to stir or say any thing of the business 'till I heard from him. He then told me that he was not my competitor, notwithstanding the noise of the Town that the King would make him President : that the King expected that the person he recommended should be favourable to his religion, and then asked me what I would do, or could do, therein.
Pagina 105 - that we were ready to make all that were consistent with honesty and conscience.' But many things might have been said upon that subject which I did not then think proper to mention. 'However,
Pagina 138 - We submit to it as far as it is consistent with the laws of the land and the statutes of the college, but no farther. There neither is nor can be a president as long as I live and obey the statutes.
Pagina 99 - College may be recalled before it be too late, for you cannot be sensible how highly his Majesty is incensed against you, neither can you give one instance whether ever that sort of proceeding was judged against the Crown. Your cause most think is very hard, but you are not in prudence...
Pagina 105 - I told you in the morning, and which makes me think there is little good to be hoped for from him. " He said the measures now resolved upon were such as the King thought would take effect ; but he said he knew nothing in particular, nor did he give the least light, or let fall...
Pagina 105 - I thank God he did not so much as, offer at any proposal by way of accommodation, which was the thing I most dreaded ; only once, upon the mention of the Bishop of Oxford's indisposition, he said, smiling, ' If the Bishop of Oxford die, Dr. Hough may be made Bishop. What think you of that, gentlemen ?

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