The Spanish Conquest in America: And Its Relation to the History of Slavery and to the Government of Colonies, Volume 3

Harper & Brothers, 1857

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Pagina 58 - Diverging from the base, and working our way through the thick woods, we came upon a square stone column, about fourteen feet high and three feet on each side, sculptured in very bold relief, and on all four of the sides, from the base to the top. The front was the figure of a man curiously and richly dressed, and the face, evidently a portrait, solemn, stern, and well fitted to excite terror. The back was of a different design, unlike anything we had ever seen before, and the sides were covered...
Pagina 58 - Egyptians ; one displaced from its pedestal by enormous roots ; another locked in the close embrace of branches of trees, and almost lifted out of the earth ; another hurled to the ground, and bound down by huge vines and creepers; and one standing, with its altar before it, in a grove of trees which grew around it, seemingly to shade and shroud it as a sacred thing ; in the solemn stillness of the woods, it seemed a divinity mourning over a fallen people.
Pagina 57 - ... trechos de la cerca unas garitas altas que sobrepujaban sobre ella cerca otro estado y medio, asimismo con sus torreones y muchas piedras encima para pelear...
Pagina 33 - ... e si agora viesen las cosas de la Iglesia y servicio de Dios en poder de canónigos o otras dignidades, y supiesen que aquellos eran ministros de Dios, y los viesen usar de los vicios y profanidades que agora en nuestros tiempos en esos reinos usan, sería menospreciar nuestra fe y tenerla por cosa de burla...
Pagina 193 - ... de mi casa, no es mucho lo que he gastado, pues nunca he salido de la corte con tres hijos que...

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