Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Mine Proprietors, Engineers, Shipbuilders, Scientists, Capitalists ..., Volume 34

Perry Fairfax Nursey
Knight and Lacey, 1841

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Pagina 32 - ... he has been useless for several years. I could not but observe with a great deal of pleasure the joy that appeared in the countenances of these ancient domestics upon my friend's arrival at his country-seat.
Pagina 113 - a book of blots." When Sir Humphry Davy was once shown a dexterously manipulated experiment, he said — " I thank God I was not made a dexterous manipulator, for the most important of my discoveries have been suggested to me by failures.
Pagina 433 - Professor Wheatstone is acknowledged as the scientific man, whose profound and successful researches had already prepared the public to receive it as a project capable of practical application...
Pagina 295 - In its evaporation it swells into two hundred and sixteen gallons of steam, with a mechanical force sufficient to raise a weight of thirty-seven tons a foot high. The steam thus produced has a pressure equal to that of common atmospheric air ; and by allowing it to expand, by virtue of its elasticity, a further mechanical force may be obtained, at least equal in amount to the former. A pint of water...
Pagina 32 - Nothing is so glorious in the eyes of mankind, and ornamental to human nature, setting aside the infinite advantages which arise from it, as a strong steady masculine piety ; but enthusiasm and superstition arc the weaknesses of human reason, that expose us to the scorn and derision of infidels, and sink us even below the beasts that perish.
Pagina 432 - ... of electricity to a practical system of telegraphing ; and giving up the profession in which he was engaged, he, from that hour, devoted himself exclusively to the realization of that object. He came to England in April, 1836, to perfect his plans and instruments. In February, 1837, while engaged in completing a set of instruments for an intended experimental application of his telegraph to a tunnel on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, he became acquainted, through the introduction of Dr.
Pagina 45 - PATENTS. by a thin metal edging. This arrangement will, it is said, greatly increase the durability of the block, while the pattern will be much better printed on the calico, &c. JOHN JOSEPH MECHI, OF LEADENHALL STREET, CUTLER, for improvements in apparatus to be applied to lamps in order to carry off heat and the products of combustion.
Pagina 432 - Whilst Mr. Cooke is entitled to stand alone as the gentleman to whom this country is indebted for having practically introduced and carried out the electric telegraph as a useful undertaking, promising to be a work of national importance...
Pagina 171 - That they have not failed from dťficiences in the workmanship and practical details, is rendered still more probable by the circumstance of finding among the names of inventors, those of the most eminent practical engineers. We have next shown that in theory, the crank of the steam-engine in common use, cannot, as has been supposed, be attended with a loss of power, as such loss would oppose the established doctrines of...
Pagina 117 - ... will they wear equally, so as to remain in a state of mutual adaptation, or will they not? Experience furnishes us with a reply that exactly quadrates with a reasonable expectation : they will not wear equally, they will not retain their form, they will not remain flat : they will wear away most rapidly at the circumference, and wear open there while they are quite close at the centre. Let it be considered that the outer edge performs a larger circuit than a part nearer to the centre; that, therefore,...

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