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This volume, * it will be observed, is appropriated to the life of George Fox, who was the principal instrument iu the formation of our re, ligious society. At a time when great zeal, but much unsettlement, prevailed in the reli. gious world, this extraordinary man was peculiarly raised up, to gather a people into the patient ivaiting for Christ, and to an attention to his secret illuminations of the soul, by that light which enlighteneth every man that cometh into the world. Considering him in this point of view, and apprehending that his real character is but little known, on account of the valuable journal of his life and labours, published soon after his decease, being very voluminous, it has appeared desirable that a small volume should be occupied with an account of him, selected from his owo memoirs; with such additional matter, as might be in manuscript only, and suitable for publication.

In exccuting this work, the selection of the most interesting and valuable matter has been attended with some difficulty, on account of

* It was originally proposed by Henry Tuke, to publish a series of memoirs under the title of Biographical Notices of Members of the society of friends, and Cris volume was designed as the first ol' tiai-series.

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