The History of the Reigns of Edward the Sixth, Mary, and Elizabeth, Volume 2

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman, 1835
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Pagina 506 - I used the best words I could to persuade her from this melancholy humour ; but I found by her it was too deep rooted in her heart, and hardly to be removed. This was upon a Saturday night...
Pagina 390 - Of onely her he sung, he thought, he writ. Her, and but her, of love he worthie deemed; For all the rest but litle he esteemed.
Pagina xiv - the said John departed with a reasonable merry countenance; whereat some papists offended said,
Pagina 430 - ... twelve days; and in her discourse she fetched not so few as forty or fifty great sighs. I was grieved at the first to see her in this plight, for in all my lifetime before I never knew her fetch a sigh, but when the Queen of Scots was beheaded. Then, upon my knowledge, she shed many tears and sighs, manifesting her innocence that she never gave consent to the death of that Queen.
Pagina 322 - An Admonition to the Nobility and People of England and Ireland concerning the present wars, made for the execution of His Holiness
Pagina 541 - This that I heard with my ears, and did see with my eyes, I thought it my duty to set down, and to affirm it for a truth, upon the faith of a Christian; because I know there have been many false lies reported of the end and death of that good lady.
Pagina 387 - Love my memory, cherish my friends; their faith to me may assure you they are honest. But above all, govern your will and affections, by the will and Word of your Creator; in me, beholding the end of this world, with all her vanities.
Pagina 505 - Our queen," writes an English correspondent to a Scotch nobleman in the service of James, " is troubled with a rheum in her arm, which vexeth her. very much, besides the grief she hath conceived for my lord of Essex's death. She sleepeth not so much by day as she used, neither taketh rest by night. Her delight is to sit in the dark and sometimes, with shedding tears, to bewail Essex.
Pagina 414 - We princes are set on stages ; in the sight and view of all the world, duly observed.
Pagina 509 - Queen, to all our sight, much rejoiced thereat, and gave testimony, to us all of her Christian and comfortable end. By this time it grew late, and every one departed, all but her women that attended her.

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