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Pagina 419 - An Act to settle and describe the divisions of counties and the limits of cities and boroughs in England and Wales, in so far as respects the election of members to serve in Parliament...
Pagina 357 - Board, and the proceedings would be regularly noted by the Secretary. There would thus be a just division of labour, an undivided control, and a due responsibility, on the one hand, and, on the other, that unity and simplicity which he held to be the very essence and life of public business.
Pagina 115 - ... of nations, and founded on the principles of public law, that, in the exercise of that undoubted right, the security of neighbouring states should not be endangered. " A series of injuries and insults, for which, notwithstanding repeated remonstrances, all reparation was withheld, compelled me at last to order a squadron of my fleet to appear before Lisbon, with a peremptory demand of satisfaction. A prompt compliance with that demand prevented the necessity of further measures, but I have not...
Pagina 861 - I; it will be found practicable to introduce not only a number of books in which moral principles should be inculcated in such a manner as is likely to make deep and lasting impressions on the youthful mind, but also ample extracts from the Sacred Scriptures themselves, an early acquaintance with which it deems of the utmost importance, and indeed indispensable in forming the mind to just notions of duty and sound principles of conduct...
Pagina 361 - Actz&aW. 4. c. 40. to amend the laws relating to the business of the Civil Departments of the Navy, and to make other Regulations for more effectually carrying on the Duties of the said Departments...
Pagina 761 - In parts of Ireland a systematic opposition has been made to the payment of tithes, attended, in some instances, with afflicting results : and it will be one of your first duties to inquire whether it may not be possible to effect improvements in the laws respecting this subject, which may afford the necessary protection to the established church, and at the same time remove the present causes of complaint.
Pagina 849 - The proof of the assertion falls to the ground upon examination, like the proof of many other popular outcries. As the woodpecker, the rook, and the goatsucker, have been persecuted time out of mind for imaginary injuries, so the ecclesiastical rook has been charged with collecting his subsistence in a manner peculiarly injurious to the public, through clear ignorance or concealment of the nature of the process.
Pagina 125 - That an humble address be presented to his Majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that a monument be erected in the Cathedral Church of ST.
Pagina 865 - Catholic children ; on which occasions, under the care of a Roman Catholic lay teacher, approved of as mentioned in the minute which we have given, they shall read the epistles and gospels of the week, as therein mentioned, and receive such other religious instruction as their pastors (who may attend, it' they think fit) shall direct.
Pagina 113 - Europe has been established, will offer the best security for the repose of the world. " I have not yet accredited my Ambassador to the Court of Lisbon ; but the Portuguese Government having determined to perform a great act of justice and humanity by the grant of a general amnesty, I think that the time may shortly arrive when the interests of my subjects will demand a renewal of those relations which had so long existed between the two Countries.

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