Catalogue of the Library of Hon. L. E. Chittenden: Comprising Many Rare and Valuable Books : ... to be Sold at Auction, Monday to Thursday January 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th, 1894 by Bangs & Co

Douglas Taylor & Company, 1894 - 129 pagina's
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Pagina 66 - The Present State of New England. Being a Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New England, from the First Planting thereof in the year 1607 to this present year, 1677.
Pagina 112 - A Call from Death to Life, and Out of the Dark wayes and Worships of the World where the Seed is held in Bondage under the Merchants of Babylon, written by Marmaduke Stephenson ; Who (together with another dear Servant of the Lord called William Robinson) hath (since the Writing hereof) suffered Death, for bearing Witnesse to the same Truth, amongst the Professors of Bostons Jurisdiction in New England.
Pagina 84 - INDIA CHRISTIANA. A Discourse delivered unto the COMMISSIONERS for the Propagation of the Gospel, among the AMERICAN INDIANS which is accompanied with several Instruments relating to the Glorious Design of propagating our Holy Religion, in the Eastern as well as the Western INDIES.
Pagina 94 - The Compleat Gentleman: Fashioning Him absolute in the most Necessary and Commendable Qualities concerning Mind or Body, that may be required in a Person of Honor.
Pagina 10 - VERY JOYOUS, PLEASANT, AND REFRESHING HISTORY of the Feats, Exploits, Triumphs, and Achievements of the Good Knight, without Fear and without Reproach, the gentle LORD DE BAYARD.
Pagina 110 - New Jersey ; containing an account of its First Settlement, progressive improvements, the original and present Constitution, and other events, to the year 1721, with some particulars since; and a short view of its present state.
Pagina 95 - Here water is consolidated without frost, by pressure, by swiftness, between the pinching, sturdy rocks, to such a degree of induration, that no iron crow can be forced into it ; here iron, lead, and cork have one common weight.
Pagina 39 - A niewe Herball or Historie of Plantes : wherein is contayned the whole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of Herbes and Plantes : their divers and sundry kindes : their straunge Figures, Fashions and Shapes : their Names...
Pagina 68 - A History of the Indian Wars with the First Settlers of the United States to the Commencement of the Late War; together with an Appendix, not before added to this history.
Pagina 9 - Barbarities of the Enemy, exposed in a REPORT of the Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States, appointed to enquire into the spirit and manner in which the war has been waged by the enemy, and the DOCUMENTS — accompanying said report.

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