The Bibliographer's Manual of American History: F-L. nos. 1601-3103. 1907

Stanislaus Vincent Henkels
S.V. Henkels & Company, 1907

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Pagina 58 - A | Narrative, | of the | Excursion and Ravages | of the | King's Troops | Under the Command of General Gage, | On the Nineteenth of April, 1775. | Together with the | Depositions | Taken by Order of Congress, ] To support the Truth of it. Published by Authority. | Massachusetts-Bay: | Worcester, Printed by Isaiah Thomas, by order of the Provincial Congress, (nd)
Pagina 261 - Nova Britannia offering most excellent Fruits by planting in Virginia, exciting all such as be well affected to further the same: London, printed for Samuel Macham, and are to be sold at his shop in St. Paul's churchyard; at the sign of the
Pagina 283 - KEITH, WILLIAM. The | History | of the | British Plantations in America. | With | A Chronological Account of the most remarkable | Things which happen'd to the first Adventurers | in their several Discoveries of that New World. | Part I. | Containing the History of Virginia; with Remarks on the | Trade and Commerce of that Colony. | By Sir William Keith, Bart. | London: | Printed at the
Pagina 273 - An | Account | Of Two | Voyages | to | New England. | Wherein you have the setting out of a Ship, | with the charges; The prices of all necessaries for | furnishing a Planter and his Family at his first com- | ing; A Description of the Countrey, Natives and | Creatures, with their
Pagina 162 - HIGGINSON, FRANCIS. New Englands | Plantation. | or A Short and Trve Description of the | Commodities and | Discommodities of that Countrey. | Written by a reuerend Diuine now | there resident. London, | Printed by TC and RC for Michael Sparke, dwelling at the Signe of the Blew Bible in | Greene Arbor in the little Old Bailey, | 1630. Sm.
Pagina 84 - GORGES, FERDINAND. America | Painted to the Life. | The true | History | of | The Spaniards Proceedings in the Conquests of the | Indians, and of their Civil Wars among them- | selves, from Columbus his first Discovery, | to these later Times. | As also | Of the Original Undertakings of the Advancement of | Plantations into those parts;
Pagina 129 - The Reformed | Virginian | Silk-worm, | Or, a Rare and New | Discovery | of | A speedy way, and easie means, found out by a young Lady in England, she having made | full proof thereof in May, | Anno 1652. | For the feeding of Silk-worms in the Woods, on the | Mulberry-Tree leaves in Virginia:
Pagina 84 - selves, from Columbus his first Discovery, | to these later Times. | As also | Of the Original Undertakings of the Advancement of | Plantations into those parts; | With a perfect Relation of our English Discoveries, shewing | their beginning, progress, and | Continuance, from the Year, | 1628 to 1658. Declaring the forms of their Govern-
Pagina 194 - The Happiness of a People | In the Wisdome of their Rulers | Directing | and in the Obedience of their Brethren Attending | unto what Israel ougho (sic) to do: | Recommended in a Sermon | Before the Honourable Governour and Council, and
Pagina 20 - An Interesting Account of the Voyages and Travels of Captains Lewis and Clark, in the Years 1804, 1805 and 1806. Giving a Faithful Description of the River Missouri, and its Source, the various Tribes of Indians through which they passed. Manners and Customs, Soil, Climate,