At the Table in the Wilderness: The Story of Jesus Abbey

Xlibris Corporation, 9 nov 2005 - 181 pagina's
We have lived through all these years by miracles. This is Gods Table in the Wilderness. Jane Torrey is a native of North Carolina in the United States and had never been outside the USA until she married Archer Torrey, who was born in China, and had traveled the world. She is a professional artist (several of her paintings are in the book as well as on the front cover). She and her husband went to Korea together and she became mother to over 100 people in Jesus Abbey, a community that has existed in a wilderness setting for 36 years by Gods supernatural provision. She tells the story here.

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Summary Bio: Jane Torrey is mother to the community of Jesus Abbey high in the Taebaek Mountains of Korea where she has lived since the pioneering days of 1965. The is affectionately referred to as “Grandmother” by the Abbey household.

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