The American Mariners; Or, the Atlantic Voyage. A Moral Poem. Prefixed is a Vindication of the American Character, from the Opinions of the Quarterly Reviewers. To which are Added Naval Annals, Etc. [By John Davis.]

Brodie & Dowding, 1823 - 384 pagina's

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Pagina 313 - ... guns, where the firing was kept up for some minutes, but the crew had by this time become so weakened, that they all declared to me the impossibility of making further resistance, and entreated me to surrender my ship to save the wounded, as all further attempt at opposition must prove ineffectual, almost every gun being disabled by the destruction of their crews.
Pagina 363 - The enemy just then got clear of us, and his foremast and bowsprit being both gone, and perceiving us wearing to give him a fresh broadside, he again called out that he had surrendered. It was with difficulty I could restrain my crew from firing into him again, as he had certainly fired into us after having surrendered. From the firing of the first gun, to the last time the enemy cried out he had surrendered, was exactly twenty-two minutes by the watch.
Pagina 310 - Many of my guns had been rendered useless by the enemy's shot, and many of them had their whole crews destroyed. We manned them again from those which were disabled, and one gun in particular was three times manned — fifteen...
Pagina 312 - I have no doubt he would soon have drifted out of gun-shot, before he discovered we had anchored, had not the hawser unfortunately parted. My ship had taken fire several times during the action, but alarmingly so forward and aft at this moment ; the flames were bursting up each hatchway, and no hopes were entertained of saving her ; our distance from the shore did not exceed three quarters of a mile, and I hoped many of my brave crew would be able to save themselves, should the ship blow up, as I...
Pagina 342 - ... 9 commenced the action. At 10 o'clock believing the enemy to be silenced., orders were given to cease firing, when I hailed and asked if he had surrendered. No answer being given to this, and his fire having re-commenced, it was again returned.
Pagina 366 - Yet the columns of the enemy continued to advance with a firmness which reflects upon them the greatest credit. Twice the column which approached me on my left, was repulsed by the troops of General Carroll, those of General Coffee, and a division of the Kentucky militia, and twice they formed again and renewed the assault. At length, however, cut to pieces, they fled in confusion from the field, leaving it covered with their dead and wounded.
Pagina 314 - ... about ten minutes, produced no visible effect : our second, a few random shot only, from having increased our distance by wearing, was not apparently more successful, and having lost the use of our mainsail, jib, and main-stay, appearances were a little inauspicious. On standing again towards her, I signified my intention of anchoring, for which we were not ready before, with springs, to Captain Tucker, directing him to keep under weigh, and take a convenient station for annoying our •opponent....
Pagina 361 - I hove too, for him to come down to us. When she had approached near, I filled the main-topsail, and continued to yaw the ship, while she continued to come down, wearing occasionally to prevent...
Pagina 322 - I have the honour to inform you that we have this morning captured, after an action of forty-two minutes, his Britannic majesty's brig Epervier, rating and mounting eighteen thirty-two pound carronades, with one hundred and twenty-eight men, of whom eleven were killed, and fifteen wounded, according to the best information we could obtain — among the latter is her first Lieutenant...
Pagina 365 - In my encampment, every thing was ready for action — when, early on the morning of the 8th, the enemy, after throwing a heavy shower of bombs and Congreve rockets, advanced their columns on my right and left, to storm my intrenchments. I cannot speak sufficiently in praise of the firmness, and deliberation, with which my whole line received their approach — more could not have been expected from veterans, inured to war.

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