A FINE SET OF Fuller's Works.

347 FRENCH MISSAL PAINTINGS.-Two SUBJECTS front 4 FULLER'S (T.) CHURCH HISTORY of Britain from the the EXQUISITE ILLUMINATED Missal of Philip le Box, Birth of Christ, engravings of Cathedrals by Hollar, BEST Duc de Bourgogne, mosT BEAUTIFULLY PAINTED, and finEdition, thick folio, blue morocco, gilt leaves, FINE COPY, ished in the highest manner of the French School; nearly £3. 158

1656 mounted, framed and glazed, £7. 158 This edition contains likewise the History of Cambridge University These extremely beautiful and interesting subjects are executed in a Waltham Abbey.

the most brilliant manner in gold and colours, the middle Paintings ex35 FULLER'S (T.) History of the WORTHIES of Eng. hibiting many figures in the richest costumes, with buildings and scenery, LAND,, fine portrait by Loggan, ORIGINAL AND BEST EDI

surrounded by broad borders of gold containing Arms, figures of Birds

Flowers and Fruits : the lower compartment comprising the text, eleTiON, thick folio, blue morocco, gilt leaves, £4. 48 1662 gantly written, the capitals illuminated. The size of these beautiful 36 FULLER'S (T.) Pisgau Sight of PaleSTINE and the subjects inside the frames is 15 inches by 12 inches. Confines thereof, with a History of the Old and New Testa- 348 FOXES and Firebrands, or a specimen of the Danger and ments, numerous fine engravings, ORIGINAL AND BEST EDI- Harmony of Popery and Separation, sm. 8vo. paneled cals Tion, thick folio, blue morocco, gilt leaves, £2. 108 1650 gilt, scarce, 58

1682 “One of the most curious works ever written on the Scriptures."

This curious work is attributed by some to Dr. Nelson and by others

to Sir J. Ware. 337 FULLER'S (T.) History of the Holy War and History 349 FRANKLIN'S (Benj.) Complete Works in Philosophy, of the Holy and Profane States, numerous portraits by Mar.

Politics and Morals, with Life, engravings, 3 vols. 8vo. bds. shall, including Q. Elizabeth, Lady Jane Grey, Burghley,

78 6d

1206 Wolsey, Ridley, &c. 2 vols. folio in one, blue morocco, gilt 351 GALLERY of British and Foreign Portraits, with Me. leaves, f1. 158

1651.63 moirs by distinguished Biographers, 168 fine portraits, beare338 FULLER'S (T.) Appeal of Injured Innocence upto the

tifully engraved on steel, original impressions, 7 vols. impl. Religious, Learned and Ingenious Reader, in a Controversy

8vo. hf. calf neat, £3. 158 (pub. £7.78) C. Knight, 1833-8 betwixt Dr. Heylyo and the Author, folio, blue morocco, gilt the same manner as Lodge's l'ortraits, to which it forins an excellent

A very interesting series, engraved in the highest style of the Art in leaves, 188

1659 companion, the portraits being different. 339 FULLER'S (T.) Abel Redivivus, or the Dead yet Speak-352 GALLERY of Modern British Artists, with Descriptions,

ing: The Lives and Deaths of Modern Divines, numerous nearly 80 highly finished engravings after Turner, Roberts, portraits of the Reformers and Martyrs by Vaughan, sm. Stanfield, Prout, Cattermole, Cox, fc. 4to. hf. morocco, 4to. blue morocco, gilt leaves, £3. 108 1651 128

1834 This rare volume is interspersed with Poetry by Fr. Quarles. 353 GARDENS OF ENGLAND by E. A. Brooke, 24 very 340 FULLER (T.) and LuPron's The Glory of their Times

large and exceedingly beautiful COLOURED PLATES LIKE or the Lives of ye Primitive Fathers, contayning their Chief

WATER-COLOUR DRAWINGS of the most famous Ornamental est Actions, Workes, Sentences and Deaths, numerous fine Flower Gardens, and 16 tinted rignettes, with Descriptions, portraits by Vaughan, sm. 4to. blue morocco, gilt leaves,

impl. fol. new hf. mor. £5. 58 (pub. £6. 68) McLean, (1858) £1. 58

1640 The most beautiful work of the kind ever published, and as accurate 341 FULLER'S (T.) Joseph's Party Coloured Coat, a Com. as it is beautiful, the artist having spent several summers in undivided ment on St. Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians, with several attention to it. The Views are most comprehensive exhibiting the Ter

races, Lakes, Parterres, Fountains, Walks, Flower-Beds, &c. of Trentham Sermons, sm. 4to. blue morocco, gilt leaves, £1.18 1640 | Hall, Bowood House, Alton Towers Woburn Abbey, Holkam House,

At the end are added additional Sermons on Innocents Day, and on Castle Combe, Castle Howard, &c. his Majestie's Inauguration, 1642-3.

354 GARDENS and Menagerie of the Zoological Society, 342 FULLER'S (T.) Triple Reconciler, stating the Contro. described by Yarrell, Bell, &c. with numerous beautiful enversies, whether Ministers have an exclusive power of Com. gravings by Harvey, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 88 6d

1835 municants from the Sacrament, &c. sm. 8vo. blue morocco, 355 GAZETTEER of the World, or Dictionary of Geograyilt leaves, 128

1654 phical Knowledge, illustrated with an extensive series of At the end are bound Three Additional Sermons by Fuller, 1654-55. highly finished engravings, coloured maps, and many wood

343 FULLER'S (T.) Comment on Ruth, with Two Sermons cuts, 14 vols. impl. 8vo. cl. £5. 158 (pub. £10.) 1856, &c.

teaching how to Live and Dye well, post 8vo. blue morocco, A valuable work, forming a complete body of modern Geography, gilt leaves, 108

1654 physical, political, statistical, bistorical and ethnographical. 344 FULLER.—Heylyn's (P.) Examen Historicum ; or a

356 GAY'S (J.) Poetical Works and Fables, FIRST COMPLETB Discovery and Examination of the Mistakes, Falsities, and

EDITIONS, with upwards of 100 spirited engravings by Defects in some modern Histories, Boru Parts, sm. 4to.

Foudrinier, fc. 3 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 68

1767 blue morocco, gilt leares, 158


357 GELL'S (Sir W.) Pompeiana ; the Topography, Edifices, This very singular work was in reality written by T. Fuller and W.

and Ornaments of Pompeii, upwards of 100 highly finished Sanderson.

engravings of the discoveries since 1819, the vignettes on 345 FULLER'S (T.) Infants' Advocate ; of Circumcision and INDIA PAPER, 2 vols. imperial 8vo. cloth, LARGE PAPER, Baptism on Jewish and Christian Children, post 8vo. blue £2. 88 (pub. £7. 108)

1832 morocco, gilt leaves, 108 6d

1653 358 GENERAL Biographical Dictionary, by Dr. Aikin, EnALL THE ABOVE ARE UNIFORMLY BOUND, and in the finest field, Morgan, and W. Johnston, alphabetically arranged,

condition ; they would form together a great acquisition to a 10 closely printed vols. 4to. hf. calf neat, £2. 88 (pub. Library, and to prevent their separation, THE COMPLETE upwards of £20.)

1799-1815 SET IS OFFERED FOR £19. 108.

"A copious and useful work which does not implicitly adopt pre"The time will assuredly come when his quaint, learned and witty scriptive errors, but evinces sound judgment, a manly freedom of sentivolumes will again lie in the bay windows as tuey did of yore, books of ment, and a correct taste."-Roscoe. universal, untiring interest, unfailing resources in winter evenings and 360 GESTA ROMANORUM ; Ancient Entertaining Stories in. rainy days." - QUARTERLY REVIEW, 1857.

vented by the Monks, translated with copious Notes by C. 346 FOXE'S Acts and MONUMENTS of the Church, with Uni.

Swan, 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 108 6d

1824 versal History of the same, with Preliminary Dissertation by

The source from which many of our ancient Poets and Dramatists the Rev. G. Townsend, edited by Caitley, portrait and nu- have extracted their plots. merous engravings, 8 large vols. 8vo. new antique calf, car. 361 GIBBON’S Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, large mine leares, £ 4. 48

1841 type, LAST GENUINE TRADE EDITION, portrait, 8 vols. 8vo. Best readable edition of the famous Book of Martyrs.

new calf gilt, £3. 158

Lond., 1848

$e. 3 vols. 8vo. new calý gilt

, £2. (pub. in beeld 89 350

362 GILBERT'S (J.) Chronological Pictures of English His- 1 379 GRANVILLE (Dr.) Spas of England, and principal Sea

tory, with Descriptions, 40 fine large tinted plates, impl. Bathing Places, The Three Series COMPLETE, comprising
folio, cloth, 188 (pub. £2. 58)

1858 the Northern, the Midland and Southern divisions of England,
An elaborate work comprising Portraits of eminent Persons, and

numerous engravings, 3 vols. post 8vo. new cloth, 78 6d (pub.
stations of dril, political, ecclesiastical, naval, and military events,

Tatbe invasion of Jufius Cæsar to Queen Victoria.

363 GILFILLAN'S (G.) Gallery of Literary Portraits, com-

Invaluable to Invalids, as a safe guide to direct them in the choice

of the Spas or Sea-Bathing places best calculated to suit their respective
pricing Twenty-six biographical sketches of men of the

cases; likewise interesting to the Tourist.
present century, portraits, post 8vo. hf. calf neat, 58 1845 380 GRATTAN'S (Rt. Hon. H.) Miscellaneous Works, 8vo.
351 GLEANINGS after Graud Tourists, thick post 8vo. cloth, bds. 38 6d

2 6d (pub, 10s 6d)

1856 Inserted is “An Answer by H. Grattan to the Speech of the Earl of
365 GLEIG'S (G. R.) Life of Major Gen. Sir T. Munro, 381 GREENER'S (W.) 'Gunnery in 1858, being a Treatise

Clare on the Legislative Union," 1800.
Governor of Madras, with Extracts from his Correspondence
and Papers, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 88 6d (pub.

on Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms, explaining the Prin-
kl. 8s)


ciples of the Science of Gunnery, and describing the newest
366 GLÉIG'S Memoirs of Warren Hastings, first Gov.-Gen.

Improvements in Fire Arms, with numerous plates, 8vo.
of Bengal, including his Journals and Letters, now first 382 GREGORII Nazianzeni (S. A.D. 390) OPERA OMNIA,

new cloth, 128 (pub. 148)

pablisbed from the originals, fine portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. new

Gr. et Lat. EDITIO BexeDICTINA, et A. B. Caillau, 2 thick
d. 108 6d - Another copy, new hf. cf. 158 (pub. £2. 58) 1841
* A sterling book, in which affairs of national importance are so

vols. folio, half calf neat, £2. 158 Paris, 1778-1840
284 with details of personal difficulties and dangers, that we know

The French Revolution of 1789 stopped the publication of this valu.
Babich most fixes our attention, the events of great public moment, or

able edition by the Benedictine Fathers; so that the work was not com-
the crisis of individual enterprise."-LITERARY GAZ.

pleted until 1840.
367 GLEIG'S Biographical, Historical, and Miscellaneous 383 GRESHAM'S (Sir T.) Life and Times, 1519 to 1579,
Essays, contributed to the Edinburgh and Quarterly Re.

with notices of his Contemporaries, by T. Burgon, India
views, 2 Fols. 850. new tree cf. gilt, £1.58 Longmans, 1858

Proof Portrait, and engravings, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. roy.
368 GLOSSARY of Architecture, comprising all the Terms

8vo. cloth, 88 (pub. £2. 108)

used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture, 384 GRESWELL'S (E.) View of the Early Greek Press, in-
illustrated by 1700 finely executed engravings, by Jewilt,

cluding the Lives of Stephani and other Contemporary Greek

Printers of Paris, 2 vols. 8vo. new calf, gilt tops, fine copy,
Parker, 1850 188

Oxf. Talboys, 1833
LAST AND BEST EDITion, much enlarged and improved: this is by far 385 GREY'S (Earl) Colonial Policy of Lord John Russell's
e most comprehensive and explicit work on the subject; indispensable Administration from 1846 to 1852, second edition, with ad-
to the master and amateur, and equally adapted to the comprehension of

ditions, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 108 (pub. £1. 88)

te verkman.
3.9 GOETHE'S Novels and Tales (the Sorrows of Werther, understanding the present state and future prospects of our Colonies can

"A handbook of modern colonial policy, which no person desirous of
&c.) translated from the German by Boylan, post 8vo. cloth, omit to read." - Ed. Review.
% 6d

1854 387 GREY'S (Earl) Parliamentary Government considered
370 GOLDSMITH'S (0.) Works, including many pieces now with reference to a Reform in Parliament, sro. cl. 38 1858

first collected, edited by J. Prior, viyneltes by Finden, 4 vols. 388 GRANT'S (J. Gregor) Madonna Pia, and other Poetical
Sro. eloth, £1. (pub. £2. 88)

Murray, 1837 Works, printed within ruled borders, fronts. by Mulready,
371 GOLDSMITH'S (0.) Works, Vicar of Wakefield, Citi- 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 58 (pub. 158)

zen of the World, Plays, Poems, Essays, &c. portrait, 4 vols. | 389 GROSE'S ANTIQUITIes of ENGLAND, Wales and IRE-
fcap. 8vo. newly bound calf gilt, 148

1835 LAND, with all the engravings of Caslles, Abbeys, Priories,
372 GOLDSMITH'S Works in Verse and Prose, including &c. FINELY COLOUREV, LARGE VELLUM PAPER, 10 vols.

his Plays, Vicar of Wakefield, Essays, Citizen of the World, folio, whole bound in blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, VERY
&c. with Life, port, thick fcap. 8vo. cloth, 38 (pub. 68) 1840 FINE UNIFORM SET, £12. 128

1791, &c.
373 GOLOWNIN'S Japan and the Japanese, a Narrative of A very handsome and superior set, in regard equally, to the fineness
three Years residence in Japan, and an Account of the British

of the printing and paper, the colouring of the plates, and the binding:

copies are rarely to be met with having the plates coloured.
Commerce and Intercourse, &c. 2 vols. post 8vo. new cloth, 390 GROSE'S Military Antiquities, and a History of the
45 60


English Army from the Conquest, fine impressions of the
Xo European has been able, from personal observation and expe-
rience, to communicate a tenth part of the intelligence furnished by this

numerous engravings of Arms, Armour, &C. LARGE PAPER,

2 vols. folio, hf.russia, uncut, £1. 158 (pub. £10. 108) 1912
374 GOODE'S (Rev. W.) Essays on all the Scriptural Names 391 GROSE'S Provincial Glossary, with a collection of Local

and Titles of Christ, with Memoir, 6 vols. 8vo. newly bound Proverbs and Popular Superstitions, 8vo. hf. calf neat, 78 6d
Af. calf, £1. 88 (pub. £3. 38)

** A most valuable elucidation of all the Scriptural Titles of the Re- 392 GROSE'S Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

(Slang Dictionary) enlarged edition, 8vo. bds. 58 6/4 1788
375 GOSSELIN'S(M.) Power of the Popes during the Middle 393 Guevara's (Bp. of Guadir) Dial of Princes,
Ages, an historical Inquiry into the temporal Power of the

Englished by T. North, thick folio, in very neat paneied
Holy See, &c., translated by the Rev. M. Kelly, 2 vols. 8vo.
cloth, 98 (pub. 148)

Dolman, 1853

binding, red edges, £1. 18 R. Toltell and T. Marshe, 1568

Best Edition, dedicated to Queen Mary. It contains the Fourth Book
376 GOSTLING'S Antiquarian Walk in and about the City entitled the Favoured Courtier; and Certain Letters written by Andrew

of Canterbary, enlarged edition, portrait and numerous en- Marvell
rating, 8vo. bds. 38

377 GOULBURN'S (E.) Sermons, preached chiefly in the

INGS from famous Paintings by this GREAT MASTER, 180
Parish Church of Holywell, Oxford, 8vo. cloth, 58 (pub.

plates engraved by old and modern artists, English and Fo.
108 60)

Oxf. 1853 reign, neatly mounted on thick paper, atlas folio, hf. russia,
378 GRAHAM'S (J. Marquis of Montrose) Memoirs, by Bp.

£9. 108
Wishart, translated and edited with Notes by Sir Walter Bartolozzi, Vandergucht, Vorstermann, Cecchi, Fontani, Earluri

Contains many of the finest Pictures, engraved by Sir R. St:
Scott, 8vo. Uds. 28 6d

Edin.. 1819



GUIZOT'S (M.) Shakspeare and his Times, an Essay on

he Life and Works of Shakspeare, with Notices of his Con-

emporaries, the Literature, and the Drama of the Period,
&c. 8vo. cloth, 68 6d (pub. 148)

1852 | 412 BOOKS OF CHARACTERS, illustrating the Habits ar
An eloquent and valuable contribution to Shaksperian Literature and Manners of Englishmen, from the Reigu of James I. to th

Restoration, selected by J. O. Halliwell, finely printe
6 GUIZOT'S (M.) Memoirs to illustrate the History of bis

on thick vellum paper, thick roy. 4to. new cloth, £3. 108 185
Own Time, 8vo. cloth, 88 (pub. 148)


ONLY 25 COPIES PRIVATELY PRINTED, as attested by the signature
7 GUIZOT'S History of the English Revolution from the the printer.
Accession of Charles 1. translated by Courtier, finely printed, and extracts from, some of the rarest and most curious books in the En

This splendid volume is of great interest, consisting of reprints
2 vols. 8vo. in 1, calf, 88

Oxf. Talboys, 1838 lish language, and includes nearly every description of personage fam
3 GURNALL'S (W.) Christian in Complete Armour, or liar to the public of the XVI. and XVIIth centuries.
a Treatise on the Saints' War with the Devil, 2 vols. 8vo. | 413 MORTE ARTHURE: The Alliterative Romance of th
hf. calf, 108 6d

1826 Death of King Arthur, now first printed from a MS. in Lin
19 GURNEY'S (Joseph John) Memoirs, with selections from coln Cathedral, with Introduction by Halliwell, royal 41
his Journal and Correspondence, edited by J. B. Braithwaite, cloth, £1. 168

facsimile of writing, 2 vols. 148 (pub. £l. 88) 1854

Only 75 copies privately printed.
DO GUTHRIE'S (Dr.) Christ and the Inheritance of the 414 NORFOLK ANTHOLOGY.-Poems, Ballads, and Rar
Saints, illustrated in a series of Discourses from the Colos-

Tracts, relating to the County of Norfolk, edited by Halli
sians, thick post 8vo. new cloth, 6s 6d-Another copy, new

well, thick royal 4to. cloth, £1.88


Only 80 copies privately printed by J. O. Halliwell; it includes th
calf gilt, 98 6d

Edinb. 1858

Norfolk Drollery; Furies of Norfolk, &c.
01 GUY.-The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Guy, 415 YORKSHIRE ANTHOLOGY.- Ballads, Poems, ane
the Founder of Guy's Hospital, 8vo. calf, 48


Songs relating to the County of York, collected by J. O
At the end is also added, The Acts of Parliament for carrying out the

Halliwell, portrait of Mother Shipton, royal 4to. cloth
Charities of Thomas Guy, 1725.

02 GUTCH'S (J.) Collectanea Curiosa ; Tracts relating to


Only 110 copies printed; it includes Clavis or Glossary of Yorkshire
the History and Antiquities of England and Ireland, 2 vols. Words.
8vo. bds. 88

Clarendon Press, 1781 416 HALLIWELL'S Literature of the XVIth and XVIII
These very curious and important Tracts are chiefly from MSS. in
he Bodleian Library.

Centuries, illustrated by reprints of very Rare Tracts, roya

185 L
103 GWYNNE'S (J.) Military Memoirs of the Great Civil

4to. cloth, £1. 18
War (in Scotland) with an Account of the Earl of Glencairn's 417 HALLIWELL'S Account of his Collection of Bills, Ac-

Only 75 copies privately printed.
Expedition, 1653-1654, edited by Sir Walter Scott, 4to.

counts, and Inventories, illustrating the difference of Prices
cloth, 78 6d (pub. £1. 168)

Edin. 1822

between 1650 and 1750, royal 4to. new cloth, 168 1852
A limited number printed, uniform with the Bannatyne Club Books.

Only 80 copies printed. This unique collection (including about
404 HABINGTON'S (W., temp. Charles 1.) Castara, a col- 7000 separate Documents) was presented to the Smithsonian Institution,
lection of Poems, edited with Preface and Notes by Elton, 418 HALLIWELL'S Account of his Collection of Antiquities,

12mo. morocco neat, 10s

Bristol, 1812
Habington as a Poet is highly spoken of by Sir Egerton Brydges,

Coins, MSS., Rare Books, Ancient Documents, and other
Mr. Park, Headley, and others.

Reliques illustrative of the Life and Works of Shakspeare,
405 HADFIELD'S (J.) Ecclesiastical Architecture of the woodcuts, roy. 4to. cloin, £1. 58

County of Essex from the Norman era to the XVIth Cen.

Only 80 copies privately printed.
tury, with 81 large and elaborate engravings, impl. 4to. 419 HALLIWELL'S Contributions to Early English Litera-
cloth, £1. 88 (pub. £4. 48)

1848 ture (chiefly in Verse), from rare Books and inedited MSS.
406 AAGHE'S Portfolio of Sketches in Belgium, and Ger-

from the XVth to the XVIIth Century, royal 4to. cloth,
many, 26 large and exceedingly beautiful plates, FINELY



Only 75 copies privately printed.
cardboards, impl. folio in a portfolio, £3. 38 (pub. 420 HALLIWELL'S Description of the Ancient and Modern
£10. 108 )

1850 MSS. in the Plymouth Library, thick roy. 4to. cl. 188 1853
A strikingly beautiful volume; the plates have all the appearance Only 80 copies privately printed ; at the end are added some hitherto
of finished Drawings.

unpublished Pieces by Dr. Forman, Shirley, N. Breton, &c.
407 Wall's Chronicle ; the Union of the two Noble 421 WITCHCRAFT.—The Rare Plays on the Lancashire
Families of Lancaster and York, large woodcut of the King

Witches, by Heywood and Sha well, edited by Halliwell,
in Parliament, and the Printer's device and colophon,

thick royal 4to, new cloth, £1. 88

(title and dedication supplied in MS.) thick folio, gilt leaves, 422 HALLIWELL'S (J. O.) Account of the Theological MSS.

Only 80 copies privately printed by J. O. Halliwell.
£2. 108

R. Grafton, 1548

in his Library at Brixton Hill, 4to. new cloth, 48 1854
408 HALL'S (Bp.) Satires in Verse, with Glossary and Life,

Only a few copies privately printed.
8vo. cloth, 38

Pickering, 1825 423 HALLIWELL'S (J. O.) Garland of Shaksperiana, 4to.
Only 100 copies printed from the rare edition of 1599.

409 HALL'S (Capt. Basil) Extracts from a Journal written

hf. morocco, 108 6d

Only 25 copies Privately Printed.
on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, map, 2 vols. post | 424 HALLIWELL. - Proclamations, Broadsides, Ballais,
8vo. hf. calf gilt, 48 6d

1825 and Poems, presented to the Chetham Library, Manchester,
410 HALL'S (Capt. Basil) Schloss Hainfeld, or a Winter in Catalogue of, finely printed, thick paper, 4to. cl. £1.58 1851
Lower Styria, post 8vo. bds. 38


Only 150 copies Privately Printed.
411 HALL'S (Mr. and Mrs. S. C.) IRELAND, its Scenery,

Character, Legends, Tales, &c. with upwards of 500 highly 425 HAMILTON'S Memoirs of Count Grammont, transl.
finished engravings on steel and wood, by Creswick, Harvey, with Notes and Illustrations, upwards of 60 portraits of the
dic. fine impressions, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. hf. russia extra, gilt Court Beauties and notorious Characters of the Reign of
leaves, watered silk sides, scarce, £3. 38 Virtue, (1846) Charles II. by Sir P. Lely, fc, 2 vols. royal 8vo. morocco,
A very beautifully illustrated and highly interesting work.

gilt leaves, £1. 45


436 HAMILTON'S (J.) Memoir of Lady Colquhoun, finely | 443 HEAD'S (Sir G.) MEMOIRS OF CARDINAL Pacca, Prime
printed in large type within ruled margins, 8vo. cloth, Minister to Pius VII. written by himself, translated with
48 6d (pub. 78 6d)

1850 Notes, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 28 6d (pub. £1. 18) 1850
427 Qanape's (N.) ENSAMPLES of VERTUE and A curious Narrative of the Captivity of Pope Pius VII, and of the

Concordat of 1813.
Vice, gathered oute of Holye Scripture, Englyshed by T.
Paynell, thick 12mo. old stamped calf, 88 J. Tisdale, 1561

444 HEARNE-LELANDI (J.) De Rebus Britannicis Collec-
Rare : Dedicated to Q. Elizabeth. The above has parts of two leaves

tanea; cum Prefatione, Notis, et Indice T. Hearnii, ports.

and engravings, 6 vols. 8vo. in 3, cf. neat, £2. 28 1715
128 HAXBURY'S (B.) Historical Memorials relating to the

First edition, very scarce, only 150 copies printed, It is said to con-

tain some curious matter omitted in the subsequent edition.
lodependents or Congregationalists, from their Rise to the
Restoration, 1660, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 18 (pub. 445 A(EATH'S ?) (J.) The House of Correction or Certayne
€1. Ils 6d)

1839.44 Satyricall Epigrams, with a few Characters, called Par Pari,
129 HANNIBAL not at our Gates, an Enquiry into the or Like to Like, quoth the Devill to the Collier, (in verse),
Grounds of our present Fears of Popery and the Pre-der,

12mo. calf, gilt leaves, 158

1714, aad other Pieces as under, 8vo. hf. vell. 58 1714, &c.

One of the rarest volumes of the early part of the XVIIth Century,
State Anatomy of Great Britain, 1717 ; Observations on the State of

see MS. note by Dr. Bliss. The above copy has a leaf supplied in MS. and
the Nation, 1713.

one deficient. Heber's copy sold for 3l 1s.
430 HARDING'S History of Tiverton, Devon, with nume- 446 HEDLINGER (Chev.) ses Médailles, avec des Explica-

rous engravings and map, LARGE PAPER, vols. royal 8vo. tions par Mechel, 40 sheels of most beautifully engraved
cloth, 103 6d (pub. £2. 28)

1845 Medals, fine impressions, fol. cf. fine copy, 168 Basle, 1778
431 HARDING'S Elementary Art ; or the Use of the Leau This beautiful work is highly praised by Coxe in his Switzerland.

Pencil advocated and explained, with fine series of progres- 447 HEIRESS (The) in her Minority, or the Progress of

sire plates, impl. 4to. cloth, £1. 4s (pub. £2. 28) 1834 Character, by the Author of “ Bertha's Journal," 2 vols. post
452 HARDY'S (F.) Political and Private Life of James Caul- 8vo. cloth, 98 (pub. 188)

Murray, 1850
held Earl of Charlemont (1728-1799), portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. 448 HENRY'S (Dr.) History of Great Britain, from the first
calf gilt, 58

1812 Invasion by the Romans, 12 vols. 8vo. £1.85 1823
433 HÁRLEJAN MISCELLANY, a Collection of scarce,

“ The great store of valuable matter which this work contains, took
carious and interesting Pamphlets and Tracts, as well in

the author thirty years in collecting, from every work on record that re-

lates to the History of Great Britain."
Manuscript as Print, with Notes by Malham, 12 vols. 8vo.
ds. £2. 188


449 HERALDRY.- Deutsche Grafen-Hapuser der Gegenwart
* This valuable political, historical, and antiquarian work, an indis-

in Heraldischer, Historischer und Genealogischer Beziehung,
pensable auxiliary in the illustration of the Literature, Manners, &c. of with several hundred engravings of Arms, 3 vols. 8vo. gilt
the British, contains between 600 and 700 rare and curious tracts."

cloth, £1. 188

Leipzig, 1852-4
434 HARRINGTON'S (Sir J.) Works; Oceana, Preroga- 450 HERBERT'S (G.) Priest to the Temple, or the Country
tire of Popular Governments, Art of Law Giving, &c. with

Parson, his Character and Rule of Holy Life, with the Life
Life by Toland, fine portrait, folio, calf neut, 10s 6d 1700

of the Author, 12mo. new antique morocco extra, gt. leaves,
435 HARRIS'S (J.) Works; Hermes, Philological Inquiries,



Third edition, with the curious advertisement to the Reader, now first
Philosopbic Arrangements, Treatises on Music, Painting, printed. This copy also contains a catalogue of the Books published by
Poetry, and Life by the Earl of Malmesbury, portraits and the printer,
engravings, Best Edition, 2 vols. 4to. rellum, fine copy, 451 HERBERT'S (Lord, of Cherbury) Life and Reign of

1801 Henry VIII. fine portrait by Faithorne, fol. hf. cf.68 1672
The most beautiful and perfect example of analysis that has been es- “This work," says Granger," has ever been esteemed one of the best
hibited since the days of Aristotle.

histories in the English language."
436 HARRIS'S (J., D.D.) The Pre-Adamite Earth ; contribu- 452 HERODOTE, Histoire, traduite du Grec par Larcher,

tions to Theological Knowledge, 8vo. cloth, 38 6d (pub. avec des Notes de Bochard, Wesseling, Casaubon, Barthé.
B8 6d)

(1850) lémy, &c. 2 vols. post 8vo. in one, hf. russia, 4s 6d Par. 1842
437 HARRIS' ENGLISH Insects, Exposition of, with curious 453 HERSCHEL'S (Sir J.) Results of Astronomical Observa-

Observations and Remarks, 50 plales, containing several tions made at the Cape of Good Hope, during the years 1834
hundred Insects, COLOURED BY THE AUTHOR, original edi- to 1838, 17 fine plales, roy. 4to. cloth, £2. 108 (pub. £4.48)
tion, 4to. calf gilt. £1. 1s - Another copy, hf. bd. uncut,


1786 Presentation copy to Dr. Tatham, with autograph Letter by Sir J.
438 HAWKINS’ (E., D.D.) Sermons on the Church, preached Herschel, inserted.

before the University of Oxford, 8vo. cl. 28 6d (pub. 18) 1847 454 HEY'S (Mrs.) Moral of Flowers, or Thoughts gathered
439 HAXTHAUSEN'S (Baron von) Transcaucasia, Sketches

from the Field and the Garden, 23 BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED
of the Nations and Races between the Black Sea and the ENGRAVINGS, 8vo. cloth, 88 (pub. £1. 18) Longmans, 1841
Caspian, numerous fine plates in colours, thick 8vo. new hf. 455 HEYWOOD'S (T.) History of Women, Nine Bookes
calf gilt, 98 (pub. 188)


inscribed by the names of the Nine Muses, finely engraved
440 HAXTHAUSEN'S (Baron von) The Russian Empire, its

tille, folio, new antique calf, gilt leaves, fine copy, £1. 188
People, Institutions and Resources, transl. by Fairie, 2 vols.

Islip, 1624
850. cloth, 88 (pub. at £1. 88)


A most curious and amusing work, displaying much research and

441 HAYDON'S (B. R., Historical Painter) Life, from his 456 HOBBES' (T. of Malmesbury) Works, complete, Eng-

Autobiography and Journals, edited by Tom Taylor, 3 vols. lish and Latin, now first collected by Sir W. MOLESWORTH,
post Bro. cloth, 148 (pub. £1. 118 6d)


port, and plates, 16 vols. 8vo. new calf gill, £5.58 (pub.
412 HAYWARD'S (A.) Biographical and Critical Essays, in bds. £9. 128)

from the Edinburgh, Quarterly, and other Reviews, with Ad- “ Hobbes may be numbered among those eminent persons born in
ditions, 2 vols. 8vo. new tree of. yt. £1.58 Lonymans, 1858

the latter half of the IV Ith Century who gave a new character to Euro-
Cornprises the excellent articles on Sydney Smyth, S. Rogers, G. S'l-

pean philosophy in the succeeding age. A permanent foundation of his

fame consists in his admirable style, which seems to be the very perfecta'.;)
n, Lord Chestertield, Lord Melbourne, Anerican Orators and States- of didactic language."-Sir J. MACKINTOSH.

37 histoRIES OF NOBLE BRITISH PAMILIES, with 408 Hooper (Bp. Martyr) Declaration of Christe

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and of his Offyce, compyled by Johan HOPER, FIRST EDItheir Genealogies, and Biographical Notices of the most dis.

TION, 12mo, calf, gilt leaves, fine copy, Zurych, 1547 tinguished Individuals in each, compiled and edited by H. DRUMMOND, Esq. 72 fine portraits, (many full length, most

a Funerall Oratyon made on the XIII. of Jany. BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED LIKE MINIATURES, the Coats of

by J. Hoper, upon the Texte wrytyne in the RevelaArms EMBLAZONED, and numerous coloured and other en

tyone of Sayncte Jobne Ca. XIV. FIRST EDITION, 12 mo. calf, gilt leares

Lund. E. Whitechurch, 1540 gravings of Monuments, Seals, fc. 2 handsome rols. impl. folio, new hf. morocco, gilt tops, by Hayday, £8.88 (pub.

A Lesson of the Eucarnation of Christe that he £25. 48)

Pickering, 1842-5 tooke bis Humanitie in and of the Blessyd Virgyne, made This splendid and valuable work (of which but a very limited num- by John HOPER, FIRST EDITION, 12mo. calf, gilt leares ber was printed) is executed in the same sumptuous style as the “Litta

Lond. 1519 Famiglie Italiane," and includes Histories of the Noble Families of AsbBurnham, Arden and Compton, Cecil, Harley, Bruce, Perceval, Dunbar,

a Declaratyon of the Ten Holy COMMAUNDlume, and Dundas, Drummond and Neville.

MENTES of Almythye God, collected out of the Scrypture 458 HOBHOUSE and LORD BYRON's Journey through Al. Canonycall by John HOUPER, with newe addisions, FIRST bania, Turkey, and Greece, to Constantinople, numerous fine

EDITION, 12mo. calf, gilt leaves Lond., R. Jugge, 1550 colourel engravings of Costume and Scenery, 2 vols. 4to.

Godly and most necessary Annotations in ye cloth, 128 6d (pub. £5.58)


XIII. Chapyter too the Romaynes set furthe by the right "An account, which interesting from its own excellences becomes still more so from the feeling that Lord Byron is as it were present

vigilant Pastor Jao. HopeR, FIRST EDITION, 12mo. calf, through its pages, and that we follow his youthful footsteps into the land

gilt leaves

Worcester, by Jho. Oswen, 1551 with whose name he has entertwined his own for ever."- MOORE.

Together 5 vols. new antique calf, gilt leaves, fine uniform 459 HOFFMAN'S (C. F.) Winter in the Far West, (Travels

set, VERY RARE, £12, 128 in America), 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 48 6d (pub. £1.18) 1835

The above valuable set was collected by the celebrated Wm. Herbert ORIGINAL ENGRAVINGS BY HOGARTH.

(each containing his autograph) and will be found described in his edition 460 IOGARTH'S WORKS: AN EXTENSIVE and most of Ames' Typographical Antiquities: they have since been appropriately

bound. VALUABLE COLLECTION of the ORIGINAL and EARLY EN. Gravings by Hogarth, and after his most famous

Paintings, | 469 HOMERIC Ballads, with translations and Notes by w.

Maginn, Gr. and Eng. on opposite pages, fcap. 8vo. cloth, comprising upwards of FOUR HUNDRED PLATES, including

4s 60 many proofs, with variations, all neatly arranged and 470 HOOD'S Own, or Laughter from Year to Year, in Verse

Parker, 1850 mounted on thick Drawing Paper, and bound in 3 vols. atlas

and Prose, with portrait and many humourous enyravings, folio, russia, £33. 108

8vo. cloth, 78 6d

1846 This genuine and valuable collection, besides containing all the well known admired subjects in their origlnal state (mostly as engraved and

471 HOOK'S (Theodore) Life of Sir David Baird, portrait by sold in single sheets) compriscs curious Variations, a fine series of Por- Finden,and plans, 2 vols. 8vo. 98 (pub. 1.88) 1832 traits, Fancy Subjects Shop Tickets, Cards, Book-plates, (including his 472 HOOKER'S (the learned Rich.) Works, with an account own) and other small and rarely seen graphic productions.

of his Life and Death by Isaac Walton, edited by J. Keble, 461 HOGARTH'S WORKS, FROM THE ORIGINAL Plates

3 vols. 8vo. new tree calf yilt by Riviere, £2. 28 1845 restored by Heath, with the addition of many subjects never 473 HORATIUS, THE RARE ALDINE Edition, sm. 8vo. before collected, and Letterpress Descriptions and Anecdotes

newly bound in Turkey red morocco extra, gilt leaves, very by J. Nichols, upwards of 150 large plates, FINE IMPRES

beautiful copy, £3. 38

Ven. Aldus, 152? SIONS, atlas folio, hf. russia, £6. 158

(1822) This is one of the rarest and most correct of the Aldine Books: priced These celebruted plates are perfectly restored, nearly equal to the in a bookseller's receut catalogue £5. 58. finest impressions ever offered to the public.

474 HORATIUS, cura Pine, finely engraved throughout, with 462 HOGARTH'S Works, with Descriptions and Comment on

many very beautiful vignettes, 2 vols. 8vo. in one, russia their Moral Tendency by Trusler, comprising 150 fine en

gill, marb, leaves, fine large original copy from Lord Deer. grarings from the original Pictures by eminent artists, with

hurst's library, with autograph, £1. 188

1733.7 Anecdotes of the Artist by Nichols, 2 vols. 4to. cloth, gilt First and BEST “ Post est' edition of this finely executed work; leaves, £1. 58 (pub. £2. 58)

1850 much esteemed by the curious. 463 HOGARTH'S (W.) Analysis of Beauty, with the 2 large 476 HORACE'S Works, Lat. from the text of Orellius, with folding plates engraved by himself, 4to. 108 6d

Memoir by Thompson, ILLUSTRATED EDITION, with several Printed for the Author, 1753

hundred engravings on wood, sqr. 8vo. calf gilt, 88 60 1855 464 HOLBEIN'S Dance of Death, with Descriptions, 30 477 HORNE'S (Bp.) Commentary on the Book of Psalms, engravings by Hollar, from the original Paintings, 8vo.

in which their literal and historical Sense, their application to buls. 68 6d

(1820) the Messiah, &c. are pointed out, 2 vols. 8vo. bås. 68 6d 1825 465 Polinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotlande, 478 HORNE'S (Hartwell) Introduction to the Critical Study and Irelande, First AND GENUINE Edition, with numerous

and Knowledge of the Scriptures, eighth edition, greatly curious woodcuts, 3 vols. folio in 2, original stamped calf

enlarged, maps and facsimiles, 5 large vols. 8vo. cl. £2. 28 binding, £4. 158

(pub. £3. 3s)

1839 The Shakspeare Edition ; in the later edition the language was much 479 AORNE'S (R. H.) The Dreamer and the Worker, a Story altered and the woodcuts omitted. The above is deficient of second title, of the present time, 2 vols. post 8vo. hf. morocco, 58 1851 part of index, and a few leaves.

480 HORNE'S History of Napoleon I. ILLUSTRATED EDITION, 466 HOLINSHED'S Chronicles of England, Scotland and with several hundred engravings on wood by Horace Vernet, Ireland, continued by Hooker, and others, with copious In- &c. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. hf. calf, 108 6d

1811 dex, 6 vols. 4to. whole bound russia, marbled leaves, £8. 108 481 HORNER'S (F. M.P.) Memoirs and Correspondence,

1807-8 edited by his brother L. Horner, second edition, enlarged, 467 HOMER'S Miad and Odyssey, translated by Alex. Pope, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 108 6d (pub. £1. 108) 1853

with Notes by the Rev. T. A. Buckley, ILLUSTRATED EDI. 482 HORTON'S (T. D. D.) Forty-eight Sermons upon the
TION, numerous woodcuts, including the beautiful series from whole Eighth Chapter of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans,
Flarman's Designs, 3 vols. post 8vo. clo!h, 98
1953 folio, hf. call neat, 58


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