The Monthly review. New and improved ser, Volume 22


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Pagina 160 - I'll tell you, friend! a wise man and a fool. You'll find, if once the monarch acts the monk, Or, cobbler-like, the parson will be drunk, Worth makes the man, and want of it, the fellow; The rest is all but leather or prunella.
Pagina 11 - ARCANA : or the principles of the late petitioners to parliament for relief in the matter of subscription.
Pagina 127 - At the side was a pan or basin of milk, and the master and apprentices, each with a wooden spoon in his hand, without loss of time dipped into the same dish, and thence into the milk pan ; and as soon as it was finished, they all returned...
Pagina 357 - The State of the Poor: or an History of the Labouring Classes in England, from the Conquest to the present Period ; in which are particularly considered, their Domestic Economy, with respect to Diet, Dress, Fuel, and Habitation ; and the various...
Pagina 338 - With inward stillness, and a bowed mind ; When lo ! its folds far waving on the wind, I saw the train of the departing Year ! Starting from my silent sadness Then with no unholy madness Ere yet the...
Pagina 130 - ... and forgotten by those to whose care nature or the laws had consigned them. These children are usually too long confined to work in close rooms, often during the whole night : the air they breathe from the oil...
Pagina 130 - ... mosphere are predisposing causes to " sickness and debility, and particularly to " the epidemic fever which is so generally " to be met with in these factories. It is " also much to be questioned if society does " not receive detriment from the manner " in which children are thus employed " during their early years. They are not " generally strong to labour, or capable of " pursuing any other branch of business " when the term of their apprenticeship " expires. The females are wholly unin" structed...
Pagina 116 - The Unitarian Society for promoting Christian Knowledge and the practice of Virtue, by the distribution of books.
Pagina 59 - Smith soon attracted notice, by his passion for books, and by the extraordinary powers of his memory. The weakness of his bodily constitution prevented him from partaking in their more active amusements; but he was much beloved by them on account of his temper, which, though warm, was to an uncommon degree friendly and generous.
Pagina 174 - History of Hindostan; its Arts, and its Sciences, as connected •with the History of the other great Empires of Asia, during the most ancient Periods of the World. With numerous illustrative Engravings.

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